5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a dreadful problem in men that causes impacts on physical as well as mental health of a person. A huge number of male population usually those above than 40 years suffer from this sexual problem. The major risk of erectile dysfunction is its linking with male impotence which means a male can become infertile by this ailment. Therefore, we need on time erectile dysfunction treatment. 

In this article, we will see;

  • What is erectile dysfunction? 
  • How can you meet this ailment? 
  • What to do for an erectile dysfunction treatment? 
  • How dangerous could it be if we left it untreated? 

Erectile Dysfunction: A general Introduction 

Erection is an important but complex biological process for a successful sexual activity in man. In erectile dysfunction, as the title specifies clearly that genital organ (Qadib) shows dysfunctionality. In simple words, due to multiple reasons penis does not respond and shows no or a little erection that makes it unsuitable for the complete process of intercrouse. 

Therefore, such individuals need a proper erectile dysfunction treatment so that they can avoid related risk factors. 

Possible Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Before jumping on the erectile dysfunction treatment, what do we say if we see the root causes behind an ED? Let’s see a few underlying reasons behind an erection problem. 

  • Excessive Hand-Practice 

Self-amusement is something to which a male automatically gets attracted to on the onset of puberty. This activity gives them a momentous relaxing feeling. However, this shortcut does not give them benefit if they do not stop it. With the passage of time, they become habitual of it and due to frequent masturbation. Then, they face deficiency of testosterone hormone (Rasilat-i-Khusya) and resultant loss of libido (Du‘f al-Bah). Hence, they eventually meet erectile dysfunction. 

  • Drugs and Alcohol addiction 

Those who use illicit drugs and alcohol are also prone to erectile dysfunction. Mainly they interfere with the hormonal secretions, more precisely, sexual hormones. As a result at some stage of their life, they become a victim of ED. 

  • Stress and Depression 

Anxiety and stress management is necessary for ourselves. That’s why we naturally have autonomic and somatic systems in our body that work accordingly to deal with acute stress conditions. But sometimes, these time periods are prolonged and result in severe hormonal imbalance in our body that might be a cause of erectile dysfunction. 

  • Medicinal Side Effect 

Time tablets for increasing the erection time directly affects reproductive activity. This is so because their testicles begin to shrink due to excessive use of these drugs. Forced production of testosterone for boosting the sexual activity by time tablets weakens the penis (Qadib). Such persons also develop the ED in old age. 

Moreover, it is a general observation that almost 50% of diabetic men also have ED in common. This means that ED may also initiate as a side effect of some high potency medicines. 

Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

There are several erectile dysfunction treatments we have in our list. Some of them are given below: 

  • Ilaj Bil Ghiza: Take a good diet. Especially take those foods that stimulate the testosterone production inside your body like dates. 
  • Ilaj Bil Tadbeer: Set a routine of regular exercising. Preferably try kegel exercise that is good for Ischiocavernosus (Adala Warikiyya Kahfiyya). 
  • Ilaj Bil Dawa: Try given unani formulation as per the instruction of your physician and get the erectile dysfunction treatment without further delay. 
  1. Majoon Mughalliz Jawahari
  2. Arq-e- Amber
  3. Habb-e- Jadwaar
  4. Majoon Aarad Khurma
  5. Qurs Kushta Qalai    
  6. Habb-e- Nishaat
  7. Majoon Piyaaz
  8. Laboob Kabeer
  9. Majoon Aspand Sokhtani
  10. Qurs Kushta Tila
  11. Majoon Jalaali
  12. Jauhar-e- Khusia
  13. Majoon Mughalliz    
  14. Safoof-e- Beejband
  15. Majoon Supaari Pak    
  16. Safoof Maghz-e- Kanwal Gatta

Compelling Reason to Take Erectile Dysfunction Seriously 

People usually hesitate talking about their sexual problems. That’s the only reason they try to delay the mardana kamzori ka desi ilaj for a long time until and unless it becomes a bigger problem for them. It’s a pity that instead of consulting the related physician they practiced several self-medications. These self-medications, most of the time affect them badly and make their condition worse. Here we are mentioning some of the reasons for encouraging you to take your erectile dysfunction treatment now. 

  1. To get rid of depression

When a patient of erectile dysfunction does not share their issue with others and tries to hide it from others, they automatically invite depression. This depression does not benefit them at all.

  1. To avoid mood swing 

Depression in ED finds its roots combined with mood swings. We can say that it is a way of expression while depressed. At times, such victims have anxiety attacks. That ultimately destroys relationships as well. 

  1. To have a healthy courtship relationship 

An ED patient could not enjoy a healthy relationship. Rather they face multiple problems. 

  1. To enjoy the sexual activity 

One of the problems faced by an ED patient is difficulty in getting an erection that is a crucial requirement for intimating relationships. So, they are unable to enjoy by their sexual activity. 

  1. To stay fertile 

Long term erectile dysfunction is a serious condition because it can make a male impotent. In other words, they would not be able to place sperm in females in the future and ultimately they could not have babies. 


From the above detail on erectile dysfunction, one can easily imagine what a serious reproductive issue an erectile dysfunction is. Thereby, victims need erectile dysfunction treatment to avoid the chance of infertility in future.

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