7 simple ways to protect your skin from the sun

Summer heat is harmful in many ways and is capable of causing great damage to your skin. It is the time when your skin needs the most protection and best skincare tips, especially when extreme sun exposure is an everyday thing for you. Heated ways are a challenge to combat for your skin, therefore, you have to put in extra efforts to protect and maintain healthy skin these days. Otherwise, not caring for the skin in the summers may end you up with problems such as redness, dark spots, acne, pimples, or even a serious skin disease if your skin is on the sensitive side.

Without further emphasizing the importance to protect skin from UV rays, here are the best skincare tips that you should get used to this summer.

Hydrating all-day

Water is an extreme necessity and is critical for you to handle the summer heat gently. Your body tends to lose moisture to the dry summer and dehydration means a lot of uninvited health issues. So hydrating yourself all day should become a habit since it is the easiest and cheapest remedy to fight the summer heat. Water keeps you healthy from the inside out and maintains the smoothness and moisture content in your skin. It’s not only water, fruits, salads, and vegetables are a great source of water and must be incorporated into your diet.

Sunscreen is a must

Sunscreen is to be applied every time you go out not only in the summer but in the winters as well since the sun is always out there staring you from the top. It is crucial to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays and is one of the best skincare tips as constant exposure to them without applying sunscreen protection can cause major damage to your skin that may take weeks to recover. Sunscreen, besides protecting your skin from the UV rays, also nourishes it well with all the vitamins and antioxidants it contains. The key is to opt for the best quality sunscreen with the required SPF to suit your skin type.

Get a hat

The hat is the best styling accessory for summer and an even best way to shield your face from the harmful summer rays. If you do not mind spending a lot on expensive sunscreens, then buying a hat to cover your face from the top is something you won’t regret. When shopping for a hat, get the one with a large brim if you are comfortable wearing that big hat. A wide bream is sure to give your face full coverage and will protect your face from the sun rays besides adding a little oomph to your look.  Some hats are designed to filter the UV rays to mitigate the harm caused by them. A three-inch brim hat is enough to shield your face.

Include Vitamin C

Incorporate more vitamin C into your diet if you haven’t been already as it is the one of the most effective skincare tips to stick to this summer. Vitamin C is important for increasing the production of collagen in your skin, which is a protein that helps keep your skin supple and smooth. Most of the fruits and foods are rich in vitamin C and should be included in your diet if you care about your skin enough. Some of the foods that are high in vitamin C are oranges, broccoli, grapefruit, green peppers, red cabbage, kiwifruit, guavas, strawberries, etc. You do not have to overwhelm yourself with eating all vitamin c foods in a day, gradually start with including vitamin C into your diet each day and proceed with adding more as you get used to your vitamin c diet.

Sunblock cream

Sunblock cream is not the same as sunscreen as it works by a different mechanism in which it reflects the UV rays and does not let them penetrate the skin. Sunblock cream contains zinc oxide and forms a physical shield of protection on your face that blocks the rays from seeping into the skin. However, they are slightly more visible on the skin as compared to sunscreen. There are as good as sunscreen since both things are made to protect your skin from the sun rays. Sunblock is a little cheaper than sunscreen, so if you are tired of spending a lot on sunscreens, sunblock cream is an option you can switch to it. In case you want both the protection of sunscreen and a sunblock cream, then there are many brands in the market selling a blend of both sunscreen and sunblock cream.

Sleep more

If you haven’t been getting the mighty 8 hours of sleep each night, then even a good diet or sunscreen won’t be able to do the charm. No matter the urge you feel to watch your favorite show in the night or chatting with a friend all night, prioritizing your sleep is amongst the most useful skincare tips. Not only sleeping not enough is harmful to the skin, but can also increase your stress levels and make you underperform in the day. When you go out in the day after having a long sleep, summer heat will bother you less and the happier you are, the healthier your skin is.

Shade yourself

Whenever you are out, choose to stand or sit where there is no sun. There are trees everywhere on the road or at the places you hang out. Be mindful and cut down on confronting the sun each chance you get. Shade is necessary to protect your skin from harmful rays, you can even take umbrellas, a pair of sunglasses, and of course, a hat to cover yourself as much as you can.

At last

Gradually incorporate the above-mentioned skincare tips, and you will soon see a change in your skin health no matter how much you go out and expose yourself to the blazing sun. Also, next time when you are out and thinking of eating something, opting for a glass of juice is the better option anytime. It may seem hard and boring in the initial days but wait until it becomes a habit.

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