5 Best Hair Color Correctors and Removers

You want your hair to be smooth and even when you do it at home. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way. Everyone makes mistakes. If your hair color isn’t exactly what you wanted, you will need a corrector.

Continue reading to learn how to fix blotchy highlights or unsatisfactory brassy, ashy tones.

Here are some color correction tips to consider?

Don’t panic if your hair isn’t looking the way you wanted it to. To see the results of drying your hair, let it air dry. Colors may appear lighter or darker depending on how wet your hair is. There are some color correction tips that you can use if you don’t like the result.

Too Dark?

Apply shampoo to the area you feel is the most dark. Repeat this process Fashion Enjoy several times. Use a rich conditioner for color-treated hair after that.

Too light?

You can use a darker shade of the same brand. You will only need to leave it on half the time. You can check the color every five to 10 minutes, and then rinse it off when you are happy with the shade.

Too Red?

You can try coloring the red with a brown shade that is the same as the red. Apply the paint to the reddest part of the skin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off when the color is perfect.

Faded Shade

Toning glosses can be used to brighten your color. You may have to recolor if this fails. To keep the color vibrant, take extra care next time.

Highlights Visible

Highlights that are too obvious can be a problem. Fashion View Next time, try thinner strands and ensure that you fully saturate every strand. The mixture may have been left in your hair for too long, which could result in a lighter color.

Not Visible Enough

Highlights that aren’t obvious enough are either too conservative, or done with too thin strands. Apply more color to your highlights and ensure that they are fully saturated.

Too brassy

Hair styling tools and hair products that are used frequently can cause your highlights to look too brassy. Use a clarifying shampoo only one to two times per week. This will help to remove the excess dirt, polluting residue, and pollution from hair products, tools, or environmental pollution. You can then add a color corrector to this. Be sure to use products that are suitable for hair treatment.

The 5 Best Hair Color Correctors

I have 5 color correctors for you if you don’t get the desired shade.

5. Ardell Hair Color Corrector

Ardell can remove harsh red and gold tones. Ardell can be used to refresh your blonde, grey or white hair, as well as correcting and conditioning. This formula will help you get the job done.


  • Red undertones easily removed
  • A few drops can quickly fix undertones
  • This gives you a natural looking ash blonde look


  • It is extremely strong so be careful
  • With thicker or longer hair, you may need to do a bit more.

4. LOreal Professional Expert Blondes Color Correction Cream

LOreal has great hair dyes and a great corrector. You can protect your highlights and blonde color by removing yellowy colors. Your hair will be smooth and glowing.


  • Simple fix for brassy tones
  • Works very quickly
  • Reduces the appearance of orangey and brown tones


  • It’s on the pricier end.
  • There are no English instructions on the bottle

3. Pravana ChromaSilk Creme Colour Corrector

This formula has low levels of ammonia and contains keratin and pure protein to give your hair more strength, shine and protection. It will keep your hair color vibrant without the use of sulfates and sodium chlorides.


  • It works great in ashy colors
  • Corrects hair to silvery grey or ashy blonde
  • Color lasts a long time


  • Some people complain that the color is too dark.
  • Some users may find it a little too strong

2. John Frieda Blonde Tone Correcting Shampoo

To make your hair look fresh and new again, get rid of yellow and brassy tones. You should be able to see results in just three treatments for any type of blonde color.


  • Orangey tones can be eliminated with one wash
  • Blonde coloring is strong
  • Scent should be light and not overwhelming


  • Can dry the scalp?
  • You may not be able to remove the brassy color entirely

1. Vanish Color Corrector

This color corrector is easy to use and removes color quickly. You won’t have to do any hair damage so that you can remove permanent color without peroxide or bleach.


  • You can remove dye from hair without causing damage
  • Not harsh like bleach
  • Recolor the hair to its original color


  • It can be overwhelming.
  • Semi-permanent colors are not recommended


If your hair color isn’t exactly what you wanted, don’t be discouraged. There are always mistakes, and some DIY hair dyes can underdeliver. But you can correct it with these amazing color correctors.

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