Not paying heed to negative feedback

Social media marketing has become the top marketing strategy for all types of businesses, but only a few are able to leverage its power. The Internet is no short of social media marketing guides suggesting different ways to utilize this tool to its best. And when implemented right, these social media tips can scale up a business.

However, even after creating good content and optimizing everything on your page,  sometimes there are no results. You must have come across business pages with great stuff and everything just right, but having a few thousand subscribers.

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Why is it that all businesses seem to adopt similar approaches, but there is a great variation in the outcomes? Most plausibly, they are making some mistakes that are preventing their social media marketing success.

To help you get your brand out there in the crowded social media market, below are the top mistakes that you are unconsciously making and that you immediately need to avoid.

Business Social Media Platforms: Avoid 7 Mistakes

Not devising your own unique strategy

If you have been religiously following a social media guide in the hopes to skyrocket your business, then you are not opening up your business to different possibilities. The required first step to get the social media success you deserve is to devise your own plan keeping in mind your business goals and understanding the potential of your brand.

The reason why your social media marketing campaigns are not working is that you haven’t strategized your own set of guidelines that should drive your actions. Maybe you need to know your target audience better or find a good way to promote your posts, it is all about making efforts in the right direction.

Inability to identify your target audience

Not everyone on social media is interested in your business or using the kind of services you offer. It is important to define your target audience first and then direct your marketing efforts on these genuinely interested people in your product or service. Not knowing your audience wastes your efforts and makes for dreary outcomes. Understanding that you are operating on a B2B platform where you indirectly reach your customers, it is advisable to add more social media buttons for sharing your content such as LinkedIn to wider your social media reach. You have to figure out which social media channels are your target audience most likely to get engaged in and put more focus on those mediums.

Not paying heed to negative feedback

Besides a friendly response to good comments, avoiding negative feedback altogether is not helpful. Some negative comments are purely futile and should be ignored, but when there is a valid criticism, a response is needed. Brands must clap their eyes at the negative feedback as their target audience might be seeing these comments, and it will not leave a good impression of your brand on them. This may negatively impact your brand image and you never know what harm single negative feedback can cause. On the other hand, a thoughtful response will save you from trouble and your critics might become your fan later. You can also learn from constructive criticism and improve your brand image.

Not analyzing your social media analytics

It is important to keep track of your past social media activity in order to know what strategies are working and what parts you need to improve. Your social media analytics is your best living advice and insights that will help guide your future actions. Besides the analytics tools available in your social media account, you can purchase additional tools that will help better assess your performance. Evaluating your social media engagement, conversion rates, and the influence of your niche on social platforms will assist you in strategizing great marketing plans for increasing your followers and boosting your social engagement.

Not knowing what or when to post

There are no hidden tips when it comes to social media marketing success, you just have to know and get the basics right.  Paying attention to what you post or deciding the apt time of posts is one of the basic strategies that you need to work on. You should know what topics related to your business are going to influence the audience, which hashtags to use in your content, the quality of images in the post, and most importantly, determining the right time to post. Also, find your unique brand voice. For instance, being too professional will make you appear boring, and attempting to be humorous in an offensive manner will make your brand appear bland and stupid. It is all about finding a midway and creating a friendly brand voice.

Not improving your business profile

Your profiles on different social media accounts are the first point of contact with the audience. Be it the profile photo or about section, it all speaks about your brand image. Your official brand name, username, business information, email, website link, and all the relevant information on your profile should reflect how trustworthy and genuine your company is. Your business profile should appear realistic and attractive so that it can pursue the audience for liking and buy your products.

Not being consistent

Another biggest mistake that is setting you up for social media failure, is the lack of consistency. Whether you are posting once or twice a month, not replying to the comments, or not updating your post and profile, all these mistakes can make your brand disappear from social media. Creating a solid social media presence requires you to be active on your handles as it shows the audience the reliability of your brand. Staying silent on your social media affects your engagement and fails to impress different social media algorithms. Responding, engaging, and being consistent not only satisfies the algorithm but helps build strong social connections as well.

Every business is different, and therefore, needs to adopt unique strategies to satisfy its unique social media marketing needs. Be open to experimenting with different tactics and create a comprehensive strategy to grow each of your social media channels.

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