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Your dream home isn’t just brick and mortar. It is a symbol of your tastes and preferences in life. It symbolizes what you represent in life. It also says a lot about your character, your spirit, and the way you perceive life. Therefore, it is necessary to equip your home with the best advice and suggestions that our ancient science – Vaastu and Astrology – offers.

What is Vaastu Shastra?

In traditional Hindu architecture, the science of architecture is called “Vastu Shastra.” Vastu is everything that has to do with space, time, and architecture. Since immemorial, Vaastu has been guiding the Indian people in staying happy and living a peaceful life. It is a mechanism for channeling all the energy around you positively. Placing the parts of your house according to the essential instructions prescribed in the Vaastu Shastra plays a vital role. The placement direction of coins and other home parts can change depending on your sun sign.

Earth Signs

In astrology, the earth signs form the basis of the zodiac. Of all the elements (fire, water, air, earth), the earth signs are the most practical, enduring, reliable, grounded, disciplined, and stable. If you are a Capricorn, a Virgo, or a Taurus, you may be eager to design a safe and comfortable space that matches your inner essence. Here are some tips and pointers on what to remember when decorating an earth sign.

Astrological Tips to design each Earth Sign


Taurus loves everything material and prefers beautiful and comfortable things. For this sign, home is more than just a place to live. It has an almost sacred meaning and is very precious. Taurus can’t live comfortably, but that’s just one characteristic to satisfy these people truly. If you want to please a Taurus, offer a seat with a comfortable and luxurious design. Ruled by Venus, they are susceptible and appreciate consistency and security. They naturally have great taste, and their inner aesthetic sense makes them choose the best option to decorate the house. They are lazy and like to be pampered and loved, so they will try to make their home as comfortable as possible for a good rest or just a quiet day there. Its taste can be described as classic, elegant, and always beautiful. The beauty she appeals to is timeless and natural. If they are in an excellent financial position, they will spend a lot of money decorating their homes. They will add the luxury they need. They love flowers and plants, so their home may have a garden or greenhouse. A small potted garden is sure to be created. If you have been to casa del Toro at least once, you will never forget this style. Practical, beautiful, high-quality everything, soft lighting, lots of pillows, and blankets are the hallmarks of every Taurus house. Particular attention is paid to cooking since Taurus is a gourmet.


 Virgos are very meticulous and detail-oriented people when it comes to every activity they have to do. They pay attention to detail and are true small-scale professionals. If you are at home with Virgos, you cannot say this style is extraordinary, but you will remember it for a long time because of the details; their house will be harmonious and pleasant. Virgos can choose interior design or architecture as their field because they have a great sense of space and a vivid imagination. We can say with certainty that the Virgos have a unique design for almost any object in the house. They know how it should be and why. They hate clutter, so their homes are clean and tidy. Since everything in their home has its place, they don’t have weird things, even more so: clutter makes them irritable and uncomfortable. Virgo often uses as many tools as possible to eliminate clutter: wall cabinets, practical use of space, drawers, and cabinets. They have to keep it organized. Virgo is a creative sign, but they will never make a house full of things. The interior trends of this table are wooden furniture, pastel or light colors, smooth and soft surface, and many space-saving features such as the drawer built into the bed.


All elements of the earth are very demanding in their tastes and choices. Capricorn occupies the first place among them. When designing their apartment, there is no need to give them advice because they know exactly how it should NOT be and can find the right option on their own. They usually pay more attention to components and form, well-made details, and the quality of the thing. The color scheme is not crucial for Capricorn, but it should be well-composed and neutral. The focus is on the quality of the material and its durability. Their favorite colors are mostly earthy: green, brown, dark gray, sky blue, and gold. They say no to fancy and weird designs. They don’t understand this ornamental stuff; they need solid, comfortable furniture. They will prefer it to a modern but less durable property if it is a somewhat old but reliable property. Capricorns may not be too enthusiastic when it comes to decorating their home, but the process of making the house comfortable and practical creates excitement in their eyes. However, they are very fond of windows and gladly decorate them with beautiful curtains and various tricks to make the windows look more prominent. Your house will undoubtedly have elements of wood, stone, clay, or sculpture. Also, it is essential to have plenty of storage options as they can take their toll on their active lifestyles.

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