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A logo represents a brand. It distinguishes your company from other market-competitive brands in the industry. It’s what reflects your brand to the public. Considering the ever-growing use of digital technology and quickly-evolving consumer habits, it’s high time that businesses modify their brand logos. This is where animated logos come into question. 

An animated logo can help your target audience remember your brand better. A well-designed animated logo not only helps retain old customers but also gets you new ones. In other words, animated logos help the world recognize your brand among the vast industry of market-competitive brands. Read this blog to learn more about animated logos and their benefits. 

What Are Animated Logos? 

An animated logo is when a video animation agency adds motion and effects to an existing logo.  Animated logos can range from simple styles to a complete video representation of the brand. 

Video animation services will consider the following aspects when designing your brand’s animated logo: 

  • The target audience of your brand 
  • The nature of your brand
  • Goal and vision of your business 

If you wish to promote your brand and get the recognition it deserves, then we suggest you invest in professional video animation services. 

Animated vs. Static Logo: Which Is Better? 

If you’re planning to hire a company to create your brand’s logo, you might be confused between choosing static or animated logos. Here’s the difference: 

Animated logos can take your business to the next level. They reflect plenty of information for your target audience to know more about your brand by viewing its logo. On the contrary, static logos fail to deliver your company’s message to the world. Therefore, companies should rely on video animation production to design an animated logo that tells their brand’s vision, goal, and story. 

Therefore, the next time you plan to change your brand’s logo, consider animated logos without giving it a second thought. 

Benefits of Animated Logos 

Once you’re determined to go with animated logos, here’s how they can help boost your business’ sales and profits. 

  1. Improves Brand Recognition  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in that context, videos are worth much more! As mentioned above, one of the most significant benefits of using animated logos is that it brings your brand recognition. Compelling and concise videos aren’t only visually appealing but are also easy to remember. People are likely to forget a static image in comparison to a motion picture lasting for more than a few seconds. Therefore, animated logos help people remember your brand. When animated logos are in question, your company marketing and promotion activities won’t be in vain! 

  1.  Reflects your Brand’s Story 

Several individuals spend hours on the internet every day. They see countless things online but only retain ones that depict a story. Animated logos can help people learn about your brand’s story. You can take things up a notch by having your CEO narrate in the animated logo. 

Video narrations often bring back emotional responses from the general public. Thus, choose animated logos over static ones to build an emotional connection with your target audience. 

  1. Captivates The Viewer’s Attention 

Nowadays, everyone is running short of time. Thus, businesses will have to do much better than before to capture their audience’s attention. In this context, the best thing you can do is to hire video animation services to create your brand and an animated logo

Animated logos hold the viewer’s attention and let them know what your brand and products are about. They will listen intently to those few seconds of your animated video if the logo is impressive and unique. 

Video logos can get your brand ahead of its game. It can improve your business’ conversion rates and attract more potential customers than before! 

  1. Animated Logos are Unique 

The best part about having animated logos is that it knows no bounds. While there are countless logos in the business world, an animated logo will have your customers looking twice at it. Furthermore, a video animation agency will ensure your logo is yours alone! They’ll make it one of a kind in terms of colors, patterns, illustrations, typography, and texture. 

  1. Maintains a Professional Image 

Every customer wishes to purchase from a company that keeps its promises and offers high-end products at affordable rates. While your business might be offering high-quality services, perhaps it’s your representation that’s keeping you from getting more customers. Thus, consider animated logos to build a good image of your brand in the viewer’s eyes. Animated logos can reflect your company’s attitude, positivity, and services professionally and effectively. 

The Bottom Line 

While animated logos are a great way to highlight your brand, it’s also important to hire professional video animation services for the job. A reputable video animation agency will design a unique and trendy animated logo for your business, ensuring it attains great heights in the future!   

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