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“As API becomes the innovation enabler, businesses seek MuleSoft integration services, Apigee API management services, and more to open up and connect with third-party systems and applications, allowing data exchange without compromise.” 

With widening API (Application Programming Interface) capabilities, businesses move a notch up to put enterprise-wide data in use without any fear of loss concerning data. Yahoo Finance informs that API usage has lately grown by 200%. Because securing an edge over other technologies, API plays a pivotal role in enabling machine-to-machine communication. 

API integration tools allow one business to open up its API and connect with other systems to perform the exchange of data securely. Before we explore the top API integration tools of 2022, let’s quickly and briefly revisit the benefits. API integration tools:  

  • Allow your systems and applications to communicate with third parties 
  • Improve collaboration and enhance business productivity  
  • Empowers you to Innovate at scale to align products and services with the changing demand 
  • Accelerate the functioning of the digital ecosystem and drive revenue
  • Help improve interoperability with other business systems and applications

Which API integration tools will make it to be top in 2022?

API-first integration strategies are essential to add value to your business and unlock new opportunities. Though there are numerous API integration tools, here are the top 7 API tools that remain developers’ favorite throughout 2022.  

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

    Businesses collaborate with leading integration solutions providers to seek MuleSoft integration services that offer the next-generation integration platform, allowing you to access all your integration needs through one single interface. With the MuleSoft integration platform, you get predefined templates, in-built connectors, and intelligent integration patterns that enable you to attain end-to-end automation and connect innumerable applications, enabling faster innovation and connected customer experiences.      

    Apigee API Management

      Offering integration and API management solutions, Apigee is Google cloud’s unified solution that helps connect applications and exchange data faster. Businesses should seek Apigee API management to benefit from its drag-and-drop interface while implementing an API-first approach. It consists of an inbuilt monitoring system that helps keep track of progress concerning application integration. Developers can use the Apigee interface to build, design, and manage Application Programming Interfaces and integrate the business-wide data and applications with third-party systems.   

      Web Methods Integration Services

        webMethods integration by Software AG helps businesses build a connected digital ecosystem enabled by APIs. A developer-friendly API tool, the webMethods integration platform helps enhance productivity and allows developers to recreate your business models, offering complete scalability and agility. It enables you to revamp your IT without increasing costs and any infrastructure complexities.    

        Dell Boomi Integration Platform 

          Based in the cloud, the Dell Boomi integration platform helps your on-premise applications and systems to connect with applications in the cloud seamlessly. Businesses can resort to Boom to practice complete cloud-based integration to practice risk-free data exchange. It allows developers to create a multi-cloud environment where applications, data, and devices can freely and vastly talk to each other, allowing faster product innovation.     

          Jitterbit API Integration Platform

            Another demanding API tool is the Jitterbit integration platform, a less-code platform that helps connect end-to-end systems and processes. It offers pre-built templates that support faster automation, offers built-in recipes to enable data exchange between systems, and provides accelerated integration services. Jitterbit integration tools help infuse intelligence into your business systems and improve decision-making by creating a unified data environment.      

            IBM App Connect enterprise

              IBM App Connect caters to enterprise connect needs and allows developers to create an efficient environment that facilitates API building and data integration. It provides excellent tooling for the entire API lifecycle management and allows the integration of disparate protocols and message formats with one-point control. Businesses can leverage App Connect to practice automation and pursue backend integration, unify data to have a 360-degree view of customers and connect SaaS-based applications.      

              crosoft Azure API Management

                Another widely adopted API integration tool is Azure, which drives robust connectivity and improved collaboration between systems and applications to turn data into the most valuable business asset. It is an all-in-one API solution that helps streamline your processes and workflows in a hybrid business environment by enabling super-efficient connectivity.  

                Why it is critical to choose an API integration platform for your business?

                Companies need API integration platforms to flourish in the open, connected economy and make their businesses successful by delivering superior customer experiences. According to Yahoo Finance, the global market for Integration Platforms as a Service is to reach $3.38 Billion by 2022, which is to grow at a CAGR of 35.79% to reach $11.48 Billion by 2026. 

                API platforms gain huge demand among companies across geographies, including North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The above-mentioned API tools provide enterprise-grade application integration platforms, enabling operational efficiency, increased visibility, data synchronization, and improved alignment and data flow between on-premise and cloud-based applications and systems. 

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