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Bangalore is a popular destination for tourists attracted by leisure such as adventure, nature, and animals, but the bustling streets of the city and beautiful views are not enough to satisfy the insatiable wanderers with a heartfelt desire to explore. Bengaluru hosts imposing structures, luxurious businesses, extravagant hotels and resorts, lively nightlife, and an extensive network of flyovers. To enhance your memories, and to make our time exciting and memorable there are other places to go to and things to do when traveling. This is why the true wanderer in Bangalore seeks out a break to leave a mark on the scenery in their memories. There are times that the heart says “Enough of the businesses structure, structures, technology as well as nightlife’.

Let’s look at a few of the best weekend getaways close to Bangalore.

Karnataka’s Mysore

One of the city centers in India that attract people on Saturday afternoons from Bangalore as well as tourists from other parts of the country, and foreigners are Mysore It is situated just 180 km away from Bengaluru and is surrounded by historic boundaries, sites that offer spiritual experiences as well as an ecological zone. The city’s sounds from its over 700 years of the illustrious and long-running past echo through the present. It also houses a replica of the royal house of Mysore that is glistening with its royal history.

Karnataka’s Hampi

Hampi is the former capital city of Vijayanagara Hampi, which was the capital of Vijayanagara, is among the most popular weekend getaways near Bangalore. It is classified as a World Heritage Site that is the home of numerous monuments which showcase the past way of living. It’s about 370 km away and it takes about approximately 8 hours to travel there from Bangalore. Several temples, civil buildings as well as military structures are located inside the fortification, despite the fact most of its architecture is ruinous. One of the most popular attractions for visitors to Hampi is the rocking horse in The Vittala complex.

Karnataka’s Hospet

A single of the more renowned archeological sites that captures the medieval undertones of Vijayanagara is Hospet which is located at the bank of River Tungabhadra and serves as the entry point to Hampi located about 13 kilometers away. While Hospet is becoming more commercialized over the last few years, thanks to the establishment of several hotels there, however the unique Ananthashayana temple located at Anantashayana Gudi remains the top tourist attraction in the city.

Another alternative is Belur located in Karnataka located about 230 kilometers from Bangalore and is famous for its stunning Hoysala Empire architecture. Belur is situated inside the Hassan district. It is home to the Chennakeshava temple complex is highlighted by the fact that the convent, which is dedicated to Hindu Mythology, and the Kappe Chennigaraya monastery, which Shantala Devi, the empress and queen of King Vishnuvardhana constructed and is the most popular attraction for all visitors to.

Karnataka’s Hassan

There’s still charm in Hosalyas. Hassan also has charm. The city, which is where the Hoysala Dynasty was discovered in the 11th century, is located about 190 km away from Bengaluru and 50 km from Belur. One of the most popular weekends to visit the heritage of Bangalore can be this.

Bangalore’s Badami

Badami It is located around 500 kilometers away from Bangalore and is renowned for its stunning cave temples made of rock as well as red sandstone cliffs is an ideal weekend getaway. It showcases the stunning architecture of the strong Chalukya Empire. Its Badami Cave Shrines were built between the 6th and 8th centuries, as per the Archeological Survey of India. Four cave temples serve as a metaphor for the Emperors’ then-infidel nature, with tolerance and piety in line with their tendencies toward Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Shiva is revered in Cave 1. Vishnu is revered at Caves 2, and 3, and Jain Tirthankaras can be seen in reliefs in Cave 4.

Park National de Bandipur

Bandipur National Park is located approximately 220 km from Bangalore as well as 80 kilometers from Mysore and 70 kilometers from Ooty which makes it an escape of 300 km from the bustle of technology along with the pollution in Bangalore city. A variety of species of animals, birds, and plants call the 874 square-kilometer Bandipur National Park, a part of the region known as Uttarakhand Biosphere Reserve, home.

National Park of Nagarhole

It is Nagarhole National Park is another popular getaway for those seeking adventure and relaxation from Bengaluru which draws a variety of naturalists and wildlife lovers. Bangalore is located 220 kilometers from the city, Mysore can be found at a distance of 80 km and Bandipur is located 120 kilometers away.

National Park of Bannerghatta

One of the most thrilling weekends of wildlife excursions in the vicinity of Bangalore is the vast (over 104.27 square kilometers) Bannerghatta National Park, which is located around 22 kilometers away from Bangalore. One of the largest natural zoological reserves in all of the world The park is home to a variety of species of animals, such as tigers, leopards, lions, and other mammals. In addition, it has a dragonfly park, zoo, and a bio-reserve.

Animal Sanctuary in Kabini

There is a Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary which is 20km from Bangalore and is awash with lush greenery. It is an extremely popular long-distance wildlife trip from Bangalore. The Cheetah, deer panther, sambhar leopards, and a variety of birds are among the most impressive attractions. Your spirits are sure to get lifted by the serene vegetation, the lush Kabini River, picturesque steep valleys, and breathtaking lakes.

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