5 Steps to Create B2B Sales Videos that Work

Video marketing has been on the rise for a while now and we are seeing more traditional B2B businesses adopting this highly effective marketing method.

People make most of their decisions based on the content that they find online. Videos are a fan favorite because they are entertaining and they make it easier to find the information they need in the shortest amount of time.

They are busy and they want information quickly. Want to keep those leads coming and converting? Make sure that you’re taking advantage of video. Create B2B sales videos that will not only engage your audience but also provide the most information possible!

Here are five steps for you to take so you can create B2B sales videos that will work:

  1. Align your videos to your business processes

Creating videos can be challenging. Businesses may misuse this vehicle for their business when they aren’t creating with purpose.

Be intentional with your content. Find the balance between jumping on trends and staying relevant.

Follow your business objectives and create video content that will align with them. One of our sayings here at MultiVision Digital is when you start thinking about creating videos, forget about video!

Whether you are launching a new product or branching out into a new industry, your content should speak for your brand. This will make sure that you are creating videos with purpose, not only for the sake of having content.

  • Leverage your existing assets

Creating videos may sometimes be a little overwhelming. Don’t want to be spending too much time producing videos alone for your business? You can always talk to your video production agency to brainstorm about your marketing strategies. Look at the materials you already have. Revisit your PDFs, brochures, white papers, and PowerPoint presentations you have made in the past.

You may have already created the foundation of the content you are planning to produce. You can use the charts, graphs, and other visuals you have made in the past for your videos to make them more informative.

The more your audience understands what you have to offer, the easier it will move through the sales process.

  • Think about the person you’re putting in front of the camera

Another part of creating effective B2B sales videos is the person you are putting in front of the camera. Have someone who knows what they are talking about. It’s ok to not be fully comfortable in front of the camera in the beginning. The director and their team will help you through the process.

Some of the people you may want to consider are those in your technical or operations team. The people who helped write the documents you are using created the brochures and participated in the research. They know the material and they can articulate it so it’s understood in detail.

They are the people who can answer questions very well and we want them to do it on video. They will have more confidence than anyone else on your team because they have firsthand experience with what they are talking about.

  • Shoot your videos remotely

Living in a COVID economy comes with some restrictions. You might not be able to take your team anywhere you like to create your content. You need to make sure that the production will not be a threat to your team or anybody else around.

Maximize the technology available to you like never before. Now you have the ability to have your videos created straight from your smartphone or personal camera. With a team that’s guiding you every step of the way.

Your creations can now come to life at the fraction of the cost from your home, office, or any quiet room that you see fit. Once you’ve got your footage ready, you can have them edited by professionals to make sure that they come out with great quality.

  • Great video editing

The quality of your video will depend on how well your editor can put them together. You need to make sure you are working with someone who understands your business objectives and the message you want to convey.

They will piece everything together and make sure your message gets understood clearly by your audience. They need to be able to edit your video along with the images, graphs, charts, and other materials you’re using to make the video flow.

Take your time in finding a great editor or a video marketing agency to help you create great B2B sales videos for your business. They are the final piece of your puzzle and you want to make sure they give you the results you want to get.

If you don’t have a plan for your sales videos yet, this can be your guide to starting one. Video is not going away and it could be the best thing you can do for your business today.

Start building your content library while continuing to be empowered by additional information on our website. You may find creating B2B sales videos a bit intimidating, but the end result will always be a video that will only serve as an asset to your company for years to come. Don’t know where to begin?

MultiVision Digital can help you every step of the way. Schedule a call with us today at 646-319-8609 and let’s get started on creating your videos!

We’ll see you in front of the camera!

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