8 Things You Can Do To Make Office Moving Less Stressful

Moving apartments or houses is different. It can be easy and a lot of fun if you have done it before. However, when you think about moving your office to a new location, it is an entirely different story. The first thing that you will have to deal with is the huge amount of stress that it brings the moment you hear about office relocation. Your hands start to sweat. Your head starts spinning at the thought of hiring and working with office relocation services. You begin imagining yourself stuck in all kinds of difficult scenarios including heavy traffic. You think about the mess it is going to create across your various departments. But let’s not let chaos take over. Office moving can be made a lot of fun. The only trick is to follow the tips given in this blog. Let’s begin:

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  1. Never Underestimate The Power Of An Office Moving Checklist

People always underestimate the power of a moving checklist. This little yet critical step can help you a lot. You can start by creating a list of all the important items that will need to be transported to your new location right away. Then you can make a list of the items that will be replaced with new equipment and pieces. Now come to the office supplies that need to be discarded. Yes, you must make a list of those too. Now you can separate all these items categorically and ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

  1. Pack One Department At A Time

You can either pack one department at a time or hand over the responsibility of each department to the department head. If you have a large organization, it will make more sense to decentralize the entire packing and moving process. The reporting office should of course be yours. It depends on you whether you want to pack every department simultaneously or you want to supervise the wrap up off every department on your own and one by one.

  1. Learn How To Purge

This is a very important step that many office removalists suggest you perform right in the beginning. As an entrepreneur, you must set an example by getting rid of all the clutter that you don’t need. You should begin first with your office and then encourage all your employees, partners, and associates to do the same. This is going to lighten your burden when you finally move out of your old office. You can either donate some of your office stuff or sell it off on any of those online portals that are popular these days. Remember, if you decide to donate these items to a charity, it is going to contribute to the goodwill of your company as well. This is where the office moving list that you created at the very beginning is going to prove useful.

  1. Always Implement A Labeling System

When you are making boxes, a stringent labeling system is going to help you out tremendously. Make sure that every department has its individual label maker. The boxes should be similar. You can either colour-code them or display a huge label stating their department names on the top of the boxes. Also, labels are going to help you out when deciding which side of the box goes up and which goes down. Make sure to label them “durable” or “delicate” before they get loaded on the moving vehicle. Remember, labeling is a must and it should not be taken lightly.

  1. Choose Less Popular Days To Move

Yes, there are days that are much less popular when it comes to moving your office from one location to another. This means that you will be spending a lot less money both on the transit and on the packing and moving process. Get in touch with at least four or five office removalists so that you can find the best price for that particular day. You should be able to find great discounts if you act on time.

  1. Turn The Move Into A Fun Challenge

Now, this can be a great way to turn this very boring and repetitive task into a fun challenge. You can assign leaders for every department and give them specific tasks to complete before the sun goes down. For example, the department that packs the maximum number of boxes and is able to empty their office the first can claim a lavish meal for their entire team at their favourite restaurant or eating joint paid for by the office. Likewise, you can select a prize for the first runner-up and second runner-up teams as well.

  1. Always Slow Down A Little To Take A Break

This is also very important. When you’re trying to make the entire office move less stressful, the one thing that you can do, in addition to hiring the best office relocation services, is relax a little. So, you have invested in the best packing supplies. You have contacted the best office movers in the city. You are also making sure that everything gets packed and moved on time. Now it is time to breathe a little. You can organize a small get-together for all your employees and workers. You can play a little bit of light music over coffee and muffins. Just relax a bit and take some time to unwind.

  1. Plan A Party At The End Of The Move

So, the day of the move has finally come. The boxes have been loaded on the moving vehicle. And, they were labeled correctly which is something you are very glad about. The entire team is ready to move into the new office. You won’t even know when the transition is complete. And when that happens, be ready to throw a party to celebrate this great achievement.

Key Takeaways

  • Get in touch with the office movers and fix an appointment for the move
  • Inform your employees well in advance about the day and time of the move
  • Get them in the loop when it comes to doing away with all the unnecessary clutter in the office 
  • Make sure you apply for tax deductions for your company as you decide to donate some of your office stuff 
  • As the leader of the pack, it is your responsibility to set the tone for the move day 
  • Make sure that everybody feels positive and full of energy when the day finally comes

Happy moving!

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