rainy day outfit ideas

Rainy days are not just something to survive by, and you can style yourself up even if you think you can’t. A noisy rainy day should not prevent you from looking your best and there are is more in store outfit ideas to help keep the water at bay in a manner that does not compromise on your style. In fact, rains are a pleasant experience to have and you should not avoid going out if not having the perfect outfit for the season is your concern.

The trick is to pick clothing that can save you from getting all watery and soaky without making you uncomfortable. And of course, you can accessorize and experiment as much you want with the rainy day outfits.

Here are the best classy and sassy outfit ideas to try on when it’s raining in your city.

Long coat

No, we are not talking about the raincoats here. If it is rainy and cold in your area, then picking a long coat with a pair of trousers and a fitted shirt to make the best outfit for a day out or even for your office. Long coats are a popular trend and there are many ways to wear them. They are essential to have in your wardrobe, especially in the winter and rainy seasons. Although they can be paired up with different things, styling the long coat itself only leaves with three options; leaving it open, buttoning it all up, and buttoning it half up. Considering what you are wearing and the weather situation, you can style the long coat accordingly.


Everyone loves sweatshirts. They are cool, comfortable, and come in various forms to make you look and feel incredibly good. On a heavy rainy day, sweatshirts are like the comfort and protection you seek. You can find a variety of sweatshirt outfit ideas in all sorts of cotton fabrics to pick the one that suits your rainy day needs. Pair the sweatshirt with a denim skirt or jeans and sneakers and make going out and feeling comfortable on rainy days a norm. And don’t forget to make a ponytail to complete the look.

High-waisted crop jean

High-waisted crop jeans are the best fashion solution to effortlessly survive a rainy day. This wide-legged jean is something new you can try if you don’t already have it in your collection. Pair with a crop top or a polka-dot top to make a perfect rainy day look. Also, ankle boots go great with this jean and will help you protect you from the water on roads as well. This outfit is the best pick if you don’t want to spoil your clothing with the muddy rainy drops. You can add a denim jacket to your high-waisted jean look if you want to feel warm on a rainy day.

Waterproof trench coat

The trench long coat looks classy and is one of the best outfit ideas for a strong look. Especially the black trench coat is something that goes with anything and makes you appear fashionable even when you are out there surviving a rainy day and getting your way home. You can wear a sweater under the coat and pair it with matching leather pants to create an impacting look. Ankle boots are a must to complete this book. The waterproof trench coat is the best option to keep you safe on a rainy day while assuring that you don’t look dull on a rainy day.

Anorak jacket

The hip-length hooded jacket called anorak is the best stylish pick for this rainy season. These jackets are 100% cotton and are made to suit and help you survive in extreme weather conditions. Pair the jacket with colorful boots and a fairly sized handbag to accentuate your anorak jacket look. Anorak is a timeless fashion and can be worn by people of all ages and gender since they give the most basic yet stylish look. It comes in a lot of styles and varieties and has weatherproof layers. Some anoraks are fully-zipped, half-zipped, and not zipped at all, so you can find the anorak that suits your zipping style. These are the must-have in your collection to gracefully bear with a rainy day.

RecTrek Jacket

RecTrek jackets are the go-to outfit ideas for all types of weather conditions and are perfect for a rainy day. The jacket keeps you dry and comfortable when you have to take long walks while it is continuously raining. It is a stylish pick even for a quick go out for grocery shopping. Another great thing about a RecTrek is that it is easily washable and you can throw it in the machine with your other laundry without worrying about it getting damaged. It is the best outfit to absorb moisture so that you feel dry and comfy even when it is raining. Pair it with leggings and a sports bra and you won’t regret going out on a rainy day ever.

Midi dress

Midi dresses are up to the length of your mid-calf, so the rainwater can’t reach your feet and lower legs. And if it is raining on summer days in your city, then you have to wear a lighter outfit to enjoy the rain to its fullest. You can pair them with boots since you still want to save your feet from the mud and water on roads. Add a hat to create a perfect rainy day look and ensure that you shield yourself from the rain.

Closing thoughts

Besides the aforementioned outfit ideas, you should never forget the basics such as the umbrella or a raincoat. There are many outfits listed here that a raincoat would easily compliment like the midi dress and the high-waisted jean. Try to go waterproof with the items you carry such as your handbag so you do have to spend time drying things once you reach home. Keep a microfiber towel in your bag to wipe yourself off every time you feel the need to do so.

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