Hiring a Translation Agency

Translation services are significant for a smooth and effective process of localization. As it is important to take care of the translation services in every language, it is also important to be taken care of while hiring professional translation services.

Ensuring that you are not only getting top-notch translation services but are also good value for money is your right. You also need to be vigilant about the services.

A couple of mistakes that translation agencies can make and you can take care of the things are

1.   Choose it Carefully

There is a pool of translation services companies now. The worst mistake that you can do is assigning your translation work and project to a company that is not competent and qualified enough. No matter how you find it, there is a tendency that these translation agencies to cause more harm than being good or causing gain ultimately.

You should make sure of certain things before assigning your work to a translation agency you should at least check the following things

  • Checking the website of the company
  • Ensuring if the agency is certified (ISO 9001 certification)
  • Asking for a demo translation
  • Checking previous customers of the companies and their testimonials

2.   Know What You Exactly Need

You need to be sorted about your requirements. You should know what you need? Even before approaching a translation agency, it is important that you sort out your needs and preferences.

 It is significant to know these so that you can communicate with your company accordingly. Not knowing your own requirements may land you in ambiguity and a translation agency can take advantage of that. Therefore, take some time out and look for the answers to the following things

  • Decide the language you want translation in
  • Checking the deadline and turnaround and how late is acceptable.
  • What is it which requires translation, either these are images, text, or text with images
  • Any additional elements in the document which may require translation (chart, tables, graphics, etc)
  • Desktop publishing and layout needs such as adobe Indesign for brochures and catalogs, WordPress for website)

Once the client is self-sufficient and to the point, with its needs and requirements, he can make the agencies do maximum work. There are certain languages that start from right to left unlike many other European languages, such as Farsi and Arabic.

Now if the company himself is unaware of the basic facts of the Farsi language he can not get quality Farsi translation services. So, it is important that the company which requires translation in Farsi himself gets the basic facts about this language so he can counter the problems which may come up during the translation process.

For professional Farsi translation services, it is imminent for the translation agency too that they have native speakers who understand the language, its phrases, and nuances as per the dialects and languages spoken in the Persian-based countries.

3.   Ask for a Written Quote and Confirmation

Proceeding with a company in writing is evident for smooth communication and to avoid chaos in the end. You should at least be getting a formal email that confirms taking up the translation project with its name and the other important details.

If possible in person, a proper agreement should be signed between both parties. It allows both members to keep in mind the whole details and revisions and exercises can also be done accordingly.

Verbal commitments don’t last for longer. Getting written quotes helps to clear the skies and clarify if any additional charges are being put which were not committed earlier.

4.   Check References

Entrepreneurs and business owners often assume that all translators can handle all kinds of translation jobs. Never commit this mistake. A company that is good at offering English and German languages don’t necessarily good at Arabic translation services.

Arabic is a different language with a whole lot of different fonts and other basic facts. So, going for the translation agencies blindly shouldn’t be the practice. You should check in advance if the company is good at delivering your required language and have a competent team or not.

Professional Arabic translation services can only be delivered by a team who is a native speaker, and understand the Arabic language, its glossary, and the right implementation of these phrases.

You should see which domain is related to you, whether it is about marketing, health, business, and another area of expertise, a translation agency can make you excel better in your field. This is where the translation agency delivers the specialized services rather than a generic output.

5.   Don’t Fall for Cheaper Services

Companies often fall prey to cheaper services. Good translation services are not as expensive as people assume them to be. However, people often look for the cheapest services which they do get but at the stake of below-average translations which can tarnish their image in the market.

Hence, make sure you do not go for cheaper services. Looking at the quotes of translation agencies, you need to realize that it is not money only but it is about trust too which you do in a company with your work and money.

Final Words

Translation agencies can turn out to be a scam or fraud hence, companies need to be careful while hiring translation services. They should look for particular attributes and avoid certain mistakes to not become a fool at the hands of translation scams.

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