seven web design mistakes

You have created a fantastic web design. The theme is great, the images are stunning, the colours are impactful, and the content is compelling. You’re sure that the visitors will love it! Wait a second. Why aren’t you getting any visitors? Moreover, when you look closely, your site is nowhere seen on Google’s 1 and 2 page.

What went wrong?

Well, here’s the thing. There are good reasons why your site is not getting any visitors or doesn’t even show up in the SERP. Most of your competitors have great-looking websites and similar functions, attracting traffic too!

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The reason is that their web design complies with SEO tactics. A website must aim to offer users a good experience and let them consume important information easily. But things fall in place only when you do not hurt SEO.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes directly impacting SEO and web traffic inflow.

7 Key Web Design Mistakes To Avoid At All Times

  1. Poor Navigation

Imagine visiting a website and finding yourself lost as you cannot find the next step. Something like this simply irritates the visitor, and they might never visit you again. A similar thing happens when Google crawls your site.

If the Google crawlers cannot understand your site, they can never index it, resulting in poor ranking. To avoid this, focus on internal linking between the important web pages. This will help Google to crawl your site easily.

  1. Not Mobile-Friendly?

Do you ever meet someone these days who doesn’t own a smartphone? The truth is everyone uses a mobile device, and avoiding this fact when creating a web design is a terrible thing. Just to put a little more emphasis: over 70% of the digital media consumed in the US happens from a mobile phone.

And, of course, Google prefers those who prioritise the mobile-friendliness of a website.  

  1. Page Loading Is Slow

Google has officially stated that ‘Page Load’ speed is a page ranking factor. So, ignoring this will only harm your site presence. We live in a fast-paced world where consumers are zipping through emails, headlines, and social media.

If your site takes forever to load or open, you will lose out on your potential audience even before you know it. If you want your visitors to stay, ensure the pages load in less than three seconds.

  1. Where is the H1 Tag?

What’s the headline? You often end up hearing this, don’t you? So, why not focus on your site’s H1 tag? That is the first thing the Google crawlers will locate. The next time you wonder what makes your site fall in the SERPs, please do not blame your fate. It can possibly be the absence of the H1 Tag.

Placing a nice, meaningful, and user-intent H1 Tag will please your visitors and Google as they can easily figure out your site’s content in just one line.

Tips to Follow:

  • Insert your primary keyword in the headline.
  • Put the H1 at a place where people can see it before scrolling.
  1. Large Media

No matter how attractive and cute it looks, please avoid uploading large media files on your website. We all love it, but did you know that bigger images and files can actually slower your site? You can run the website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights Test to keep a check on the Page Speed.

  1. Superficial Content

Google puts a lot of emphasis on good quality Content. Your website helps visitors know who you are and how they can benefit from you. So, fill up the site with meaningful content to engage at once.

Also, optimising content with the right keywords helps you rank on Google. So, you can hit both the birds with one stone.

  1. Have a 404 Page

Having a 404 Page is not bad, but not having one can hurt your site. It’s not a random page. Instead, the 404 Page shows that you care about your users. To ensure a better experience, you can throw in a little creativity for your 404 page and put a smile on the visitor’s face instead of annoying them.


You’ve spent a lot of time designing your website. And, you know that your visitors will love it (We’re sure too!). However, just check the problems mentioned above and fix them the next time. Moreover, you can always seek professional help to get your expected SEO and Web design results.

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