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One of the best ways to utilize social media for your business success is by creating a powerful Facebook business page. It is easy to get on Facebook, but using it for facilitating social engagement and reaching your marketing goals requires you to exert more effort.

If your Facebook page is not thriving and assisting you in growing your business, then you need to adopt an approach that leads you to success. With this platform having more than a billion active users, you cannot afford to not take advantage of this veteran social media site.

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Your Facebook page represents your brand and lets you attract visitors or potential customers. It is a public profile of your business that assists in quickly and powerfully connecting with the customers. To make sure that you leave no stone unturned in creating a compelling business page, here are the best tips you need.

Successful Facebook Business Page: 7 Tips

1) Influenceable cover photo

Being the first impression of your Facebook business page, your cover photo has to be captivating enough to speak the essence of your business and convince customers that you are worth their attention. The photo should be clear, high-quality, and should have the right photo size to fit Facebook’s cover photo. Add logo or text as needed but avoid overdoing it since too many elements on the photo do not look appealing. Keep it classy and simple and don’t forget to add the link to your website in the description of your cover photo. The link should land the visitors on the landing page where you want to bring the traffic. Make the cover photo engaging and add text as a separate call-to-action to get a response. The ideal display size for cover photos is 820×312 pixels for desktops, and for mobile devices, it is 640×360 pixels.

2) Optimize the about section

About section on your business page displays on the top, and the users have to click in order to read it till the end. So the description should be short, crisp, and simple and the beginning lines should entice the reader to click through the whole section. You can opt for a long description if you wish to add more details. Make sure to add keywords that the user understands and that give the whole picture of your business to the reader. Based on your business or industry type, you can opt to add the address, contact number, or even the products you want to showcase. Also, add a link that directs the audience to your home page.

3) Impressionable call-to-action

There is a button called call-to-action underneath your cover photo that allows the users to directly reach out. Call-to-action directs potential customers to your web page, which could be a landing page, home page, or product page that you want the customers to view in order to buy your product or services. You can add many options such as sign up, contact us, buy now, send the message, etc. To effectively utilize your Facebook business page, adding the CTA button with a link back to your site is one of the best social media practices to increase your click-through rates.

4) Use Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to find people’s interest in your products and direct them back to your Facebook business page or website. Ads with a high-quality image and appealing text or headlines help in targeting the audience you prefer. Facebook ads are an excellent option to promote your content and inform users about your upcoming events. The ads manager feature of Facebook ads allows posting multi-product ads that are appropriate to be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices. Also, the dynamic product ads option automatically displays the related ads to the users based on their previous activity on a specific page. Lead ads are another great option that gathers information from the customers and makes them sign up for an offer in advance, which increases the chances of potential customers turning into leads.

5) Keep the content fresh

Keep track of your different activities on Facebook and alter them so they appear fresh. Change the images, modify the text, try different call-to-action text options, and even try changing your target audience. It is about experimenting with every element of your Facebook business page to find out what gives the best outcomes. You can also search the popular trends regarding Facebook ads and change the information accordingly. Staying updated and incorporating the changes to attract an audience is how you retain your audience and attract new users.

6) Schedule your posts

The frequency of your posts and the quality of your content show how reliable and real your brand is. It is hard to rely on a brand that does not update its business page or post for several months. You should determine the right time to schedule a post that depends on the season, popularity of the subject you are about to post, and other factors. Posting frequently is essential to keep your audience engage and remain in their sight and at the same time, assure that you don’t post enough to drive your audience away. After figuring out the perfect time and observing analytics of the posts done by you, you can create a strategy and maintain the post frequency.

7) Interact with the users

There are many Facebook groups that talk about a topic related to the business or product you are selling. Participate in such groups and post answers from your Facebook Page. These groups have a great organic reach and posting here is the best way to access a larger audience that is likely to get interested in your services. Not just comment or reply, but post valuable answers that users find helpful. It is the easiest way to make your brand more prominent and known to the users.

Closing thoughts

Growing your Facebook business page is not at all easy, applying the tips above and being consistent is the key. For creating a robust fan base, it is crucial to curate content that the users are willing to consume and makes them want to come back every time.

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