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Garara is the current trending bridal look. Most women love to flaunt themselves on their big day look with the Garara set. The bridal set comes from the origin of the Mughal era when the queens used to carry this royal wear. It is now in vogue in fashion and accepted as a catchy wedding set. The Garara is a designer set of long kurta, a royal and heavy dupatta, and wide-legged flare pants.

The trend is going so popular that models and celebrities slash down the ramp with this traditional piece for high-end designers. You can find this authentic bridal set collection in different styles and designs online. Want to make your wedding day most memorable with the best Garara outfit? Continue reading and get trendy designer ideas about the bridal set.

Origin of Traditional Garara Set

The Mughal women were carrying this utterly beautiful and elegant Garara look. Even on their wedding days, the queens carried this luxurious royal look with heavy prints and beaded Garara. The origin of authentic Gararas is from the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh. The bridal set has been in the limelight since the Nawab Era. 

During the late 19th and 20th centuries, the Garara set was an everyday attire for Muslim women. The elite and upper-class women highly adopted the look. The traditional set is not just an attire. It represents the tradition and culture of the Nawabs of Lucknow city. Today, you can spot women in Gararas at wedding parties or the bridal itself in a royal touch of designer Garara set. 

The clothing is an overall attire of gracefulness and richness, making every woman look extra-ordinary and feel special on their big day. The history of Garara is now decoded with designer sets by prominent designers. As it comes from the Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh region, the banarasi Garara is the most loved design. You can buy banarasi Garara online at different online sites which specifically own wedding collections.  

Garara Trends In Present Era

In today’s modern era, the love for Garara is at its peak. Now the look has not stuck to the particular place. It has become trending in various regions due to its eye-catching and attractive look. Garara has now become the widely accepted wedding wear. Therefore, the designers have come up with different stylings and design ideas to embrace the past culture and tradition. As discussed in the above section, the history has been decoded for the Garara look. 

The top celebrities, reputed royal families, and other traditional loving women are inclined towards the latest Garara designs. The banarasi style Garara is especially famous. If you wish to buy banarasi Garara online, there are many online sites for designer pieces of Gararas. Now, it is available in most of the region and can be easily found on internet sites. You can explore vast collections of classy, authentic prints and heavy embroidered work with traditional touch. 

Stunning Bridal Garara Designs Online 

The bridal Garara designer set is now extensively available online with different styling statements. It is now available in various designing and styling ways. Every designer piece has the authentic and traditional touch of Lucknow. Let’s explore the current stylings of bridal Garara sets online.

  • Heavily Embellished Bridal GararaSet

The embellished bridal Garara collection is the new style statement. It is readily available online in different colours, models, and designs. So, with little online research, you can easily find the right bridal set. This design is exclusively combined with pearls, sequin patterns, and heavy stonework. You can find the entire design with this combination in the overall outfit, including the dupatta and pants. 

The heavy embroidered work can be seen in the Kurti. This will give an elite and representable look to the bride. Hence, the bride will be the eye-grabbing attention on the big day. This style statement will give a royal look. The style statement is available online in different models and pieces. A designer piece with a little extended at the back gives you a feel of a royal princess.

  • Bridal Garara With Designer Long Kurti 

The entire Garara look lies in the Kurti. When the heavy work designs are brushed up in the long Kurti, it gives a highly attractive look. Usually, the focus is always on Kurti. Therefore, when you think to buy banarasi Garara online, ensure that the Kurti’s design is at its best. Based on today’s trend and women’s choice of floor-length designs, the designer planned it accordingly. When it is paired with a long Kurti, it gives an aesthetic royal look. 

This style statement becomes complete when the bride carries a beautifully designed ghunghat or drape. The dupatta of the Bridal Garara set is made with luxurious pearl and stone beaded designs that can become a drape for the head. This can be styled based on the comfort zone of the bride. You can explore this style on online sites to get the most beautiful bridal look.

  • Bridal Nawabi Garara Set 

You can find great collections of bridal Nawabi Garara sets online. It is mostly available in the premium and exclusive collections and deals. The Nawabi Gararas are antique embroidery designer pieces. The authentic designer piece is crafted on the front, back and sleeves. 

The designs are entirely covered with premium fabric work. When you look forward to buy banarasi Garara online, you can notice the banarasi print and work in the entire set. The Nawabi bridal set is aligned with a V-neckline and detailed with an antique – chata patti design. 

It will give the perfect royal bridal look on the big day. This designer piece is the most loved suit among the women, worn in rituals and special occasions like sangeet, Mehendi, or on the wedding day itself. You can find this antique designer piece online with a wide range of collections in different colours.

  • Garara With Jacket 

Today’s wedding outfit demands a modern touch and vibes. Therefore, the new Garara bridal set with the jacket is the perfect bridal look for today’s bride. The modern bridal Garara jacket is a tight tunic with designer work. This Garara set has a unique touch compared to the conventional ones and is plated below the knee. 

The styled jacket will make your body flaunt the model look. Therefore, it will be a modern thing for your big day. The jacket has a catchy design with high embroidery that gives a luxurious royal look. The best thing is, it is comfortable to carry. Even with your drape or ghunghat, it is going to give a perfect bridal look. 

If you want a banarasi-designed Garara with a jacket, you will find many premium collections to buy banarasi Garara online. So, it will give a western feel along with the classy-elegant look. The jacket, along with the Kurti, has zardaosi designer work embedded with silk threads, pearls, and stonework.

  • Chatapati Garara Bridal Designs

The Chatapati Garara design is the perfect bridal set with a mix of beautiful colour combinations. The set has extreme flared bottom pants with beautiful patterns of sequin and colour. This designer piece is flared from the waist down and is more voluminous than other Garara sets. 

This Garara set is entirely covered with richer materials like antique prints, mirrors, and stonework. The Chatapati Garara designs come with long tunics and dupatta. Due to its great work and designs, the brides prefer this collection on their big day. Now, it is available on online sites under the premium bridal collections.


The Gararas have now become the favourite bridal look among women. The set carries the traditional touch with heavy royal work. The banarasi Garara design is the most popular based on its origin. The bridal set gives a queen look to the bride. The collections based on the designs, styling statements, and other preferences are available online.

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