Guide For Buying Reception Table Online

Buy a reception table online for your business or home with our helpful buying guide. Learn tips on how to choose the right size, materials, and design that reflects your style. Shop confidently and get the best quality reception table at an affordable price. The main attraction of the waiting area at your workplace is the reception desk. Thus, it is important that you welcome your guests and that your receptionists feel comfortable throughout the day. Uncertain of the qualities to search for in a new waiting room desk? Read on to find out what you should consider and how to choose the best options for your business.

What Size Reception Desk Should I Buy?

The size of your waiting area will have a big impact on how big your welcome desk will be. When picking a waiting room desk for a tiny reception area, keep in mind that it should only fit one receptionist at a time. If you are working with a large waiting room, you should use the space by equipping a large reception desk. A modest welcome desk in a very vast waiting room will make the space unnoticeable, just as a huge reception desk will make a small waiting room claustrophobic. Most workplaces benefit from using modular reception desks since they allow you to adjust the size of your room as necessary. With this in mind, we created the compass collection, which enables you to construct a workstation that, regardless of how big or tiny your waiting area is, fits there precisely.

What Shape Reception Desk Should I Buy?

You should select a reception desk that best serves the needs of both your workers and visitors as they come in a variety of forms.

Single-Surface Reception Desks

The single-surface welcome desk features a transaction counter where guests may write and a single writing surface for office staff. These are available in a variety of sizes to fit your waiting area and can be straight or curved. Restaurants and other hospitality locations often use smaller variations of this sort of welcome desk.

L-Shaped Reception Desk

The L-shaped reception desk includes a main desk and a return, providing additional space for the receptionist to work. Although they exist in various sizes to accommodate various company demands, the majority of L-shaped desks are so compact that they are best utilized by just one receptionist at a time.

U-Shaped Reception Desks

The U-shaped reception desk includes a third work surface for receptionist use. U-shaped reception desks can have straight or curved edges, and many receptionists can frequently utilize them simultaneously in a big waiting area.

Round Reception Desks

These greeting desks work well in spacious waiting areas where they can command attention. Ada reception desks are ADA-compliant to accommodate individuals with wheelchairs.

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What Type of Materials Should I Use for My Reception Table?

There are so many ingredients to choose from! These are the most popular options.

Although laminate may look like it has real wood grains, it is actually made as a particle board with or without a wood grain print. Desks with laminate surface construction are perfect for busy businesses since laminate is often low maintenance and does not scratch or dent readily. Laminate is also affordable, making it a great choice for businesses on tight budgets.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a good choice if you want a real wood look without paying the high cost of solid wood furniture. Veneer desks have the same base as laminate furniture (such as particle boards) but have a thin layer of real wood on top of it. Veneer tables may be more difficult to maintain than laminate desks, but many workplaces like the richer appearance that the veneer layer offers.

Metal Desks

Although metal desks are available in all metal varieties, most come with wooden or glass tops with metal structures for stability and industrial aesthetics. Metal desks are usually made of steel, although gauges may vary. The desk can come in Chrome or powder-coated finishes.

Glass Desks

For glass workstations, the work surface is often constructed of thick tempered glass in order to prevent the metal structure from shattering the compliment. The mirror is easy to clean, but fingerprints are definitely visible on it. If you don’t want a full glass top, wood top options with glass inlays are available.


The bottom line is that you should check how the style of your desk will blend with the general decor of your restaurant and the industry or the nature of your business. We’ve already covered our top three suggestions for your reception desk, but to make sure your receptionist is relaxed and effective, you need also think about the ergonomics of your workspace. This can include plants, artwork, and brand colors in your reception area.

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