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Preventing heart disease is better than living with it. It’s never too late to adopt a change, whether it’s your lifestyle, eating habits, or workout. Unlike before, not only the elderly but young people are also at risk of developing heart disease. The main reasons are not taking precautions early and poor lifestyle habits. Platforms like Ambiance Primary Care LLC provide assistance regarding lifestyle changes to promote healthy living.

It’s not always required to make major transformations, but a series of small changes can do wonders. Once you start following, you will find that the change ain’t that hard. Cardiovascular disease is said to be the leading cause of death in the United States. 

Don’t worry if you are confused about where to start. Here are 7 small steps to improve your heart health.

Avoid Smoking 

The coronary arteries carry out their work by supplying oxygen and essential nutrients to the heart. With time, plaque can build up inside them, blocking the passage. This causes a reduction in the blood flow, leading to a heart attack.

Chemicals found in tobacco are extremely harmful to the heart, disrupting blood flow in the vessels and increasing blood pressure. Heart attacks are twice likely to happen to someone who smokes. 

Increase Physical Activity

It’s always better to stay active, whether it’s for your muscles, mental health, or heart. Physical activity helps improve your blood circulation and improve your heart health. A 150 minutes per week of physical activity is recommended by professionals.

Moving or staying active helps with managing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. They all contribute to putting strain on your heart. By physical activity, it doesn’t mean just going to the gym or running. It can be anything that keeps you active, from gardening to walking your dog or choosing stairs instead of a lift.  

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It’s extremely simple to know whether you have an unhealthy amount of fat in your body. If you keep track of your weight and monitor it now and then, you’ll know. Moreover, check your body mass index (BMI) to evaluate whether your weight is more than what it should be or not.

If you are obese and concerned about your cardiovascular health, it’s important to get rid of the extra fat. Reducing your weight isn’t about dieting or starving yourself. You need to incorporate a healthy diet and reduce your sugar intake.

Let’s have a look into foods that contribute to better heart health:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Whole grain
  • Nuts
  • Fish (Salmon)
  • Berries
  • Olive oil

Maintain Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart diseases and strokes. You don’t always realize that your blood pressure levels are higher. A doctor will confirm by monitoring them for some time. Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, not only medicines but an ideal diet will help you maintain it.

Skipping a single dose can cause you great damage. Therefore, stay active, take medicines on time and eat healthy to beat the “silent killer’. Follow a low sodium diet and keep a check on your mental health to stay healthy and protect your heart.

You must know the main causes of hypertension

  • Family history 
  • Eating a high-sodium diet
  • Alcohol intake 
  • Smoking 
  • Obesity 

Don’t Ignore Your Mental Health

It’s impossible to avoid stress completely. It’s a normal part of life and can be triggered by a number of reasons. It can be personal, professional, or health issues. You can’t stop yourself from worrying if you have an interview the day after. It’s completely normal and healthy to worry over such issues.

Once it starts interfering with your daily life, and you lose control over it completely, that’s when it needs medical attention. Staying disturbed for a long time can have a negative impact on your heart. As a response to stress, our body releases a hormone, cortisol. A higher level of it in the body for a long time leads to increased blood cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure. They all contribute to the risk of developing heart disease.

Long-term stress can even get your blood thick, developing blood clots and increasing the risk of stroke. It’s better to pay close attention to your mental health and seek medical advice before it’s too late.

Reduce Blood Sugar

Natural sugars, found in milk and fruits, are harmless and in fact good for your health. Added sugars on the other hand cause you more harm than benefit. The only benefit you get is taste. The white sugar you put into your tea and meals, maple syrup, or spread all come on the list. Your taste buds might enjoy it, but it can affect your health in the long run.

Having large amounts of sugar in your diet can cause weight gain and diabetes. Diabetes is absolutely bad for your cardiovascular health, promoting accelerated atherosclerosis, or blockages in the blood vessels. They further lead to heart attacks and strokes.

You need to pay extra attention to your diet and health if you have a family history of diabetes. Talk to your doctor and take precautionary measures by maintaining a healthy lifestyle to protect your cardiovascular health.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

People you live with, stay around or talk to play a major role in affecting your mental health. Happy people, who are filled with positive vibes make you feel good and happy. Remove all sorts of negativity from your life. Live and promote healthy living by spreading positivity. Stay with people who make you laugh and smile.

The Bottom Line

Everything is achievable when you aim for it and are ready to put in all your efforts. First, you need to know where you stand and Ambiance Primary Care LLC can help you with it in a more professional way. Make Sure to be consistent with whatever you choose. Your health should be your priority above all things in life.

With determination and professional advice, you’ll manage to lead a healthy and successful life. Remember, small tweaks bring big changes. Start slow and eventually you’ll get there with each passing day.

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