Akashic Records Training

The core of Akashic Records is to reconnect and align us with our souls. It shares our soul’s wisdom and experiences that help us overcome the holding patterns inside which we have remained stuck for so long. Akashic Records Training empowers us to help not only ourselves but also others to liberate ourselves from the clutches of suffering patterns. 

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We all have been affected by trauma somewhere in our lives. Our souls carry the baggage of these traumatic experiences throughout their entire journey in this universe. Thus, passing this baggage of miseries and past haunting experiences from one life to another. Our Akashic Records reveal that we are the masters of our own life. It is our choice to overcome the trauma-holding patterns or submit as victims to them. Our negative karmic patterns weaken us if we surrender against them or hide in one way or another. 

In what ways Akashic Records Training can save us from traumatic patterns?

The Akashic Records are a collection of our soul’s mindful choices. Anyone can access their Akashic Record, but all it requires is to connect at the same frequency. Most people fail to access their records. This hindrance is because they are unaware that accessing Akashic Records is not like a walk in the park. It involves a tremendous amount of selfless training in reading other’s Akashic Records other than yours. The Akashic Records Training can help us in:

  1. Identifying the vicious energy loops.

Sometimes we inherit karmic debt passed on to us through our bloodlines. An Akashic Records Training through a practitioner will not only help us identify these negative patterns but also clear them. We can resonate with our soul’s intuitive guidance in the most comprehensive way. These inherited karmic patterns are holding us back from fully exploring our potential. 

Even our spiritual growth is halted by these negative traumatic imprints of our past lives. It’s imperative to become self-aware of the sources of the trauma influences that have overshadowed our lives. We trace the foundation behind a traumatic pattern. 

This self-liberation will help you connect with your true self at the soul level. If you avail this mastery, you will not be benefitting yourself but the entire community that is connected with you. You can help them also liberate themselves from the karmic patterns which are poisoning our immediate lives.

  1.  Unlocking the intuitive abilities

Getting into an Akashic Record Training program will unlock your intuitive ability hidden in your soul’s memory. This power will get unleashed the moment you open your Akashi Records. This reading is not as easy as it sounds. A focused mind and heart are required at the right time for the Akashic prayer portal selected. 

After going through the Akashic training program, you will deeply connect with yourself to discover your intuitive power.  You can help others to access their intuitive abilities for their soul’s guidance.

  1. Restoring your self-believe

Undergoing Akashic training will help unclose and trigger your real possibility, so you may tap into and accept the blessings of infinite abundance from the universe. The only obstacle standing in your path is your not believing in yourself.

  1. Soul alignment

It is believed that our soul records are hidden in the fifth dimension of the subconscious level. We need to step ahead of all the negative energy blocks and hindrances to access these records. A well-composed Akashic training course will guide you all through conquering these obstacles. You will align with your soul’s real purpose in this universe. You will experience a self-transformation journey by opening your Akashic Records frequently or at set intervals of time.

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Certification Programs.

Akashic Records Training Certification program by the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is a twelve-month program of Akashic Records Certification Training to deeply insert into the Akashic Records Reading techniques and train you to align with your Soul work as a Certified Akashic Consultant. We will work to deepen your connections between your heart, mind, and body which will help you connect with your Soul more effectively.

You will become an expert Akashic Records Reader through expert and passionate Akashic Records Training. You will go through an accurately designed Akashic Records Course to assist you in entering, reading, and altering the Akashic Records. Furthermore, you will earn an Akashic Records Certification, which will empower you with religious knowledge to assist others in rediscovering their Soul’s cause and convey readability into their instantaneous life.

Suppose you hear the calling to emerge as a Certified Akashic Knowing Consultant. In that case, The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is the right place to start your journey in enlightening your Soul and get trained in helping others in their spiritual enlightenment.

To summarize, Lisa Barnett is a known Akashic Healer, practitioner, and author. She has invested her thirty years of experience as an Akashic Record Consultant in the Akashic Records Training programs offered at her school. You can also avail the virtual training course, the same twelve-month online program. This online learning platform will not only be accessed anytime round the clock, but the online meeting schedule can be arranged at your convenience. 

You have two unique courses regarding the training: a “Consultant Training Program” and a “Teacher Training Program.” Availing these training programs will help you in your personal growth. Moreover, your Akashic wisdom will enable you the ability to read for others and transform their life.

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