Winter is upon us, and it’s time that you take out those bulky jackets, heavy coats, and thermal leggings from your wardrobe.

While pulling out the winter coats, you don’t have to forget about style, as here in the article you will get familiar with the best stylish coats for this season.

Winter coats are made for warmth and comfort, but that comfort makes you end up looking like a carry bag. But with brands releasing their new winter collection every year, your winter days do not have to be gloomier.

To spruce up your coat game, here are the must-have coats you need this winter.

Pea Coat

Pea Coat is a classic winter coat that never goes out of fashion. Regardless of the climate conditions where you live, a pea coat suits perfectly every time and is thus, a great investment to your winter wardrobe. These winter coats were originally used as a uniform by the US Navy and sailors. Slowly the pea coats progressed and became a fashion statement for both men and women. This classic coat is neatly designed to provide warmth and make sure that you look fashionable from head to toe. Pea coats accentuate the beauty of any outfit, and these large-buttoned and double-breasted coats come in different sizes. For the color, light or natural shades goes well with a peacoat, and you can always style it up with a winter scarf and a woolen cap.


Parka is undeniably the coolest winter coat to have in your closet. This long fine-lined coat with fur or faux fur, and attached with a hood protects you from the frosty winter weather. Its quilted hood with faux fur is enough to protect your head and ears and to help you keep warm and stylish this winter season. The long parka coats are weatherproof and water-resistant, which means they are an ultimate pick if you are going to deal with extreme weather conditions. Parkas are loosely fitted coats with drawstring waist. The most famous colors in which this coat is seen are dark greens or khakis. Black skinny jeans and ankle boots paired with a Parka coat are your go-to outfit for a cold winter day.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is another must-have to upgrade your coat game this season. Like pea coat, the trench coat is also quite old and traditional style designed by Thomas Burberry, as the British army men used to wear it for protecting themselves from cold winter winds and rains. The coats are ideal for the winter season or to resist raindrops, but they might be apt for extreme cold weather. The trench coats are best suited for the transition seasons such as fall or spring. You must have seen your favorite celebrities and style icons wearing a trench coat. Pair the trench coat with your favorite pair of ripped jeans and heels, and you are done with the day.

Chesterfield Coat

Chesterfield coat is the ideal winter coat if you are searching for a coat that is a long trimming coat that will fit your body to give it a neat look. This traditional coat was invented in the 19th century and since then it has hardly gone out of style. Relaxing in the warmth of this coat and breathing in its comfort is enough to add oomph to your winter style. This coat is timeless and provides a slim and straight fit, and its length hits at the knee. Chesterfield coat has lapels and concealed buttoned placket. You can wear this coat on any occasion and pair it with a matching sweater and jeans underneath, and make sure to leave the front buttons upon to make it look more stylish.

Cape Coat

Cape coats are trendy, classy, and give the most refined look. These coats provide a great layering at the top, and which is the only style statement you need this winter. Cape coats come in a variety of styles, and these coats are seriously something you should to add your must-have winter coats list. Whether you are looking for a classic cut, cozy wrap, or elegant pattern, the designs for cape coats are endless. These are the most eccentric winter coats to have in your wardrobe, arm-less and stretched design resembles the fashion of old times, and they are likely to stay in fashion for many years to come. If you yearn for a different look that does not require you to button up, then this is the best pick for you. Cape coats only fit well with a long-sleeved shirt or sweater, and a small bag.

Cocoon Coat

Cocoon coats are another new edition to the winter style. They give an elegant, flexible look, without making the outfit appear too casual. These coats are a must-buy this year, and you are sure to keep them in your wardrobe for years. They make for a classy and attractive look and are definitely something that outshines other winter outfits and styles. If you want something new, you have to add this to your closet, otherwise, you will get bored with the monotony of wearing a trench coat every other day. A loose-fitting cocoon coat having a ballooned waist paired with blue or black skinny jeans is the coolest thing you need to keep yourself warm this winter.

Teddy Coat

Snuggly, comfy, and cozy, teddy coats are the cutest thing to cover yourself with this winter. These coats are getting popular with every passing winter season. Moreover, it is easy to find a teddy coat that looks good and matches well with different outfits. If you doubt that you will like a marshmallow in these coats, then you are wrong, you just need to wear them right to make them look more feminine and stylish. A teddy coat paired with shredding jeans or leather leggings is a look enough to turn heads. Pastel, classic camel, burgundy, and black are some of the best colors for a teddy coat.

Winters can be fun and these winter coats are perfect to define your style quotient. The key is to carry them right and match them with a perfect outfit.

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