Best Frontend Frameworks

What would an app look like without a user interface, and just code displayed over the screen? Complicated, right? That’s why an easy to use and interactive UI are two main factors that make an app successful. For creating compelling apps that have excellent UX, using a suitable frontend development framework is necessary. Here’s the detailed guide on best frontend frameworks developers prefer to use in current time.

To develop fantastic and futuristic user interfaces, selecting full-stack technologies is an alternative of selecting top frontend framework. Here, we will discuss which frontend framework you can choose to develop your business application.

So, if you feel that you are stuck between hundreds of technologies available in the market, we are here for your rescue. We have picked 7 best frontend technologies for you. Come, let’s discuss each in detail.

Best frontend frameworks for interactive UI development

For interactive and animated frontend development, these 7 development frameworks can be the best alternatives. After discussing your project idea with your app development service provider, you can pick any one of these platforms:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Express JS
  • Semantic UI
  • Vuejs
  • jQuery
  • Foundation

We will discuss each of these frameworks in detail in a further article. So let’s start with Angular.


Angular is a full stack frontend development framework that is based on JS but later it got transferred into a TypeScript framework. It’s open-source and is maintained by Google. Google has played an important role in making Angular popular. As a result, there’s a huge community support too.

Angular allows developers to write code that’s testable. You can easily learn Angular after getting a grip on MEAN, MongoDB, & Express js. This framework follows MVC architecture that helps developers to create dynamic web apps. It also contains libraries, components, directives, and much more.

A few popular Angular examples are IBM, PayPal, Freelancer, Upwork, Forbes, The Guardian, etc.

Advantages of Angular

  • With the use of TypeScript, high-quality apps are made
  • This framework is maintained by Google
  • Huge support and user community
  • Speedy performance and two-way data binding
  • It supports i18n, Ionic, lazy loading, etc.

Disadvantages of Angular

  • SEO inefficiency
  • Steep learning curve
  • Sometimes software bugs are difficult to debug and might decrease your app’s performance
  • The migration between versions can be cumbersome


React or ReactJS or React JS all are the same. It’s a popular JavaScript platform that renders different user interfaces of apps. 

React is developed by Facebook and is till date maintained by FB. Alike 

Angular, React also has a huge community support for its users. React has component-based, declarative and functional styles that make rich UIs.

With the feature of virtual DOM, React gets more popular amongst the developers as it helps with high-speed rendering. Though React is hard to learn and understand for new developers, the huge support community is there to help the developers in all possible ways.

These are some of the best examples of React apps- Github, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Yahoo, BBC, Facebook, etc.

Advantages of React

  • Eassy to integrate with front-end & back-end
  • Various reusable components
  • Flux and One-direction data flow
  • We offer a huge user base where you may connect with lots of other people that share your interests
  • A JS framework that’s SEO-friendly

Disadvantages of React

  • Using JSX can be hard
  • Complexity increases with project size
  • Sometimes bugs aren’t easy to understand and solve
  • Constant updates makes it hard for developers to keep themselves updated.

Express JS

Express.js being a well-known backend web technologies, it is also referred to as the de facto norm for Node.js. Because of its extreme flexibility, the Node.js API may be used to build web apps of any scale.

Developing feature-rich apps will be simpler with built-in functionality like routing, server-side scripting, templating, and third-party connectors. You can create excellent applications as long as you deal with NodeJS developers who’ve been knowledgeable about the complexities of the Express platform.

Here are some popular examples of Express.js, Stack, Twitter, Kevin, Accenture, Intuit, TrustPilot, eBay, Uber, Netflix, etc.

Advantages of Express JS

  • Easy to learn
  • Feature-rich
  • Seamless API development
  • Great flexibility
  • Cost-efficient
  • Time-efficient

Disadvantages of Express JS

  • Challenging error detection
  • Callback issues
  • Managing code might become a trouble

Semantic UI

A special framework called Semantic UI enables programmers to create stunning, responsive layouts. It provides a hierarchical layout and defines reusable components using 5 descriptive groups.

We can get the required outcomes by changing the component’s structure in a preferred way. Your component itself can be created without writing any code.

When it refers to characterising, defining, and naming its components, semantic UI is the best. You can build apps with incredibly engaging ui by using the pre-built Semantic UI components without writing a lot of complicated and unclear code.

As Semantic-UI is a super lightweight framework, it helps developers make sleek and engaging User interface easily.

Advantages of Semantic UI

  • Has out-of-box functionality 
  • Amongst the best front-end frameworks 
  • Rich UI development components & responsiveness
  • Less complicated

Disadvantages of Semantic UI

  • Developer should be skilled enough to create app based on custom requirements 
  • Not a good alternative for newbies with no knowledge of JS
  • Bigger packages 


The platform is a Javascript based , open-source system that is developed and updated by Evan You. It was developed using the MVVM (model, view, view model) design. It ranks among the greatest web frameworks available for the front end development, with a low learning curve & variety of features available.

You can use Vue.js for developing SPAs and interactive User Interfaces. However, it’s used mostly for developing small projects and not preferred for larger projects.

Some popular examples of Vuejs are- GitLab, Netflix, VICE Video,, Grammarly, etc.

Advantages of Vuejs

  • Community support
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless third-party integrations
  • Easy learning curve
  • Smooth development

Disadvantages of Vuejs

  • Lack of support
  • Unstable tools


One of the initial frontend frameworks was jQuery, which was released in 2006. It is significant even in the modern tech world, regardless its launch date, is just what distinguishes it. In addition to providing simplicity and convenience of use, jQuery likewise reduces the requirement to write lengthy JavaScript codes.

There is a sizable jQuery audience for the answers because of its long existence. Essentially a library, jQuery enhances a website’s performance and interaction by allowing for the manipulation of DOM and CSS.

Advantages of jQuery

  • Sending HTTP requests is simplified 
  • DOM is flexible for removing or adding the elements
  • HTTP requests are simplified 
  • Facilitates dynamic content

Disadvantages of jQuery

  • The document object model’s API is obsolete
  • Many advanced jQuery alternatives are available
  • Comparatively slow working


Foundation is developed by Zurb. It’s significantly  used for developing enterprise-level apps, and responsive & agile websites. It is challenging and advanced for beginners to start developing apps using Foundation.

It includes fast mobile rendering capabilities, GPU amplification for incredibly smooth graphics, and data-interchange capabilities that load lighter portions for smart phones and hefty sections for bigger devices.  eBay, Mozilla, Microsoft, and many more companies use Foundation.

Advantages of Foundation

  • Customised UX for various devices & media 
  • HTML5 form validation library 
  • Flexible grids
  • Lets you create exquisite looking websites 

Disadvantaged of Foundation

  • Lesser community support platforms 
  • Comparatively hard to learn for beginners
  • Twitter Bootstrap is more popular

Concluding Words

These 7 are the best frontend frameworks that developers are preferring to work with while developing interactive User Interfaces for different apps. These platforms are popular in their own domain and have their own uses. 

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