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One of the most important things you can do as a newbie in this game is to pick the right set of gloves. Wearing the wrong glove might eventually increase your risk of injury without changing the quality of your preparation.

We’ve created a guide with all the information you need to lookout in the finest boxing equipment companies in Phoenix, AZ. Thus, you can make your own decision to assist you in this difficult decision-making process. It’s a good idea to know what the fundamental features of boxing gloves are and what they accomplish, regardless of whether you plan to buy them or just use them regularly. Before we head into where you should buy your boxing gloves from lets talk about the features of the best boxing gloves. 

Practice / Fitness

The most well-known type of glove you’ll find online or at the gym is a preparation or fitness boxing glove. These gloves will be delivered in a variety of colors and materials. Your decision on the weight size should be based on four key factors: your hand size, height, weight, and muscular development.

Personal Training

If you’re a fitness instructor or health advisor, the boxing gloves you choose will depend on the clients you serve. Security gloves are also advised for fitness instructors since your client has to feel secure using the gloves you provide.


Boxing match nights involve the use of fighting or competition gloves. Fighting boxing gloves come in two varieties: lace-ups and regular gloves. An adjustable fit is provided by lace-up gloves since you may tighten or loosen the bands to better suit your hands.

They can be used in combat, but you’ll need a mentor to tie them up. While an all-purpose fighting glove is similar to a preparatory glove you would use at the gym.

Prick Holes

These are only simple holes that are sometimes made directly into the leather of the palm or the interior of the thumb or finger. They allow air to pass through to keep your hands cool and to make drying the gloves a little bit easier while maintaining the natural state of the leather.

Clutch Bar

A grip bar is a thin bar that typically has thick froth on it and rests between the fingers and the palm.

Responsive Mesh

In ventilated gloves, a portion of the palm is swapped out for a ventilated mesh, which unexpectedly does a better job of allowing air to flow through for maximum comfort.


Some Velcro boxing gloves contain an elasticized strap to keep the glove together since the separation between the two sides of the palm is quite high.

Connected Thumb

The linked thumb suggests that a little piece of leather connects the thumb to the fingers. In the early days of boxing, players were prone to giving their opponents inadvertent eye gouges and thumb injuries.

Slid thumb in

You may have noticed that the padding on certain gloves’ knuckles protrudes a little over the thumb, giving the impression that it has been somewhat taken care of. This is done to prevent the thumb from accidentally being struck and allow the knuckles to take the full force of the blow.

Padded Palms

Muay Thai gloves, which are usually used to protect against kicks, frequently have cushioned palms. However, they can occasionally be found on conventional boxing gloves as well. Although they are not necessary for boxing, cushioned palms can offer comfort when blocking and parrying as well as overall hand security.

Defensive Knuckles

This feature is exclusive to some bag gloves and is not practical for combat. Some gloves have been designed with a firm cushioned layers outside the gloves, which decrease some of the impacts and increase the durability of the gloves while also allowing you to strike much harder and more safely.

Double-strap Systems

A two-strap structure is used by several Velcro gloves. This is very common on MMA gloves, although it can also be seen sometimes on regular boxing gloves. In the normal case, one of these straps will be a shorter, elasticized tie to hold the glove firmly in place, while the second tie will fold over the wrist to secure the entire wrist.

Protected Wrists

Wrist protection for gloves is now growing in popularity. The Velcro strap at the wrist of these gloves normally has the back of the wrist covered in a solid “protected” section. This adds a second layer of support while deflecting blows and can unquestionably increase wrist reliability.

A Quick look at numerous boxing glove sizes

The multiple sizes of Ounce boxing gloves start at 4, 6, and 8 ounces for children. Sizes 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz, and some manufacturers of gloves provide 16 oz and 20 oz are available for both men and women. Although the glove’s size frequently reflects the boxer’s weight, it’s also necessary to consider the size of the person’s hands.

You should think about the size of your hands while selecting boxing gloves. Boxing gloves come in a range of sizes, so it’s crucial to pick the one that fits your hands the best. You won’t be able to utilize the gloves correctly if they are too small and will be unpleasant. Each boxing glove size has its advantages that make it more appropriate for certain fighter types.

The smallest size, which ranges from 4 to 6 ounces, is often intended for children under the age of eight. The 4-ounce gloves have less padding than the other styles, but they still give adequate hand and wrist protection. Gloves that weigh 8 oz. provide the most speed and flexibility while providing the least amount of hand protection.

Gloves that weigh 10 oz provide a good balance between protection and speed. They slightly increase hand weight, which can aid in power hitting, without significantly slowing down the combatant.

The heaviest-weight gloves that are offered are 12 oz. They provide the best hand protection yet drastically slow down combatants. The second-heaviest weight of gloves offered is 14 oz. They are heavier than most other glove weights but provide somewhat less protection than 12 oz gloves.

How to choose the right size boxing gloves?

  • Measure the size of your hand at the knuckles using a tape measure. This can help you choose the appropriate size for boxing gloves.
  • Check that the boxing gloves are the right size and are neither too tight nor too loose while trying them on. When utilizing the heavy bag, Fight Camp gives a list of size Ounce gloves according to weight.
  • If you’re not sure which size to get, you can always ask a trainer or a staff member at a sports goods store for assistance.

Starpro Combat

Specialists work hard at Starpro Combat to offer their clients the best boxing gear available. This is one of the best boxing gloves companies in Phoenix, AZ, to consider if you’re seeking unusual boxing gloves! The company offers top-notch goods and the best quality customer service. For all of their boxing equipment requirements, they want their clients to be able to rely on them.


You have chosen the greatest option among the best boxing gloves companies in Phoenix, AZ if you’re seeking custom boxing gloves. Boxing gloves may be easily customized with ApparelnBags’ cutting-edge design technology. Their custom boxing gloves may complement the rest of your boxing costume since they are made of the highest quality full leather or leatherette in matt and flashy colors.


Boxing gloves are a crucial component of your protective equipment whether you’re learning to box as a combat sport or as part of a workout regimen. Thus, you may explore a large selection of boxing gloves from the most reputable boxing gloves companies in Phoenix, AZ, like Twins, Venum, Adidas, and Everlast. They provide heavier boxing gloves for rigorous boxing workouts as well as sparring gloves for training and skill improvement.

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