best crypto day trading strategies

(Description: Crypto day trading is a one day strategy to trade in cryptocurrencies. Traders can have good profits with multiple or a single investment in a day.)

In this blog we’ll be analysing the best crypto day trading strategies. Day trading is a short term investment strategy. Traders can buy or sell the cryptos within a day’s time before the market closes. 

The trades are quick and need a skilled crypto trader to make the best decisions. With that traders can use day trading strategies to plan their trades and use them effortlessly and enjoy good trades. 

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Best Day Trading Strategies 

Active financial traders find crypto day trading as the most lucrative way of making money. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and traders have to be knowledgeable to make best of the market trades. 

If a trader has in-depth knowledge with the best crypto day trading strategies they can easily trade online.  These best day trading strategies are suitable for different traders and make their trades more effortless. 


Cryptocurrency traders go for scalping as it’s a short term trading strategy. Traders can quickly trade and earn small profits which at the end make a huge profit for the trader. 

The three significant reason of choosing the strategy are: 

  • Potential profitability 
  • Low risk
  • Ease of automation for robots

The little wins from the several scalping strategy day trades are great. Traders can take advantage of the small market price changes and have the profits. The change is for a few seconds or minutes so traders have to be quick. 

Range Trading

Range trading is a good trading strategy that guides traders to identify the overvalued and undervalued assets. Also, traders can know the high and low market prices. 

For this they can use candlestick charts or normal charts showing the support and resistance level. The support in the level is the price below current market price. Whereas, the resistance level is above the current market price. 

When the price ranges between support and resistance level, traders buy at the support level and sell at the resistance level. Day traders use the strategy to buy and sell cryptos at the correct time and earn good profits. 

Traders are able to analyse when the market is in oversold condition and when it is overbought. Thus, making trading easy. 

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

High frequency trading is an algorithm trading. The day trading strategy is used by quantitative traders. They develop algorithms and use the trading bots to enter and exit a crypto asset. 

The trade is for a short period of time. The traders use high-frequency trading with computers programmed to host sophisticated algorithmic trading. They can take advantage of price changes that occur in seconds. 

They constantly monitor and analyse cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. They identify the market trends and other trading triggers of the market. 


Arbitrage is said to be the best day trading strategy. Crypto traders can buy a coin on one exchange and make profit by selling it on another exchange. The sale of crypto is made at a higher price. 

The price of crypto pairs varies from one exchange to another. Day traders earn profit taking advantage of the price change across the two markets. It is a simple to use trading strategy for day traders. 

News and Sentiment Analysis 

The news and sentiment analysis is similar to technical analysis. It involves predicting, however, it has the difference of human based reactions and actions. The trader does not only rely on price trends. 

The trading strategy allows traders to predict the rise and fall of the cryptocurrencies. They analyse various information sources and try to understand the consensus on the digital currency and predict people’s actions. 

The data sources are mainstream, news and sentiment analysis like news or social posts impact the trades. Traders can use them to make good trading decisions. 


Day trading is a good strategy to trade cryptos. Traders can buy and sell the cryptos within a day and have high market profits. There are many trading strategies crypto day traders can use like scalping, range trading, HFT, arbitrage and news and sentiment analysis. 

Such strategies support traders to make effortless trading. They are able to make correct market predictions, understand the trade and market. Thus, fruitful trading with the best day trading strategies.

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