burj khalifa guide

An overview

Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s considered the highest altitudinous structure according to the three main criteria that are used to evaluate similar structures ( see Experimenter’s Note Building Heights). 

When the palace was opened, its interior wasn’t complete. The palace was built to house various domestic and marketable gambling activities. It was finished with 162 floors and an 828 metre height.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, a Chicago-based architectural firm, designed it. WilliamF. was the structural mastermind and Adrian Smith was the mastermind. Baker.

Information about the structure

The three-lobe footmark, which is an abstract representation of the original Hymenocallis flowers, is used to build the modular structure. The Y-shaped plan is crucial for lowering the wind force on the palace. The central core of the palace is hexagonal and supported by a series of bodies with their own concrete cores and border columns.

 As the palace rises in elevation, the bodies move backwards in a helical fashion. This changes the shape of each league and reduces the impact of wind on the structure. The central core is visible from the palace’s top and is completed by a 700-foot-high bucket (200 metres).

The Becket

The becket was built inside the palace, and lifted to its final position by a hydraulic pump. The foundational position of the palace is supported on a concrete mat that is nearly 13 m thick and is supported by concrete piles at 5 m in the periphery. The palace is held in place by a three-story tribune.

 The tribune and the two-story basement are approximately square bases (,000 square metres). The palace’s surface cladding consists of aluminium and pristine sword panels. Perpendicular pristine sword tubular fins and more than,000 hand-cut glass panels make up the rest. On the 124th floor, there is a sundeck for public observation called “At the Top”.


This is the world’s highest observation deck, offering 360° views of Dubai and the sky.

A terrace outside with a vantage point to take in the stunning view

Interactive exploration of Dubai using motion senses

High-powered telescopes can be used to zoom in on various landmarks of the Dubai skyline.

Guest Ambassadors at level 148 offer a personalised tour.


Wifi is available for free at the level that corresponds to your purchased ticket.

Burj Khalifa Tickets Prices 2022

Burj Khalifa tickets are subject to change depending on when you visit the site and what level you plan to visit. “At The Top-level” tickets are the most popular. These allow you to visit floors 124-65. Tickets at the Top are cheaper. However, these floors are more crowded.

Skydeck of the Burj Khalifa –

In 2014, the Burj Khalifa introduced the “At the Top Sky Experience”, which featured two observation decks on the levels 125-148.

One step ahead Level 125 at The Top features a large deck decorated in Arabic and the newest attraction, Dubai – A Falcon’s Eye View. This unique experience offers guests a stunning view of Dubai and its landmarks from a vantage position unlike any other. 

The green screen technology available at the kiosks allows guests to capture special moments using special effects such as the Burj Khalifa’s exterior facade or the city of Dubai. These images can be printed on many products.

Level 148

The luxurious lounge at Level 148 and the outdoor terrace offer a breathtaking view of the sky from 555m. While on a personalised tour with designated Guest Ambassadors, guests can enjoy refreshing signature drinks like juice or Arabic coffee. An interactive screen that is larger than life allows guests to experience the most iconic landmarks of Dubai on motion senses.

The ground floor now has a new exhibit that gives guests access to the Burj Khalifa’s interiors, architecture, and design as it was constructed.

At the top

The Burj Khalifa is located at the Top entrance. A ticket counter can be found in Dubai Mall. A 65-metre-long ride on the travelator from the mall begins the magical experience. It includes a multimedia presentation, which takes visitors on a historical journey through Dubai, from beginning to present, and the first breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa.

On weekends, tickets should be booked in advance. Guests may stay at SKY Level 148 for as little as 30 minutes, before moving on to other levels. They can stay as long as they wish. The Top takes approximately one and a quarter hours. If you wish to view the sunset, make your reservation at least 90 minutes in advance. 

The Top also has a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs to remind you of your visit to this iconic structure.

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