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Want to learn how to play the guitar? Fret not, your needs are covered in this post. 

Whether it is your new year’s resolution or simply a spur-of-the-moment choice to pick up an exciting hobby, it’s a good call nonetheless.

That said, you need to ask yourself how you want to learn – via online or face-to-face guitar lessons!       

While there is nothing wrong with either, if you are the kind of person who gets nervous with face-to-face lessons, then you can opt for online guitar lessons. 

Fortunately for you, many notable educational platforms offer online guitar lessons to enthusiastic learners. One name comes to mind instantly – Review

Why do Learners Prefer MAH’s Online Guitar Courses?

  • Flexible scheduling for your online guitar courses 
  • Scope to learn from the best instructors and guitar exponents from across the globe
  • Reasonably priced guitar courses 
  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • Life-long access to study PDF, articles and other study references

Now you know why students prefer to go for’s online guitar course. 

Let’s continue and shed some light on its course coverage. Continue reading!

What Includes in MAH Online Guitar Lessons?

  • Guitar lessons for beginners – (grasping the fundamentals of playing electric and acoustic guitar, performance techniques, rudimentary music theory and more)
  • Comprehensive guide to guitar scales and chord progressions – (expanding your know-how on chord finger-rings, common chord progressions, soloing, crafting melodies, adding more depth and dimension to guitar playing, etc.)
  • A detailed explanation of – (guitar chops, scales, arpeggios, chord fingering and so on!)
  • Guitar scales & chord progression (cover scaling, estimating, chord handling, general statistics, etc.)
  • Guitar playing specialisation – (here, you will learn about guitar specialisation and tips and tricks to play your favourite songs effortlessly)
  • 101′ On the Fundamentals of Music theory – (you will learn about music, chord, analysis and other music theory fundamentals)
  • Achieving perfect guitar chord voicings – experts’ tips and tricks to attain ideal guitar chord voicings, real-time instructions, video lessons and so on.

From a MAH student:

“I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar like so many experts in the industry (but was never sure or confident if I could). Fortunately,’s online course made me believe I could.

Their course was well planned and aptly tailored to meet every learner’s need. Moreover, there were so many easily downloadable study resources and reference materials to help me improve my overall understanding of how to play like a pro.

I loved the experience, and I think it is the best platform to learn guitar lessons online at your convenience.”

You can refer to more such success stories as such by rummaging through the MyAssignmenthelp reviews section!

How Does Online Guitar Lessons from Coursera compare with MAH?

As much success MAH online guitar courses have reaped over its tenure, its strongest competitor, COURSERA, isn’t far behind. 

They, too, offer a wide range of guitar lessons to students online seeking mastery in this skill set.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What Includes in Coursera Online Guitar Lessons

  • Guitar scales & chord progression (for beginners)
  • Chord Voicings (1-3months) for beginner learners 
  • Learning guitar performance techniques (1-3 months for intermediate learners)
  • Detailed coverage of Music theory (1-4 months course meant for beginners)
  • Understanding of guitar scaling and other playing fundamentals (1-3 months meant for both beginners and advanced learners)

Differences between MAH & Coursera Guitar Courses

  • MAH courses     are more suited to students who want a more personalised course learning experience depending on the type of job they want. Coursera is more suited to those students who seek a certification on course completion from a certified institution.
  • MAH is a more budget-friendly friendly option to learn guitar at your own time. Coursera offers more serious courses from top-reputed universities and so the costs are a wee bit higher.
  • MAH guitar courses are more tailored for those who prefer a comfortable and relaxed learning. Coursera offers more traditional lessons with timelines.

Final Verdict

Recently, taking guitar lessons (or learning music specialisation) has been the popular norm. Many wish to attain guitar mastery by enrolling on courses from a top educational institution.

Luckily sites like MAH & Coursera are giving all those eager-beavers the chance to pursue their passion by learning all they need and making a successful career.

As for which among the two is better, MAH takes the cake. Even students prefer their online guitar lessons (as well as other courses) more over other top names in the industry.

That said, the final call is yours. If you think MAH is the right place to learn and master your guitar skills, visit its official website and enquire more!

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