Instant Approval Credit Cards

The need for credit cards has increased in recent years, more than 62 million were used in  India. You can buy anything in the world with a flash of your credit card. You can just walk through a shopping mall and buy your favorite clothing and pay with an instant swipe using a credit card. You don’t need to explain the purpose of borrowing money to the lender. You could pay the interest money for the used credit and repay the outstanding dues.  This has opened a way for convenient shopping with an effortless tap. Read more to know the best instant credit cards used in India. 

Best Instant Approval Credit Cards In India

There are situations where emergency expenditures like medical emergencies, repair of durable goods, and damage of electronics appliances call for urgent monetary arrangements. A credit card will help to tackle emergency and last-minute needs. You can apply for a new credit card and get it within 10 days. With an instant credit card, it could be feasible for you to meet your emergency instantly without any delay. If you opt for an instant credit card the lender gives you instant access to the card number after approving it, you can utilize the card number to make purchases even before you receive the physical copy of the card. Here are the 6 best instant credit cards offered by top lenders in India to cater to your emergency needs. 

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Super Card

Bajaj Finserv partnered with RBL Bank to start this instant credit card to cater to all your urgent cash needs. Here are the key highlights of the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Super Card:

Key highlights of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Super Card

  • Depending on your cash limit, the bajaj finserv RBL bank credit card will aid you to get a personal loan within 90 days without any processing fees and a 1.16% interest rate. 
  • This card allows you to get discounts on purchases on accessories, clothes, groceries, and other purchases. 
  • Every purchase worth more than Rs 3000 can be paid in the EMI method
  • You can earn a complimentary worth  Rs. 14,000  when using the Bajaj Finserv health app. 

HDFC Bank Instant Approval Credit Card

The leading lender HDFC bank provides an extensive range of credit cards. The HDFC Bank instant approval credit card is secure and offers instant activation and ownership. Once the card is approved you will obtain an e-card copy of the credit card in a password-protected file that you can utilize for online purchases.

Key highlights of HDFC Bank Instant Approval Credit Card

  • You can activate the credit card in the nearest HDFC Bank ATM.
  • With a feature of instant approval credit card, you avail benefits worth ₹4,000 in the first 4 months. 
  • The e-card offered by HDFC is valid only till you get the physical card in your hands. 

Kotak 811 #Dream Different Credit Card

the Kotak 811 #Dream Different credit card is the finest instant approval credit card in India. 

Key highlights of Kotak 811 #Dream Different Credit Card

  • For every spending worth Rs 5000, you can  Avail of 500 bonus reward points within 45 days of card activation. 
  • Likewise, for spending worth ₹75,000 you are allowed to receive a  cashback of ₹750.
  • For every ₹10,000 worth of withdrawals, the processing fee is Rs 300.
  • you can withdraw up to 90% of your overall cash limit at a time.

Standard Chartered virtual credit card

The first bank to launch the concept of virtual cards in India is the Standard Chartered Bank. Here, eligible candidates can apply for the virtual credit card online and could get instant approval. 

Key highlights of Standard Chartered virtual credit card

  • The Standard Chartered virtual credit card provides the consumers with captivating pricing. 
  • You can change any expense above INR 5000 into equated monthly installment with adjustable tenure options.
  • The cardholder is allowed to use the Standard Chartered 360-degree reward program, which provides exclusive discounts applicable at travel bookings, Taj dining, on, Paytm, Croma, Myntra, Panasonic, Ola, and a lot more places. 

SimplySAVE SBI credit card

You can easily apply for an SBI credit card by logging in to the SBI card webpage and filling in your basic details like name, location, and contact number. 

Key highlights of SimplySAVE SBI credit card

  • The special feature of the SimplySAVE SBI credit card is that you can obtain a cheque or draft given against your credit limit.
  • For ATM withdrawals you can Enjoy Rs 100 as a cashback which is applicable for withdrawals made within the first 30 days of card activation.
  • SBI bank delivers the draft or cheque to you at your convenience. 

Axis Bank Insta Easy credit card

You can easily get an Axis bank Insta Easy credit card without submitting any income or additional information. If you have a Fixed deposit worth Rs 20,000 in any Axis bank branch you are eligible to avail an Axis bank Insta Easy credit card. 

Key highlights of Axis Bank Insta Easy credit card

  • Enjoy the luxury of withdrawing 100% of your credit limit from the first swipe.
  • The advantage includes a 1% fuel surcharge.

Benefits of Using a credit card

  1. Easy credit payment 

The most captivating feature of a credit card is that you can easily buy anything with the allowed credit limit and repay the bills later. One of the most significant advantages of a credit card is you can transform the total amount of your buys into low-cost EMIs to make an easy repayment within the allotted time. This will not impact your monthly budget even if you opt for high amounts of purchases. 

  1. Most accepted mode of payment

While traveling instead of carrying wads of cash it’s better to take a credit card.  Being the most accepted mode of payment, you can utilize a credit card to pay anything anywhere. 

  1. Earn unlimited reward points 

You can earn reward points for every purchase. For example, you can get an IDFC First Bank credit cards that provide unlimited & never-expiring reward points, which are easily redeemable.

  1. Improvise Your Credit Score

One of the advantages of using credit cards is that you don’t need to limit shopping on credit. Instead, you can use it to improve your credit score. If you know how to make the best use of a credit card you can boost your credit score. This will allow you to get a hassle-free loan. 

  1. Insurance coverage 

You can avail of accident coverage and travel insurance coverage. These are the important insurance benefits of a credit card. 


In recent times there are many options for you to get an instant credit card. But only a fraction of the credit card limit can benefit from an instant credit card, which could be sufficient to cater to your urgent financial needs.

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