Ceramic Coatings

For someone who loves cars, there’s no better feeling than driving around in their gorgeous beloved vehicle and admiring its sleek beauty when the light illuminates it. However, the sad truth is that with time your car will lose its shine and aesthetics due to the natural wear and tear caused by several external elements like sunlight, grime, and water. You will be pleased to know that all this can be easily prevented. Car paint protection has come a long way in the recent few years. If you are aware of the basic options for car paint protection, then you would have definitely come across Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films. But which one should you choose to protect your car? To help you out below we will shed light on both these techniques and which one will be perfect for your car.

What’s a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds with the factory paint when applied over the car’s exterior. This enables it to form a semi-permanent layer. A ceramic coating is formulated from Silicon Dioxide or SiO2 which are the same raw materials utilized in glass and ceramics. Ceramic Coatings that consist of a high percentage of top-quality SiO2 like CrystalShield ceramic coatings add a glossier finish to the car. These coatings are popular for their hydrophobic properties. Due to this most liquids don’t stick to the car making it easy to wash off smudges and all the other unwanted marks. The coating also offers enhanced UV protection and chemical resistance.

What’s a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film or PPF is a wondrous thermoplastic polyurethane film that provides protection to the car from scratches and rock chips that are caused by dirt, fine debris, stones, leaves, bird droppings, or bug splatters. Most high grade PPFs are resistant to water spots, oxidation from UV rays, mineral marks from rain, and chemical stains.

Now that we have come to know briefly about both ceramic coating and PPF, let’s highlight a few of the reasons that prove the former is a better choice for your car than the latter.

Hydrophobic Properties 

The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating are what sets it apart from PPF. This is one area where no other technique or method can match it. A high grade ceramic coating will easily repel water which will in return make the whole process of cleaning your car easy. This is also because the car will not get dirty in the first place and you don’t have to put in much effort.

Top-Grade UV Protection

When exposed to sunlight, PPFs will discolor to yellow or fade. However, this is not the case with a ceramic coating that acts like sunscreen and protects your car. Once applied you don’t have to worry about the paint of your car fading due to oxidation. It provides enhanced UV protection and makes sure your car always remains vibrant.

High Durability

A high quality ceramic coating provided by a top-rated service provider will deliver good paint protection for several years. You can choose the hardness of the coating in order to ensure you have the needed peace of mind that your beloved car is well protected all the time. To make sure the ceramic coating provides its benefits you just need to do regular maintenance by using good quality car shampoos.

Makes Your Car Look Glossy 

When compared with a PPF, a ceramic coating provides the extra sleekness and gloss that will make heads turn while you are driving your car. Along with providing a velvety shine, the car will retain its luster for the longest time. The gloss you get with PPFs is nowhere close to what a top-quality ceramic coating provides.

Affordability Factor

The cost of both ceramic coating and Paint PPF will depend on their quality and the size of the car. However, if you directly compare the cost of getting these applied then you would come to know that PPFs are way too costlier of the two products. Yes, the cost of the ceramic coating depends on its grade and durability still it will not put a burden on your pocket. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a top-grade ceramic coating for protecting your car and save a few of your dollars. 

In the End

All the information that you read above will enable you to make the right decision and go for a ceramic coating to keep your car always protected and shining. You can make things easy for yourself by getting the coating applied by a renowned service provider like Kovalent Coatings ceramic coating manufacturer. A ceramic coating is a great long term investment that will provide you with a plethora of benefits in the long run.

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