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Living a healthy life is a priority that every person must attain. And for doing so, you will need to eat healthily, exercise daily, sleep, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. So, among the foods considered healthy, eggs secure a great position in most diet plans. Plus, eggs are readily available in most markets, and you can also buy eggs online

To talk about the hype around egg consumption, several health-related scientific reasons conclude that eggs are a great source of varied nutrients. So much so that it can even be classified as a superfood. 

So, if you plan to add eggs to your regular diet, it is high time to do so. Apart from being readily available, they are also very inexpensive. Hence, you can order eggs online anytime, and compared to most superfoods and dietary supplements they are quite affordable as well. Without wasting any more time, let us understand why eggs have such a reputation and what benefits they bring to the plate.

Nutritional Value

As mentioned earlier, eggs are nutrient-rich foods. They contain various nutrients such as vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, folate, calcium, zinc, protein, calories, and healthy fat. In a single boiled egg, there is Vitamin A (6% RDA), Vitamin B5 (7% RDA), Vitamin B12 (9% RDA), and Vitamin B2 (15% RDA). It also contains a good amount of Vitamin D, E, K, & B6.

Other than that, an egg also has folate (5% RDA), phosphorus (9% RDA), and selenium (22% RDA). 77 calories, 5g healthy fat, and 6g protein is also included within a small piece of egg. In short, they contain almost every nutrient in small bits. Different kinds of eggs are based on their nutritional value, and Halalbox never fails to meet the quality or demand.

Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

There are specifically two types of cholesterol, HDL & LDL. HDL or high-density lipoprotein is considered ‘good’ cholesterol, and LDL or low-density lipoprotein is most recognized as ‘bad’ cholesterol. Eggs are rich sources of cholesterol (with a whopping 212 mg), which is why there have been many debates about the benefits of eggs limited to only a certain percentage of the population.

However, LDLs also have two subtypes; small LDL particles and large LDL particles. Large LDL particles are considered to have lesser risk compared to small particles. Even though you order eggs online, they provide a large amount of cholesterol; adding eggs into your diet may not affect it. Statistically, only 30% of the world population considered hyper responders might be affected.

The human liver is the primary source of cholesterol in our body, but as soon as cholesterol supplements are included, it produces less cholesterol to balance out the numbers. Eggs also produce a high level of HDL, which has been linked to a lower risk of developing heart disease.

Protein & Amino Acid

If you are on a diet or planning one, you will know about the various benefits of protein and why it is called the building block of our body. Protein is essential in building all the tissues and molecules in our body. A single egg has 6 grams of protein along with vital amino acids. Thus, it becomes all the more crucial to buy eggs online.

The amino acid contents are naturally distributed in the right ratio in an egg. Thus, it ensures the body uses all the protein in the egg. Protein has been stated to aid in weight loss, low blood pressure, increasing muscle mass, and optimizing bone health, among other things.

Weight Loss Solution

Due to being so much rich in protein, Halalbox eggs can be a filler for your unhealthy munching or binge eating sensation. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient that can make you feel full. As you have a reduced urge to intake calories, you naturally lose excess weight without compromising the intake of nutritional food content.

Antioxidants For Eye Health

As we age, our bodily functions start deteriorating. Especially the eyesight, which is why it is never too early to start doing things that can retain eye health for as long as you live. Several nutrients can slow down the degenerative process. Eggs have two major antioxidants: lutein and zeaxanthin, especially egg yolks.

If you are worried about your eye health, it is high time to include eggs in your diet. Lutein and zeaxanthin have the power to reduce the chances of developing cataracts and macular degeneration effectively. They directly affect the retina. Also, eggs contain a decent amount of vitamin A, which may prevent blindness.

Rich in Chlorine 

Another reason to buy eggs online is the rare chlorine content it has. Chlorine is instrumental in building cell membranes and signalling molecules. Chlorine deficiency can also have a severe impact on the body. Eggs contain 100 mg of chlorine and so they are the best food supplement to prevent any lack of chlorine.

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