Highway Traffic Management Systems

In the contemporary world, a constant rise in the number of vehicles on roads is not shocking as businesses have become global and the supply ratio is increasing with each passing day. To make the products available at the demand place, supply ratio needs to increase more. As a result, highways in a country like India are very busy. Highways demand advanced traffic management systems for the management of traffic incidents and flow. The post briefly explains some AI-based traffic management solutions. Keep reading it. 

1. Red Light Violation Detection System

People have no patience in today’s fast-paced world. They cross a red light to reach their destination soon. Crossing the red light can cause accidents and increase traffic chaos. This system can help the authority a lot. Here are some features of this system:

  • Complete evidence capturing mechanism 
  • Work with non-lane traffic discipline 
  • Around the clock operation 
  • Video based red light violation detection system 

2. Speed Violation Detection System 

To make highways and roads safe for all, controlling vehicle speed is crucial. Installing this AI and Machine Learning system will help the traffic authority a lot in controlling speed on roads. The significant features of this system are as follows:

  • Read data up to 120 km/hour of speed with higher accuracy    
  • Enforcement camera or speed detection do the calculation of instant speed via the analysis of time
  • Calculate average speed of vehicles between two points
  • Configurable speed limit 

3. No Helmet Violation Detection System 

To make bike riding safe for people, ensuring the use of helmets is critical. The traffic authority needs to encourage people to have helmets on. This helmet violation detection system can help you as it:

  • Read the number plates of bikes without helmet riders 
  • Send alert to the authority 
  • After analysing, the traffic police send alert or chalan to the bike rider/owner   

4. Wrong Way Detection System 

In hurry, drivers take their vehicles, especially bikes, on the wrong side of the road. Wrong way driving creates issues for others. People need to avoid driving the wrong way. And it is possible when the traffic police will encourage people to drive on the right way or punish them for driving on the wrong way. This system can help the traffic police as it:

  • Marks wrong way driving when a vehicle is on the opposite direction 
  • Does not any inductive radar or loop sensor 
  • Is video-based system 
  • Is suitable for being used as a separate tool or a module with existing system 

5. Vehicle Detection Camera  

For a better traffic management plan, the traffic authority needs to have an idea about the number of vehicles on a particular city roads and vehicle space occupancy. With this AI base camera, vehicle detection and counting becomes easier. Here are some features:

  • Vehicle occupancy and counting 
  • Easy installation and maintenance 
  • High resolution camera
  • Easy integration with the 3rd party tools or devices such as controller 

6. Triple Riding Violation Detection System 

Triple riding on a two-wheeler is not safe for riders and others using the city roads. The traffic authority needs to detect triple riders and encourage them for not doing so or punish them for violating the riding rules. This system can help the authority as it:

  • Works around the clock 
  • Sends alerts to the authority after detecting triple riders
  • Is compatible with other traffic enforcement systems 

7. Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System

In today’s world, speeding vehicles cause many traffic problems and lead to huge traffic on city roads. This Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System can facilitate the traffic police to control vehicle speed on city roads or highways. Here are some features of this system:

  • Speed measurement takes place as per the change in radio frequency wave 
  • Speed generation between two reference point 
  • Reading capability is 320 km/hour with higher accuracy 
  • Maintenance of differences between vehicles and shadows 
  • User friendly interface     

8. Automated Number Plate Recognition System or ANPR System 

It is crucial to recognise a vehicle when it runs on city roads or comes to park in a specific parking space. Vehicle recognition helps in identifying a vehicle. The vehicle recognition is possible through reading the number plate attached to it. Here are some notable features:

  • Detection and translation of the number plates in real time 
  • Around the clock surveillance 
  • High throughput at entrances      
  • Live preview of driver and frontal camera 

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