It is no secret that olive oil for skin is an essential ingredient in our meals and is especially beneficial. The truth is that it is true that liquid gold as we are aware, contains an abundance of health properties. However, we are not able to gain these benefits through drinking it. Have you ever thought of using its use as an organic remedy for skin problems?

Find out about the five key olive oil benefits to your skin:

  1. It gets rid of sunscreen or makeup the traces of sunscreen and makeup.
  2. It hydrates and protects very sensitive skin.
  3. It aids in repairing damaged skin tissue.
  4. It reenergizes and improves the skin’s vitality.
  5. It’s an antioxidant that helps to fight the effects of aging.

1- It gets rid of sunscreen or makeup the traces of sunscreen and makeup.

Keep in mind that, alongside the daily sun protection, cleansing your skin is one important step to your routine for skin care. If we were required in order to maintain our daily routine to the minimum, we must at a minimum have two of these steps. This is why the most effective thing to do while cleansing your face is to stay away from harsh surfactants that can cause dryness and the sensitivity of our skin over the long run, and using products with more efficacious ingredients.

You can apply some cleanser gels or soaps that have moisture-enhancing agents in their formula. However, to get rid of any the traces of makeup and sunscreen (for people who wear makeup) the most efficient method is to use balms or oils that emulsify these products on the skin, and assist in completely removing these. That’s the reason olive oil (especially especially if it’s virgin) is a great option.

The olive oil may be applied on disposable pads or direct on the skin for absolutely no risk. When you apply it to the skin in gentle circular movements then you’ll see that it begin to emulsify with makeup or sunscreen residues left on your face, and breaks down the products.

The next step is to get rid of all this off the skin , you must apply a washcloth soaked with warm water. After you have eliminated it, you are able to proceed by using a non-stripping, second cleanser to ensure that your face is clean and ready for the next steps in your routine for skin care, where olive oil may be utilized.

2- It hydrates and protects very sensitive skin.

Extra-virgin olive oil is a great source of remarkable moisturising and nourishing properties that nourish the skin on both the body and face. Its high concentration of vitamin A and E and also D and K make it a perfect product to safeguard (especially during colder months) and provide nourishment to even the most sensitive skin.

Olive oil extra virgin is a great option to moisturise your skin at night after other products or water-based ones that are already part of your routine. For use as the final step in moisturizing place three drops to your palm, then warm it up and gently massage it into your face. Another option to use it is to mix it with your current night cream. Be aware that if suffer from oily skin, then you may need to stay clear of its use.

3- It aids in repairing damaged skin tissue.

Skin is our biggest organ and it safeguards us from the sun’s rays and external damage. Because of this, it is essential to take proper care of your skin and safeguard it. Due to the same beneficial properties we’ve already mentioned Extra virgin olive oil can aid in the repair of the damaged tissues of your skin.

On the other hand due to the healing and regenerative qualities offered by its vitamins using only a few drops of this remedy is perfect for treating areas where we see cracked and dry skin, like knees and elbows as well as on superficial cuts.

Additionally its healing properties, together with its capacity to control the appearance of specific bacteria on your face, makes it an excellent all-rounder against acne. In actuality the vitamin D present in this oil could assist you in the event that you are suffering from other skin disorders like Psoriasis and rosacea, as it can reduce inflammation.

4- It reenergizes and improves the skin’s vitality.

Thanks to the large amount of minerals and vitamins, as well as its natural fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil may aid in revitalizing your skin, providing it with smoothness, shine and vitality.

On the other of the other hand, the nutrients contained within this item, specifically vitamin A as well as E can help improve the epidermis’s firmness and even stimulate the creation of collagen. In addition its rich concentration of oleic acid can also help to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells that gives its skin the natural shine and elasticity.

5- It’s an antioxidant that helps to fight the effects of aging.

As time goes by, we become older and, although it is natural to age but there are also external influences like harmful sun radiation as well as stress, pollution and other bad practices that can will accelerate the process.

Due to its polyphenols-rich content Extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-aging and antioxidant properties that assist in fighting free radical that are at the root of aging cells.

The same reason is why the oil is an excellent all-rounder against the damaging effects of the sun as it helps lighten spots and slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (especially wrinkles around your eyes) which give an older appearance to the face.

In the end, extra-virgin olive oil is an excellent product to use in your skincare routine It is a component that helps you to stay healthy on the inside and outside. Whatever the case, when you’re looking after you skin’s appearance, in case are in doubt, we suggest that you consult your dermatologist. As it is said, every skin type is unique.

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