Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Computer software development and study takes place in computer science engineering, sometimes referred to as CSE, and information technology, also known as IT. There is no better location for CSE and IT students to get ideas for their following projects. The whole archive of student projects in CSE and IT is available here.

Creates a list of the best and most current AI project ideas for CSE, IT, and other software engineering fields as a result. Students might choose their preferred subject for discussion in the final year by selecting from a list of all the projects from the previous year that had been appraised and assembled. Before getting deep knowledge about AI, You must also know about Robots Wonder.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re final-year engineering or IT student seeking articles on the top 5 significant Artificial Intelligence (AI) project ideas.

1. A Computer Vision-Based Vehicle Identification and Counting System

People relocate from rural to urban areas in quest of improved access to housing, career opportunities, and educational and healthcare facilities. In many large cities across the globe, traffic congestion is a severe problem. Several sources cause gridlock in the highway system.

Population growth has resulted in inadequate road capacity, which has caused expansion to be postponed. Large cities often experience traffic congestion as a result of an imbalance between the number of roadways and vehicles. People also reside in cities more often, causing additional traffic.

Systems detecting and counting vehicles are essential for intelligent transportation, especially traffic management. For instance, using public transport has the same result. Lack of real-time traffic data also contributes to ineffective traffic management.

2. Driver-Based Drunk Driving Detection System

Over 1.3 million individuals are believed to have perished on roads in 2018, according to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics on vehicle accidents.

Ninety-one thousand people died in automobile accidents involving drowsy driving in 2017, according to the National Highway Road Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) annual report on traffic deaths, while 795 people died when driving while fatigued.

A tired driver is one of the factors in auto accidents. Similarly, the researchers have shown that a driver’s energy levels and steering competence decline after two to three hours of driving.

After lunch, in the early afternoon, and at midnight, there are comparable hazards. Therefore, drowsiness may be defined as a situation in which a person feels sleepy even if they are awake and actively participating in activities.

Thus, the Driver Drowsiness Detection System allows us to examine three categories of drowsy people: those who are awake, those who are experiencing rapid eye movement (REM), and those who are experiencing non-REM sleep (NREM).

3. Plot Summaries with Tags: Tag Predictions

Abstract social tagging may be used to find cinematic genres, plot lines, soundtracks, information, and visual and emotional experiences. The development of automated methods for producing movie tagging systems may benefit from such data.

Automatic tagging systems may help recommendation engines better retrieve similar movies, while spectators can know what to expect from a film. This work aims to create a corpus of movie plot summaries and tags.

With this method, we have created a collection of 70 tags that exposes the various characteristics of movie plots and the multi-label relationships between these tags and the over 14,000 synopses of movie plots.

These tags are reviewed to determine if they relate to the genre of the movie and the progression of the character’s emotions. Finally, this dataset will investigate if tag values can be inferred from plot synopses.

We anticipate that the corpus will benefit from future challenges requiring narrative analysis.

The consumer experience might be significantly impacted by incorrect tagging. a. Predict as many tags as possible with a high level of recall and accuracy—a lack of harsh latency constraints.

4. Image Maker for Forensic Drawings

Using image processing to improve or refine the picture has shown to be successful. Picture processing has been dramatically simplified by using machine learning techniques. Now accessible are forensic drawings to image generator data using GAN.

Automating the creation and recognition of face drawings in photographs has long been a focus of research in computer vision, image processing, and machine learning.

In our study, a person’s sketch is transformed into a picture with the same characteristic as the drawing using machine learning algorithms/systems. Little user effort is needed since the whole process is automated. This technique could produce more realistic graphics by making forensic sketches fast and precisely.

demonstrating a model

Before using the network, the generator and discriminator must first be trained.

Separate training may be done for the discriminator and generator.

5. Identification of Fraudulent Credit Card Use

The legal implications of fraud are substantial in the credit card sector. This study’s primary goals are categorizing different fraudulent credit cards and looking into alternative fraud detection methods. Another objective is to discuss and evaluate the most recent research on detecting credit card fraud.

This page clarifies terms and numbers related to credit card fraud along with pertinent information. Different steps may be implemented and enforced depending on the kind of fraud that the credit card industry or financial institutions are dealing with.

The recommendations made in this research are probably more cost-effective and money-saving. Here, it is stressed how important it is to take these steps to lessen credit card fraud.

When legitimate credit card users are incorrectly classified as fraudulent, ethical issues still exist.

Logistic Regression is known as Classifier, Random Forest, Autoencoder, and SMOTE.

The main objective of this study is to investigate various machine learning and deep learning algorithms and the incorrect procedures based on counterfeit credit cards.


You now have a tonne of ideas for AI projects as a consequence.

By completing these activities, you may improve your artificial intelligence (AI) skills. These projects will also get you started on the fast road to becoming an expert in AI while also getting you ready for a job in the industry.

You may participate in these exciting AI projects whether you have experience with AI.

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