Athena EHR Review

Athena EHR has been a sea change for our practice. Besides allowing for easy access to demographic, clinical, scheduling, and billing information, it also features robust reporting functions and data collection functions. Its robust features allow us to build processes that save us time and reduce human work. Read on to learn how Athena EHR can help you improve your practice. Here are some reasons to choose this specialty EHR. Weigh the benefits vs. the downsides of other systems.

Athenahealth is a specialty EHR

Athenahealth is a cloud-based EHR with HIPAA-certified security and comprehensive functionality. Its primary features include appointment scheduling, billing, compliance checks, charting, and e-prescribing. The system is customizable and includes a reporting dashboard that allows physicians to drill down into specific key metrics. However, not all practices will benefit from this feature. If you’re looking for an EHR for a specialty practice, Athenahealth is one of the best options available.

The company is based in Watertown, MA and was founded by Johnathan Bush, cousin of former U.S. President George W. Bush. The company’s founders had worked for a women’s health clinic in California, but became frustrated with the inefficiency of paper records. Today, the company has expanded into small hospitals with the acquisition of another EHR company, RazorInsights. It has also forged a partnership with the Boston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to adapt the homegrown EHR to the 50-100 bed category.

It integrates with third-party billing systems

Athena EHR has a patient portal, which helps providers interact with patients. The system uses “active patient engagement” to identify the purpose of using the patient portal, including answering questions and sharing important information. These features can save valuable time and money by fostering a personal connection between providers and patients. However, the integration of billing systems with EHRs is not always seamless, and it is important to know the specifics of the third-party billing system you use.

One of the most significant benefits of Athena’s billing solution is its integration with third-party billing systems. By integrating Athena with third-party billing systems, physicians and practices can reduce the amount of time they spend manually submitting claims and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Third-party billing companies have extensive experience with Athena software, and they use it to process more complex claims. Aside from this, these service providers train their employees on the program to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

It offers a patient portal

With athena EHR software, patients can register online for appointments and stay informed of their health conditions. This helps you save time, decrease waiting times, and relieve your front-desk staff of administrative tasks. The patient portal makes it easy to send reminders and update missing information. It can also be used to provide printed materials to patients, which reinforce important information. Athenahealth can be accessed on a desktop or an iOS device.

Using a patient portal will give medical practices an easy way to target outreach campaigns to patients with upcoming appointments. They can even send personalized messages to patients with upcoming physicals. Patients can also offer feedback or fill out surveys through their portal. A practice can customize the patient portal with its logo, color scheme, and other branding elements to make it feel more like a client website. Patients can also view benchmark targets in athenaNet, which is based on data from more than 150,000 providers.

It offers charting

The Athena EHR software offers charting, reporting, and patient engagement. The company’s patient portal, athenaCommunicator, allows patients to access their health history, schedule appointments, sign forms, and pay bills. They can also sign up to receive automated notifications and access patient health records. Using AthenaHealth’s network, the software automatically makes clinical recommendations based on the patient’s activity. Its charting and reporting capabilities also make it a great choice for physicians. The company offers free demos for prospective customers.

The athena Clinicals service makes documenting and storing patient records easy. The software’s intuitive interface lets clinicians focus on providing excellent care. It also helps providers document more accurately and quickly. The system can help small and large healthcare practices alike. It is ranked #1 by KLAS6 for ease of use. With Athena Clinicals, you can use social media, the Web, and email to schedule patient appointments.

It offers revenue cycle management

AthenaHealth, a leader in patient engagement and revenue cycle management solutions, is based in Watertown, Mass. The company has more than 140,000 providers worldwide, and its revenue cycle management and clinical documentation improvement solutions help practices deliver a personalized patient experience. Through its connected network, Athena connects customers with best practices and benchmark insights. The company also offers robust revenue cycle management, billing, and appointment scheduling capabilities.

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions provides a suite of revenue cycle management and practice management solutions designed to help hospitals, physician groups, and behavior health agencies manage the process from diagnosis to payment. The company offers 24/7 support and scalable capabilities to meet the growing business needs of its clients. In addition to Athena EHR, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions offers a full suite of revenue cycle management and practice management solutions, including an integrated risk adjustment optimization (RAC) and quality improvement (QI) company, Advantome Health. It offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management and practice management suite, including an intuitive analytics dashboard.

It offers mobile capabilities

Athena EHR has been rated by KLAS as the best physician practice EHR system. This award recognizes providers who can increase their efficiency by removing obstacles to interoperability, including governance and operational/technical effort. Additionally, athenaEHR’s robust reporting and data collection functions help physicians improve efficiency and reduce human error. For these reasons, athenahealth has won several awards and continues to make headlines.

Athena health has a plethora of cloud-based services, including an EHR. These services include revenue cycle management, medical billing, care coordination, and population health management. Additionally, the company partners with more than 160,000 medical practices. The mobile app also features an inbox management system, a physician portal, and live operator support. Additionally, the cloud-based EHR system supports athena health Population Health, which offers analytics and quality management.

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