Common Symptoms of Bad Car AC Condenser

Years ago, affording an air conditioning system was considered a luxury but today, it’s a basic feature that we all take for granted. The efficiency of an AC system depends on the efficiency of its components. If any part of it is not working well, the conditioning system might not work to its fullest.

How does an AC Condenser work?

The working of the AC condenser in a brand new car might be different from an old car. If you plan to buy used car for sale in Lahore cars for sale in Lahore, be very much careful with the AC condenser and compressor system.

The refrigerant gas in the condenser is pressurized by the compressor and is sent to the condenser coil of the outdoor unit. A large fan helps capture air from the outside and refrigerant is then pushed by the evaporator on the dashboard inside. Then the AC blower helps them push this chilled air into the cabin.

Symptoms of a Bad Air Condenser

There are several symptoms when the air condenser is not working properly. A few reasons are mentioned as follows.

  • The Car Gets Overheated while Idling

If the refrigerant isn’t circulated through the AC Condenser, it won’t remove the heat which will force heat to build in the system. Normally, when the vehicle starts moving again, it is cooled by the air it receives. If too much heat is built in, It won’t help lower the temperature of the car. This is one of the most common issues found in cars when someone buy used cars for sale.

  • Coolant Leakages

As we all know the AC Condenser contains refrigerant under high pressure, so there’s a higher probability of leakage if there is any vulnerability in the condenser. This happens usually when someone buy used cars for sale. Ageing of the condenser can also result in minor leakages but if the abnormal leakages occur, the condenser needs to be replaced before the entire coolant gets leaked.

  • Check-light on Meter

In the latest technology built in cars, the system automatically detects a malfunctioning air conditioning system and emits a warning light on the dashboard. If any such issue persists, you must watch for the owner’s manual and go through it.

  • Smell of Burning

When the heat gets accumulated and the vehicle can’t release the heat the A/C system builds up, and the temperature of all the parts will increase to the extent that several parts of the condenser will start burning and emit a smell while the air conditioner is turned on.

This is a serious concern and one must likely need to replace several parts of the air conditioning system because the parts melted so badly that they might not be able to work properly.

  • Warm Air from Vents

If the AC condenser is not working properly, the first thing you might realize is the warm breeze coming out from the AC vents instead of cold air. In this case, the AC must be inspected for blockages or restrictions which cause airflow. 

Final words

 If someone likes to buy used cars or a brand new car. It’s always suggested to clean the AC condenser regularly to prolong the life of the whole air conditioning system or look for any issues.

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