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There are many reasons why Anupama fans would want to see her written update. After watching her first episode, they are eagerly awaiting the next. Fans have gone so far as to buy her plush toys and create Anupama posters. Fans have even started a fan club called Anupamaica. The website for the series has garnered over 6 million hits! But is it possible for her to have a written update?

Anupama’s father

During the first episode of Anupama’s father written update, Anupama confides in her father about her transition from her middle-class family to an upper-class one. She says that she is worried that she will feel uncomfortable in this new environment, but her father assures her that she will adjust. In fact, he is the one who encouraged her to speak up. Afterwards, she begins to express her feelings in a different way.

Vanraj tries to find a way to get Anupama back. In the meantime, he wants to know whether his children are okay with Anuj. Vanraj is envious of his kids, but he can’t stand the idea of losing them. He convinces Anupama to let Vanraj help her, but she refuses. She tries to convince her husband-to-be to talk to Vanraj and explain that the two of them aren’t compatible and cannot co-parent.

Her father’s relationship with Hasmukh

Hasmukh’s illness is the biggest hurdle between him and Anupama. He hides his illness from Anupama, but there’s only so long he can keep it a secret. As the wedding is nearing, Hasmukh is determined to keep his promise. Hasmukh has been ill for a long time, but the news is now out on the table. But what will happen when Anupama finds out?

Anupama and Hasmukh have to decide how to handle their relationship. The first thing they decide is that Hasmukh will have to wait till they marry before he can get the surgery. But the doctor will have to wait until the marriage is over. The procedure will take some time and Anupama must manage her responsibilities and Anuj’s.

Her father’s relationship with Kinjal

In the episode ‘Anupama’s father’s relationship,’ Toshu tries to explain to Kinjal his own problems in terms of his son’s relationship with his mother. In fact, he even tells Kinjal that he never really valued his mother as a mother, but has tolerated her for his family. Bapuji is furious with him for not reacting to Anupama’s plea for forgiveness. However, Kinjal is not satisfied with his dad’s reaction.

Meanwhile, Anupama’s father Vanraj tries to hide his extra-marital affair with his colleague Kavya Gandhi. She is posing as Kavya’s friend and is unable to reveal the truth about their affair. Samar tries to intervene, but she is ignored by Kinjal. Kinjal, in turn, starts to suspect his relationship with Kavya. Meanwhile, Vanraj’s father Vanraj Shah makes Toshu busy with his business. Kinjal plans a Valentine’s Day date with Toshu, but Anupamaa refuses.

Her relationship with Barkha

The second part of Anupama’s relationship with Barka revolves around the children. Barkha and Anuj bond, but Anupama is not completely sure if it is a healthy relationship. After all, Barkha has a history of cheating on her husband. However, Ankush is concerned for Anupama’s future. As a result, he starts to doubt her.

Then, Anuj’s attempts to persuade Anupama to remain with him are futile. Despite his pleadings, Barkha doesn’t seem happy with the idea. He decides to bring distance between Barkha and his family, but Anupama forbids him from doing so. She explains that she cannot live without her family. Meanwhile, Vanraj finds out about the affair between Barkha and Pankhi.

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