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One of the most determining factors used in assessing the value of used engines is their mileage. There can be many other factors as well which are used to determine the efficiency of a used engine, but the mileage of the engine seems to be the most governing facet out of all. 

The mileage numbers of any used engine, how much should it cost at the time of purchase and sale. It doesn’t matter whether low or high, but yes, the mileage number does affect the cost of the used engine. 

You must be wondering what is this milage number game. Instead, the mileage of any engine gives a clear-cut idea of the most probable cost of maintenance and servicing of the engine in the near future.

Many factors suggest that buying a low mileage engine is actually a good investment as it saves a buyer from plenty of future expenses. Keep reading further to know why low mileage engines are a good investment option for your car. 

How can one Calculate the mileage of an engine?

One can easily calculate the mileage of an engine as per the age and miles are driven. All the engines can be easily categorized as high or low mileage with reference to the age of the car. Let us make it easier for you how to calculate it. 

If we take a look at practical facts available any accustomed driver puts about 12,000 – 15,000 miles roughly on an engine, this type of engine can be considered as a low mileage used engine if a used engine has less than 60,000 miles after five years. By the above reasoning, if the driver has put 60,000 miles on an engine after five years, it would be definitely considered a high mileage used engine. 

So, when you are looking for engines for sale, you need to scan the mileage of the engine.

Why Low Mileage Used Engines are better in terms of Profitability?

  • Low mileage engines are more durable: As we talk about durability it’s obvious that the low mileage used engines have been typically driven very less than the expected average miles in a particular period, making it all the more natural for a buyer to expect that the engine is capable enough of functioning and is in drivable condition around for some considerable miles without facing letting you face any trouble in the long run. Thus, this durability factor makes the low mileage used engines emerge as a better option.
  • Low Mileage Engines show comparatively Lesser Wear & Tear: Anyone looking out for a used car engine for sure seeks an engine that shows signs of less wear and tear. Less wear and tear in the engine depict a lot about its usable condition. Any used engine car buyer who is willing to spend his hard-earned money would for sure want an engine that can be trusted to last for a longer duration of time without needing repairs or replacements and making their lives more miserable. Low mileage used engines have some brownie points in their kitty as they exhibit less wear & tear as compared to high mileage engines.
  • Lesser Chances of Failure: When you are planning to buy a used engine you will never plan to buy a cheap used engine that keeps on malfunctioning just in a span of a couple of months only and leave you to face troubles. But when you plan to buy earnestly an engine with a low mileage used engines, you are trying to deplete the chances of failure in the near future,  as they tend to have a low non-performance rate considering the fact that they show a low degree of wear and tear. 

What Makes It Better than High Mileage?

Low mileage is a significantly better investment than high mileage engines. In the case of high mileage engines, there is no assurance that the engine would hold up for long even if the car was maintained nicely. As an engine ages with time, the engine unit is bound to degrade a bit slowly and gradually, and even your efforts of care and maintenance can go in vain.

Hence, if you are looking for engines for sale that make your engine purchase worthwhile, always opt for a low-mileage used engine.  


Low mileage used engines come with a little assurance that the engine is in good condition and is more on the new side of the spectrum. Although, there are many other factors also like the service history and the condition of the engine also play a major role. 

If you are seeking car engines for sale near me, consider buying from Used Engines Inc. for your low mileage used car engines as they offer authentic, well-maintained used car engines with an exclusive warranty. So, make an informed decision and invest in a used engine.  

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