Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms having the potential to take your business to new heights. With it reaching the benchmark of one billion users, it is time to best utilize this platform for marketing your brand and bring in the target audience.

This social media channel keeps on coming with new business features to help the businesses in creating a strong Instagram presence. Instagram is useful in generating traffic to your website no matter if you have a plumbing, mortgage, or e-commerce business. It depends on how creatively you use this platform to promote your business and increase social engagement.

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To ensure that you do not trail behind your competitors and use this platform to the fullest, here are some tips to master the art of Instagram marketing for your business.

Create an appealing business profile

Instagram offers the feature of setting up both a personal and a business account, and if you are a brand, opting for a business account offers more benefits. With setting up a business, you get access to the analytics and insights that help you assess and expands the Instagram presence of your brand. It also makes it easier for the users to communicate and follow you.

Make sure to include a winning bio, and keep on updating the link to your site since it is the only link you get to post on your bio that directly connects the users to your brand. The landing page should have the upcoming events, offers, registrations, and all the components that compel the users to take action.

Know the frequency of your posts

Posting regularly or frequently is advice often received. However, it is about knowing the right time to increase or decrease the frequency of posts. Users want to remain updated on the upcoming trends regarding their favorite brands and it is important to post at least once a day or every other to stay in the sight of the users. But posting 4-5 days is more likely to annoy the customers if you are a budding brand and yet to become an influencer on Instagram. Posting a lot daily may backfire and decrease engagement as the users might unfollow your brand. Post systemically and when you reach the desired number of followers and engagement, you can begin posting 4-5 times a day and the audience will see it.

Focus on building a community

It is hard to grab the attention of your target audience with so many competitors and users posting every minute on Instagram. While gaining a large number of followers is one of the important aspects of your Instagram success, more focus should be placed upon building an authentic Instagram community. For a growing business, it is crucial to work on engaging with the users and building relationships instead of just gaining followers. Engaging with users one-on-one makes them come back, and helps you create a community of your own in the given niche. You should know where you are most likely to find your audience, develop a perfect UGC (User-Generated Content) strategy, boost engagement, and stay connected to them.

Creating enticing Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the best features that should be utilized to enhance the social exposure of your brand. First, you should find out what is unique about your brand and create stories in a way that compels the users and connects to them on a personal level. There are a lot of innovative ways to create Instagram stories such as giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business, going live to connect with the users, creating limited-time offers to get prompt responses, inviting famous people or influencers to feature in your story, etc. Customers want to see the raw side of your business and not just a plain advertisement mentioning the benefits of your product.

Collaborate with others

To make a robust Instagram presence, it is important to join in hands with others and feature them in your posts. You can get famous influencers to post about your service, or get your customers to post for you, which is called user-generated content. Also, whenever you collaborate with an organization such as a non-profit organization, charity, it is important to include them in your post as it increases your brand value. It helps you get noticed as you tag different organizations and get the attention of their audience as well. For instance, you can hire a famous photography blogger to take photos of your products or people, and then share those photos by tagging him. This way you both will be able to share and increase your audience.

Keep the audience interested

Provide your users with the information that sparks their interest in your brand. Make short teasers or post about the upcoming products without giving complete information as it helps in maintaining curiosity. Let them know about your new products, offices, and other business-related inside information so they feel connected to your brand. Respond to their comments and direct messages, and be more interactive. This will slowly help in creating a strong online community and make your brand a part of the user’s life.

Capitalize on Instagram ads

There are different types of Instagram ads such as stories ads, video ads, carousel ads that one could experiment with according to their business and budget requirements. Instagram ads help target a specific audience, boost engagement, bring traffic to your website, and increase conversion rates. You just have to set your budget, select the ad type, determine your target audience, decide where to place the ad, and start seeing the results. Experiment with different Instagram features and ad types to stay ahead in the game since it keeps on coming up with new features.

Last thoughts

Brands around the world are active on Instagram as never before, to promote their unique business story, create brand awareness, and target the audience of their interest. When perfectly incorporated into your Instagram growth strategy, the above tips can be your savior. Assess what makes your brand unique, and find creative ways to boast about your eccentricity.

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