bouquets with matching bridal dress

The wedding day is the most special day for any bride. To make it even more special, her bouquet and her dress need to be perfect and matching. There are some amazing bouquets with matching bridal dress. In this article, you will find a list of amazing wedding bouquets which are perfect for each other:

1. White Hydrangea Bouquet

White is the color of peace and purity. And hydrangeas signify it better than any other flower. Not only that, with white hydrangeas, you can match your bouquet to your wedding dress. White goes well with white. With these fresh blooms and some aesthetic fillers, you can get the best look on your big day.

2. Ivory Roses Bouquet

There is nothing as aesthetic as roses. The subtleness of the ivory color along with the milky white bridal gown would look very pretty. You can get them in a large volume or stick to simple small numbers. You can get these fresh blooms along with great fillers to make great bouquets.

3. Light Pink Rose Bouquet

The combination of light pink and white are the best one. The spray variety of light pink roses is especially the best one. You can customize light pink rose bouquets to match the décor and the dress. Since it is a neutral color, it would not be too experimental. It is a safe as well as a very beautiful color combination.

4. Yellow Roses Bouquet

If you are planning on having a daylight wedding, then yellow rose bouquets would be the best ones. You can customize the number of flowers in your bouquet. After considering all things, you can perfectly match flowers with wedding attire. 

5. Terracotta Roses Bridesmaid Bouquets

Terracotta wedding flowers are well-known for their vibrant hue. They would match the fall wedding very well. The earthy tone of the flower compliments the neutral white tone of your dress. You can get off-beat Terracotta Roses bouquets with matching bridal dress. 

6. Purple Carnation Bouquets

It is high time you go bold and colorful with your bridal bouquets. With purple carnation, you can elevate the look of your dress. The contrasting color of purple and white makes the whole outfit look vibrant. You can get an amazing purple carnation bouquet along with beautiful fillers. 

7. White Carnation Bouquets

White carnations are the best if you were to choose the perfect bouquet to match your dress. Carnations are very gorgeous and the white hue would match your dress perfectly. These flowers are pretty durable and they can last longer too. They give an aesthetic look to the venue and the outfit as well.

8. White Roses Bouquets

White roses are very classy and timeless. They can never go out of style. Even if you go for a different color dress, you can match these bouquets with different wedding dress. The specialty of white roses is that they are very beautiful and versatile at the same time. You can also decorate your venue with them to elevate the look.

9. White Calla Lilies Bouquets

White Calla Lilies signify purity, like the white wedding dress. The milk-white flowers amassed into a bouquet looks amazing with your bridal gown. These flowers are elegant as well as romantic. It is a perfect combination and stands for everything that a wedding is. They would look amazing if you have a daylight wedding. They are the best if you want to match flowers with wedding attire.

10. Star of Bethlehem Bouquet 

You can make your big day more amazing with the classic star of Bethlehem bouquets. Wedding gowns, being white and shining, would look more graceful with these bouquets. With beautiful and tender petals, these are one of the most aesthetically-pleasing flowers. They are also bouquets with matching bridal dress. 

11. White Spray Carnation Bouquets

The tiny and dainty petals of white spray carnations look excellent as a bouquet. With amazing green or purple fillers, they would go very well with your dress. They are also very durable flowers; thus, they will stay fresh throughout. You can also decorate your wedding venue with these.

12. White Galaxy Orchids

If there are any dreamy flowers out there, then they are white galaxy orchids. They give a very contemporary look to your bouquet. They also compliment your wedding dress very well. If you are going for an eccentric and contemporary wedding, then this bouquet is the right fit. 

13. White Limonium Bouquets

White Limonium is ideal if you are having a winter wedding. Their frosty look compliments the season. At the same time, their white hue compliments the dress. You can customize them with colored fillers and pretty ribbons to elevate their look. They are a bit off-beat but are ideal bouquets with matching bridal dress. 

14. White Tulip Bouquets

White Tulip Bouquets are one of the most elegant choices for a wedding bouquet. The crisp white color of the bouquet makes it versatile. You can use them for any wedding style. A lot of people love using tulips in their venue as well as their bouquets. 

15. Light Pink Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Bouquets

Baby’s Breath Bouquets are very popular. The light pink color especially is much loved for its versatility. They are also long-lasting and can stay fresh for a long time. They also make a perfect combination with your white bridal gown. 

Every Bride deserves a perfect wedding. Bouquets are an important element of a wedding. If the bouquets are beautiful, the wedding will also be perfect. Nowadays, brides love it if the bouquets match their dress. After all, it is her day. She deserves the best in the world!

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