Buying a Leather Jacket

One of the most likable and elegant items in a man’s wardrobe collection is definitely a leather jacket. It was made with the purpose of providing protection against the cold, but over time we have seen how its significance changed, and the sole purpose of this clothing item turned into a symbol of style in winter. Many individuals also prefer these leather jackets in the summer, and it is not because they are insane or anything. It is because they like the cool and cowboy vibe a jacket possesses. 

There are countless leather jackets, but choosing the right one according to your body type brings out that elegant hunk look. However, there are other factors as well when buying a leather jacket. It’s not just about the dapper look or the season all the time; sometimes, it’s also about the key aspects that men are habitual of overlooking. But what key aspects make a jacket such a stylish clothing item? Let’s find out! 

·        Proper Fitting 

Now, many individuals overlook a rather important factor when it comes to jackets, which is the proper fitting. Yes, a jacket looks good regardless, but for a jacket to look good on you, you will need a properly fitted one. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t understand that your clothes should be properly fitted regardless of your body type, and it also applies to jackets.

For example, a loose and baggy jacket won’t bring out a dapper look in a muscular man until and unless the jacket’s back, shoulders, and arms compliment his muscles. The same goes for the guys with a bit of wait. Overweighed men often have a jacket that’s too tight for their own good; however, if they are to wear something in the middle, like, not too tight and not too loose, they might just pull off an amazing look. The fitting advice for overweighed and skinny men is somewhat the same. So, that wraps it up. Choose a jacket that is well-fitted with your body type. 

·        Color 

Another aspect that plays an important role in pulling off an amazing jacket is its color. Unfortunately, many individuals have been seen wearing jackets with colors that don’t match their outfits. Therefore, it is crucial to wear a jacket somewhat contrasting with the color of the rest of your outfit. Well, it’s not just about what color is going with the rest of your attire. It is also about what color you are comfortable with, what color brings out the best, what shapes you as an individual, and what suits you best. 

·        Sleeves 

Many people have a misconception about jackets that the length of the sleeves does not matter; however, that’s not the case until and unless it’s a biker jacket because the length of the sleeves of a biker jacket is longer; hence, the misconception arose. Per the rules, the length of your sleeves should not cross your waistline, exactly as the T-shirt and other upper body clothing items for men. There’s an exception for the biker jackets, but other jackets have to have standard sleeve sizes, which are followed universally. 

Styles to follow 

There are tons of styles when it comes to leather jackets, but for now, we are only going to discuss the ones that are quite popular among the masses. 

·         Bomber Jacket

It is a jacket pretty much every man has in his closet. Once used as a military clothing item, it has become a style symbol that every man wants to pull off. You can pair it with a T-shirt underneath, some jeans, and boots, and there is no doubt in admitting the fact that it will give you the kind of eyeballs that you’ve been wanting. 

·         Faux Leather Jacket 

Well, why let boys have all the fun? A wide range of women’s jackets is also available in the market, and it is fair to say that women can also pull off an amazing look with a leather jacket. However, when we think about which leather jacket is best for women, we can say that compared to a Faux leather jacket, there is no other thing that looks the most stunning. There are many reasons why you should be opting for Faux-leather. Let’s take a look at them.

One of the major advantages of faux leather is that they are much more affordable than many other leather jackets on the market. As a matter of fact, it’ll only cost you a fraction of what the other jackets will cost you. 

Another big advantage of owning Faux-leather is its easy maintenance. Compared to other leather jackets, this one has good resistance to stains. Let’s just say it is made that way. It also has a very low chance of getting faded. For many, this is quite the news. 

This jacket’s third and last advantage is that its color doesn’t go that easy, which many of us will appreciate. 

·         Biker Jacket 

This jacket is the go-to jacket for boys that love to ride. With a bit longer sleeves and a short body-fitted jacket, biker boys tend to maintain a profile, and this biker jacket helps a million when it comes to pulling off a thug look in that regard. So, how do you wear it? Whether you’re pairing it with a T-shirt underneath or a nicely pressed shirt, it’ll give you a modish yet neat appearance which is what the approach of a biker jacket is. 

·         Jacket Length

Many of us believe that it doesn’t matter what kind of length we wear, but it does. So, the length of our jacket does matter in many regards. You see, if the length of a jacket is below the waistline, it becomes a trench coat, which is fine for a trench coat, but when it comes to a leather jacket, it looks pretty weird. So, it would be best if you were going for a jacket with a length that does not exceed your waistline. 

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