Tommy Zizzo Jr

If you are interested in knowing more about Tommy Zizzo Jr, you’ve come to the right place. This man was born in 1994. He was raised by his stepfather, Thomas Girardi, and mother Erika Jayne. Since then, he has lost contact with his biological father. This biography of Tommy Zizzo is an important piece of his life. Learn more about Tommy’s life and the things that shaped him.

Tommy Zizzo was born in 1994

Tommy Zizzo was born in 1994 in New York City. His biological father, Thomas Zizzo, was a DJ and musician. His mother, Erika, was an actress and singer. She gave birth to Tommy when she was 21. Zizzo and Erika divorced in 1996, and Tommy lived with his mom and stepfather in Los Angeles. In the following years, Zizzo and his mother remarried. While his parents divorced, Tommy and his mother remained close until their separation in November 2020.

He was a police officer

While he hasn’t made many Hollywood movies, Tommy Zizzo Jr. has become a police officer in the city of New York. Tommy attended the Rhodes School and then the Los Angeles Police Department Academy, graduating in 2016. His mother, Erica, said that he always dreamed of becoming a police officer, and his parents’ support helped him achieve his goal. His passion for government work came from movies and television series, which inspired him. But he also felt a sense of purpose in the work. While Tommy has not received many awards, his parents supported his dream and he is now serving his country as a police officer in the city of New York.

He was married to reality TV star Erika Jayne Girardi

Tom and Erika Jayne Girardi met while she was a go-go dancer in New Jersey and he was a DJ in Manhattan. After six months of dating, they decided to move in together, and a year later, Erika became pregnant. They married in December 1991, and Tommy was born in June 1992. Their marriage lasted for just two years before Erika filed for divorce. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, but the couple separated in 1996.

Police officer Tommy Zizzo Jr was an explorer in Jersey City Police Activity League. He attended the LAPD academy and graduated in 2014. After his graduation from the academy, he joined the LAPD. He is single and enjoys his job. His mother claims that he will stay off camera for now. Keeping a low profile, he seems to be enjoying his career as a police officer.

He was a reluctant actor

If you are one of the many people who are curious about the personal life of celebrities, you will be happy to know that Tommy Zizzo Jr was a reluctant actor. Born in 1993, Tommy holds American nationality and was a police officer before becoming a famous actor. His mother is also famous and has kept her son’s personal life very private. She cited her son’s profession as one of the reasons why she kept her personal life private.

He was a music lover

Thomas Zizzo, Jr. was born on August 22, 1993, the son of Thomas Zizzo and Erika Zizzo. His parents divorced when Tommy was just 18 months old. As a child, he was raised by his mother. His father worked as a legal practitioner and owned a strip club. He later began studying music at Rhodes School. His career as a DJ was a natural progression.

He was unmarried

When it comes to his personal life, Tommy Zizzo is an enigma. He has never been married and remained a private person. His parents met at a Manhattan nightclub in 1991 and were married in December. The couple separated two years later. Tommy was born in 1995. In 2000, his mother Erika Zizzo married attorney Thomas Girardi. In November 2020, Jayne Zizzo announced their separation.

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