rent an affordable car at queenstown

Determined to rent an affordable car at Queenstown Airport, NZ can be one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself, because it will make your vacation truly memorable.

There are other modes of getting around the country and we have described them here, but the most appropriate decision would be to discover Queenstown by car on a road trip.

And the reason behind this is that you will have a lot of freedom and flexibility on your trip!!! You will be able to get anywhere you like to go, you won’t need to stress about the car’s maintenance and you will have many options for all types of budgets.

Renting an affordable car comes with one main benefit – you can choose a hotel outside the city that would fit your budget. The hotels are usually just as fascinating and you won’t need to bother about conveyance. 

If you have made up your mind, then it is important to be aware of some important things you should know before renting a car in New Zealand.

Here are some tips to get an affordable car at Queenstown Airport, New Zealand.

  1. Pre book your car in Queenston

The price for car rentals in Queenston can be quite cheap if you book the car in advance

And it is no mystery that, as the supply of cars drops with time, the prices will go high.

Pre Book your car as far as possible, especially if you are planning your journey during the high season (December to February). 

During these months the prices will only go up with time and never come down.

To further lower your cost, you can buy these things in advance, because they will likely cost a little fortune in Queenstown, New Zealand (keep in mind that this is a city in foreign country that needs to import plenty of things and the transportation costs are costly).

Make sure to buy these small but necessary things in your own country:

  • An adaptor for electrical pins
  • An automobile charger for your phone
  1. When to hire a car in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a very popular destination in New Zealand, particularly in January and February

So, if you want the choice of vehicle types and good prices, it is better to rent your car as early as possible.

You won’t see last-minute deals in Summer. As soon as you have chosen your dates, reserve the car!

  1. Be sure to translate your driving license in English

If your driving license is not in English, you must take consideration of having an exact translation in advance. You cannot do the translation by yourself; it can only be entrusted either by your country’s embassy or consulate or by a New Zealand Transport Agency service.

If your driving license is not translated into English then your rental company has to contact the Transport Agency as soon as they are open. 

It will cost you around 40 NZD extra and about an hour of waiting for it to get sorted out.

So, if you can handle the matter of your driving license in advance in your country for free, then the smartness is in solving this matter in your country.

NOTE: this only applies to people whose driving licenses are issued in a non-English speaking country.

  1. Analyze the cost of renting a car in Queenstown

The prices vary a lot depending on:

1) The season

2)The type of car you choose.

Here at Queenstown you can get an approximate estimate of what to expect, but please keep this in mind that it can change significantly.

All rates will be in NZD, for 1 driver over 21 years old, and with basic insurance. Campervan charges are for 4 people in the van.

You can thoroughly check the rates and book a car that fits your needs and comes in your rental budget.

  1. Pay attention to the type of rental car you are choosing for your trip

We know that the type of rental car depends on how many people are journeying together and how much luggage you are journeying with.

But here are a few things that need to be save in mind while exploring Queenstown:

  • You will often have your bags with you changing accommodations, so you want a trunk big enough to have them all in and nothing observable in the car – No need to tempt robbers.
  • Pick a car with a good motor: there are hills and lots of turning in Queenstown. You like a car that can remain stable so that the drive is really more enjoyable.

You must keep these small but important things in mind while renting an affordable car at Queenstown Airport.

  1. Fuel choice for your rental car

The price of the rental car is also affected by the kind of fuel you are using while you are exploring the town. If you use high-priced fuel then it will cost you a fortune but if you use low-priced fuel it will make a difference in the cost of your car. 

New Zealanders can use interesting words that differ from American English or British English.

Yet, when it comes to fuel, it remains traditional. The type of fuels available there:

  • Petrol 
  • Gas 
  • Gas stations 

Like any other country these fuels are also affordable, reasonable in price and easily available in the town.

  1. Is it worth hiring a 4wd car at Queenstown Airport?

Some points of attraction require up to 10km of driving on rocky roads.

They are still quite easy and you don’t require a 4WD. 

Know that even if you hire a 4WD car at Queenstown Airport, the insurance security associated with the rental likely does not cover the use of the car out on paved routes.

This is common in many countries. Study the fine print thoroughly before hiring a 4wd car.

Wrapping Up!

So these are some important tips that you should read and keep in mind before renting an affordable car to explore the beautiful sceneries and places of Queenstown. 

After reading these useful tips you will get an exact idea of how to rent an affordable car at Queenstown Airport.

Taking the car for rent for exploring the town is the best decision you can make to enjoy your trip without any stress.

But you have to be clear about your budget and plan your trip according to your budget. Then the trip will seem more fun.

Enjoy your trip to Queenstown, the beautiful town of New Zealand without any stress and make lots of lifetime memories with your friends and family. Have a safe and awesome trip to beautiful Queenstown!!!

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