As we are heading towards the New Year, don’t you think shining light on the trends that dominated 2021 would be a good idea?

We understand that beauty enthusiasts are more concerned about the trends that will rule 2022, but we cannot ignore the fact that this year made us familiar with so many dazzling beauty moments that you cannot help but think about.

There are so many trends that redefined the beauty and makeup world this year, and tickled our creative bone, as we didn’t shy away from experimenting with different beauty items or makeup looks.

Here’s to all the beauty trends that dominated 2021, you all deserve a mention!

Eyeshadows replacing eyeliners

An eye makeup trend that gained popularity this year was the eyeshadows being used in place of eyeliner. The strong and sharp eyeliners with a precise shape or bold eye makeup are some trends less seen this year. Maybe it is because of the pandemic or the fact that faces are covered with masks all the time, which made the beauties stick to soft and natural makeup looks. The trend that dominated was the soft and scattered eyeliner paired with a light eyeshadow to make for a soothing eye look. If you want to keep this trend alive, you can get a pencil eyeliner with a soft flick, and eyeshadow palettes having matte shades.

Light and natural brows

The natural-looking brows with no black color filling is a trend gaining popularity for quite some time now and is sure to stay in the coming year as well. Light full brows — that are not so perfectly shaped is a look that girls are succumbing to. Maybe the girls are bored with the fine-black eyebrows or they want to keep it simple, whatever the case is, the trend is getting famous. Also, the short video-making apps contributed a lot to making this trend go viral. Whether it is the straight arches or bleached brows, the natural brow look got embraced year around. Besides the trend, the full natural eyebrow not only accentuates the natural face shape but also makes your face look wholesome and vigorous.

Dewy, luminous skin

The quarantine times made people more conscious about their skin, and the masses have seen turning more towards the dewy skin looks. Especially with the winter coming, when the skin needs more moisture, dewy and luminous skin looks are hitting the trend. People are understanding that their skin needs more hydration and search for ingredients like hyaluronic acid to give their skin the hydration and moisture it needs. Skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, behenyl alcohol, ceramides were seen as the top ingredients that customers focused on before buying their beauty products as these ingredients give an instant glow to the skin and make it look naturally dewy.

The Skinimalist trend

Another trend that was seen around the year was skinimalism. Skinimalism, derived from the word minimalism, is a trend that focuses on using fewer products that give the maximum benefits. It is not just about what you apply on the face, but lifestyle habits, simplicity, and focusing on quality more are the factors that make an individual a skinimalist. It is basically embracing your natural skin tone and discarding all those heavy foundations and concealers from your makeup regimen. It is about finding ways to enhance the quality of your skin with different natural or medical procedures, instead of hiding things using heavy makeup. The aim of such a skincare initiative is to cut down on the money spent on buying so many products, promoting the use of hybrid products such as a moisturizer cream blended with sunscreen, and contributing to sustainable practices by not purchasing so many plastic bottles.

Colorful lashes

Colorful mascara is another beauty trend embraced by people this year. Besides the colorful eyeshadows and eyeliner, colorful mascaras also became a norm with so many people trying this playful look. Other lashes trends such as adding glitter to the lashes, or embellishing them with shiny gems were a trend that glamorized the eyes the whole year. Apart from the colorful and shiny lashes, wet lashes were also a trend that added to the simple makeup looks. For making the lashes colorful, one can use one coat of colored mascara and then a coat of black mascara and give your lashes a subtle whimsical look.

Pastel nail designs

Pastel designs are less flashy and thus, made for a great nail polish trend in 2021. Pastel is a soft, less saturated color, which gives a light and soothing nail finish. Also, when paired with floral designs, the pastel nail designs look extremely gorgeous. One does not necessarily have to go to the salon to get their nails crafted with pastel color as one can easily color and design their nails with pastel colors such as light yellow, light blue, lavender, light pink, light green, etc. You just have to take a toothpick, dip it into your favorite pastel color, and make a dot in the center of the nail for creating a flower. Further, make the dots around the center dot, and there, you are done crafting a pastel nail design. You can use different shades of pastel colors, to amp your floral nail designs.

Stained lips

A recent trend taking the fashion world over is stained lips. These are becoming a great replacement for lipsticks and lip glosses, and cosmetic brands are leveraging the full benefit of this trend. The best thing about stained lips is that the color lasts for a long time without making the lips sticky or coated. For staining your lips, you just have to exfoliate your lips, and then apply a lip stain product such as a stain pen or a marker. Make a lip outlining first, and then, smudge this line to fill in your entire lip line, and you are done with your stained lips looks. Considering that people have to wear masks all the time, stained lips are best as the color seeps deep into the lips and there are fewer chances of it smudging all over your face.

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