A Bridal Makeover Artist

There are a lot of bridal makeover artist in Delhi to choose from. Though it sounds quite reassuring, what are the key features you look for before hiring a bridal makeover artist. It is never hard to find a bridal makeover artist but to sort out the professional one is a challenge. Upon one click on your phone, google shows you hundreds of search results with thousands of bridal makeover artist. Instead of making the search easy it just made it all the more befuddling. 

And if you are looking for a bridal makeover artist, the search may get tiring as well. As the wedding is the most special day of your life you cannot afford to either experiment or choose the wrong artist. Therefore, there must be some metric against which you can evaluate how to choose a right bridal makeover artist. 

Below are the key features one should look for in a bridal makeover artist. 

  • Quality

People often say to prefer quality over price, but rarely anyone follows. What makes it more difficult is the measure of quality. Since quality of makeup has no metric against which it can be measured, we need some other way. Quality of a bridal makeover artist is not about some one mysterious thing but a bunch of positive qualities that constitute that together. Let us have a look at the binding factors which constitute quality. 

  • Profile

The first method of evaluating quality work of a bridal makeup artist is his work profile. Although a bridal makeup artist can manipulate his profile quite well which can mislead people into making wrong selection. But it is not the images or videos of the makeover that you have to look for rather what lays beneath. The way a bridal makeup artist maintains his profile speaks volumes. Look carefully for the kind of feel it gives to the onlooker. Is it funky, royal, aristocratic or professional? Look out for the color theme that the bridal makeup artist uses in his makeups. Does the makeup artist employ color theory or just throws in colors at random? Do the color keep up with contrast of the dress worn. Does the makeup artist grade the colors to right level?

By simply looking at these plain facts you will be able to judge the quality.

  • Way he keeps himself

You have to look for the way MUA carries himself off. People who do not care about themselves can not be trusted with the care of others. There is certain truth to it. If people dress up carelessly, probably that is what you should expect out their work as well. 

  • Way he talks

The way person talks give away most of the things about him, you just have to listen. Listen to his words, is he listening to your problems and addressing them. A professional makeover artist gives you prompt answers to what ever question you may have regarding the makeover. 

  • What he enquires

A professional bridal makeup artist will always make tons of enquiries before signing you up as a client. He may ask about your skin type and if are allergic to certain products. What type and color of dress you will wear?  You can also ask anything and clear your apprehension. The depth of the enquiries made shows how strong is the stature of the MUA. On the other hand, lack of interaction at the end of MUA clearly expresses a weak individual masking himself to be a make up artist. 

  • How much experience

You can now ask about the total work experience of a bridal makeup artist. The more the work experience the better the flow of art. However, with experience you must always look for how diverse is work profile it. A broad experience must also include doing makeover on people with tough skin. People who care for themselves and who have a healthy skin have a smooth canvas for makeup already. What we need is his experience of doing a makeup on broken/patchy skin. This is where the mettle of true experience is tested. 

  • His attitude over 

Next is his attitude towards both the work and the clients. With the passage of time, people change their attitude towards their work/profession. Although an MUA may have tons of experience but if the attitude towards the work has change, then its game over. A true MUA will always keep his interest from waning and will find out ways to keep his interest alive. 

  • His variation of makeup

Makeup is a vast field. Someone’s true talent of makeup can not be judged by just one genre. If one can do various types of make up and only one specific type is basically what is required t

  • Skill over certificate

This is the most important point to consider of all. There are many people who go to prestigious make up academies and graduate with a diploma. Although, it is great to have a makeup certificate, in reality it is by no means a marker of a professional and responsible MUA. Makeup certificate only represents the time that has been spent in the academy and doing certain things that were asked for. 

What really counts is the number of hours that are put into practice which yield results. Remember, a certificate is not going to do any makeover but the hand of an MUA. The more seasoned the hand, the pronounced is the effect.

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