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One of the excellent, robust and genuine techniques for growing your social media channels is through the means of organic social media growth. It helps in providing a plethora of benefits by organically building your social media account and connecting with your target consumers. The benefits can range from increased brand loyalty, better SEO rankings, improved customer service,  and much more.

The best way or strategy for organic growth on social media is by far through the means of effective engagement of the audience made through social media comments. I am sure, you must be inquisitive about how to boost your organic social media growth through social media comments?

Well, as you know that audience engagement has become an important feature of all social media algorithms. What consumers see in their news feed depends very much on how they comment and interact with your content.

The algorithm adjustments have enhanced the user experience and now they engage with information that is relevant to them and only view content that they are interested in. Brands, on the other hand, find it more challenging to adapt to these ever changing new updates and are trying to explore ways to improve social media organic growth.

So, how can you outwit the algorithms in order to reach out to your consumers and promote your brand?

Continue reading to learn the social media optimization techniques for increasing organic social media growth through audience engagement and comments.

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How to Use Social Media Comments to Increase Reach

Organic growth in social media and reach becomes much easier and simpler when people visit your page directly and perform some activity over there in the form of comments.

You will establish a wonderful reputation if you properly engage with people and respond to their opinions. People will seek your updates because they actually care about what you’re doing.

Forging that type of link is beneficial to all elements of your business, but it may have a viral impact on your organic reach. Word-of-mouth will spread to new members of your target demographic, who will then come to explore what your firm has to offer.

Take the Initiative

  • Find the most relevant blogs in your business and leave a remark – the funniest and most valuable comments get the most interaction, so make your social media posts stand out.
  • Share your thoughts on recent and hot subjects.
  • Leave comments on the postings of your audience.

Be Receptive

  • Create engaging content such as competitions, live videos, and polls, to spark conversations on your own channel.
  • Respond to those comments in order to keep the discussion going.

Social Media Optimization Tips to Increase Comments

1. Determine the Best Time to Post

  • Posting thought-provoking content on social media alone will not result in increased comment engagement. You must publish the posts on social media when there are genuine individuals present to write the answers.
  • The optimum time to publish on social media is determined by a variety of factors, including the platform you’re using, your timezone, and the audience you’re attempting to reach.
  • CoSchedule compiled data from distinct studies to provide a recommendation for the optimal times to publish on each social channel to assist you in getting started.
  • CoSchedule really encourages performing your own research. You can get a decent picture of when your audience is active by utilising the google analytic custom report option to measure your traffic at certain periods. Experiment with your publishing schedule a little to discover your own optimal time.

2. Try to focus on content that your target audience would understand and relate to.

Though there are various effective available, posting authentic content that resonates with your audience is essential for engaging in meaningful dialogue. Make content for your followers that is relevant, useful, or amusing. To generate original, relevant and compelling content for organic social media growth kindly follow these steps:

Create a buyer persona

To get into the thoughts of your buyers always try to create buyer personas.  The buyer personas are fictitious representations of your target audience that contain demographics, job roles, and pain areas. They are required for product development as well as content creation.

  • Use the appropriate tone: You must customize your tone to suit the audience you’re attempting to reach, which can vary greatly depending on the platform. Take into account your word choice, sense of humour, and sentence structure.
  • Follow excellent practises for storytelling: Everyone enjoys a good story so try to craft your content by following this formula of compelling storytelling which can turn out to be a fantastic way for generating discussions.
  • Conduct competitive research: Analyze the strategies followed by the competitors to check out which content styles and themes employed by them get the most comments.

3. Avoid Using Engagement Bait

It not only makes you appear spammy, but algorithms penalise engagement bait. According to  content used to artificially enhance engagement can be easily discovered and severely penalised on the network.

That’s why it’s highly significant to create original content to drive more comments.  While it is fine to request that your audience comment on your post, the content itself on the first-hand must be authentic. If not, it will discourage the generation of genuine social media comments and thus not serve the purpose of organic social media growth.

How to Start a Discussion on Your Social Media Channels

While proactive social media comments are effective in organic social media growth. It is crucial not to overlook your existing readership. This is where reactive commenting comes in. It is critical to respond to comments in your own area and not simply because of the algorithms.

High interaction not only increases the reach of your content but is also beneficial for getting to know your audience better and contributes heavily towards the organic social media growth to help grow your channel.

Always try to establish your brand in the eyes of your customers as responsive, helpful, and engaging. But how do you generate engaging content that garners high engagement from the audience? Follow these tips to engage the audience effectively.

1. Make use of contests and giveaways

2. Pose Questions to your Audience

3. Make a poll

4. Share Live videos

Wrapping Up

Comments on social media platforms serve as an effective medium for growing social media organically. social media comments when utilized effectively and smartly can help you to drive heavy audience engagement for improving your reach eventually contributing towards social media organic growth.

Therefore, it is essential to design and plan an strategy that will inspire social media dialogue, drive comments, and increase your engagement by utilising both proactive and reactive social media comments.

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