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Do you want to eliminate the hassle and risk of printing, signing, and mailing documents? Do you want to save yourself time and money?

If so, electronic signature software is your solution. Gone are the days when paper contracts needed to be faxed or overnighted. Now, all your important paperwork can be done on any smart device with an internet connection! 

Electronic signatures are faster and more efficient than ever before. Plus, they offer many benefits that standard paper contracts don’t offer.

These 15 benefits will show you how easy it is to change your old ways with electronic signature software.

The first benefit of electronic signatures, is that they help streamline processes. When you sign a paper document, it’s very easy to make a mistake, but with digital signatures you can immediately edit and enter the signature.

Another benefit of an electronic signature is that there are no paper trails to worry about. If you accidentally fax a document that contains sensitive information or are unsure if the recipient had read the document properly, there will be no way to prove what happened. By signing documents electronically your situation is much more secure.

In most cases, businesses don’t want people to take any chance using their computers. So they prefer to have their employees sign documents digitally as well. When you use electronic signatures, you don’t have to worry about overwriting the original document with your signature, because any changes will be automatically compiled into a new document.

When you sign the document electronically, the information that is being sent will not be saved on any one computer. It will only be saved on a server hard drive where it can be accessed by both parties. It is completely safe, secure and private—no chance of lost documents or faxes coming back. They can never be altered or copied.

Best aid in a post-pandemic world. With more of the staff working remotely these days, following traditional paper-based process is becoming much harder. For employees who lack an access to a printer, papers or envelopes at their home, sending out documents to esteemed customers can only be done when they’re at the office — which will reduce their productivity. 

However, with cloud-based eSignature software, your teams can swiftly and easily send-off documents to be signed regardless of the location, making this innovative technology perfectly suited midst of post-pandemic working world.

You can sign the same document multiple times if you need to. Have multiple contracts? Great! You can sign them all at once in one document, with a single electronic signature on each contract. Then, back up that file and make copies for your files! No more wasting paper!

It is fast and easy to sign any form electronically. The moment you have the document, you’re ready to sign it. Paper forms need to be printed and mailed, and you are required to fill out all the necessary information. No more delays.

It is easy to keep track of your signed documents. Once you have an electronic signature file on your computer, it is easy for you to keep track of what has been signed where. You can print out a list at anytime and know that everything has been filed with your company in the proper file! This will make sure that everyone knows what has gone on with any given contract, so they know what information they need!

It is cheaper than paper contracts. Because electronic signatures are fast and easy, there is no need to pay the extra cost for stamped signatures on paper contracts. Plus, there are no envelopes to buy! This software allows people to get paperless and not use so much paper. Instead of having to print a document and sign it, electronic signature software allows you to digitally sign the document. This is important because it reduces the amount of paper being used and helps us save our environment from further pollution. Since people live on this planet and want to keep it healthy for a long time, helping reduce pollution on earth is an extremely big benefit for everyone.

It’s easier to get anything signed electronically. Do you have a special way of submitting signed documents? Make sure your staff is up to date, or they may be printing out contracts to send via fax! It’s even easier to get fast approvals on electronic signature software.

No more waiting for signatures to come back in the mail. No more long waits for someone else’s signature. With electronic signature software, it all happens quickly and easily!

It is faster to get deals done! Electronic signatures eliminate the hassle of paper documents—you don’t have to worry about getting everyone’s signature at once, you don’t have to worry about printing, you don’t have to worry about faxing. Everyone is on the same team, and you’re doing business right away!

It is human-readable. Whether you are a tech-savvy person or someone that does not know how to change a setting in office software, you can still electronically sign documents. You can put as much information on your electronic signature document as you like, and it will still be human-readable.

It is a way to save money. Many people go through bad times, and they are not buying things to fix their vehicles or their homes because they can’t afford them. Electronic signature software is cheaper than paper contracts in many ways. You don’t have to buy envelopes, stamps, paper, or anything like that. Electronic signatures save you money and time!

Other benefits of electronic signature software are that these types of signing systems reduce risk and increase productivity. These programs work with any type of printing device, so they can be used on any size document, whether it is a sign out sheet, lease agreement or your personalized form, all you need is the right device. This ensures that those people who are involved with something special but tedious (like signing legal documents) can have one less thing to worry about. It also improves the ability of an organization to maintain their employee data because it is easier to deal with and keep updated.

We live in a digital world where transactions are mainly conducted online. Doing business on the internet and signing documents electronically has become an everyday thing. And electronic signature software is one of those changes that we should all be thankful for, because it’s not only highly efficient but can also save us some money.

Using electronic signature software is a great way to make your business run smoothly and safely! 

Keep these benefits in mind when you are choosing your program! 

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