Desert Safari Dubai in 2022

Desert Safari Dubai, a 6-hour Dubai desert tour drenched in a rich experience of hustle and bustle. The excursion includes exercises such as belly dancing, dune bashing, tanoura dancing, sand boarding, camel riding, and horseback riding.

Organize a desert safari in Dubai:

A normal Dubai desert safari experience will include lots of fun exercises and delicious food. Whether you are traveling or staying in the UAE coming from far away, you must try this active move that you must do as once.

Hitting the tracks in this ferocious 4WD Land Cruiser will feel positively awesome. After a fun ride, riding a camel, carrying falcons, henna painting and various exercises will allow you to explore the Emirati culture.

Need to get the most out of your safari trip?

This is all you need to remember to fully engage with the desert.

Activities that Expect does during his desert safari

Hill hit

Dinner and dance

Wandering in the desert

Bottom of the hill

Downhill fighting means driving at different speeds over the smooth hills of Dubai. Due to the remaining storms, the outer layer of sand keeps moving from one hill to the next, so you really want some driving experience to keep changing altitude. For uphill driving, you want an exceptional SUV with low-wheel aerodynamics, which give your vehicle more control to continue on fine sand.

Dinner and dance:

As the sun sets, you have the opportunity to partake in a delicious dinner, as performers keep you in touch with moving skirts, hip twists, and fire shows.

Dinner is a legal party:

The barbecue dishes are served hot with traditional sauces. In addition to food, you can also smoke a spiced hookah. After many movements throughout the day, you will feel a little hungry.wandering in the desert.

During your visit, there will be more than enough opportunities to soak up the desert climate. Move away from the camp to get an idea of ​​the weather. The huge expanses of sand are the perfect backdrop for some photos. Pay special attention to thorny plants, something you probably won’t find in many different deserts. Here and there, the lucky ones also find the flowers of desert plants.

Different types of desert safari in Dubai:

Night desert safari in Dubai

Short term desert safari

Morning desert safari

The Dubai morning safari begins in the early part of the day, when we transfer you out of your area in a 4×4 Land Cruiser as we take you out into the desert to begin your 45-minute Dune Bashing meet. in the beautiful high desert hills of Dubai.

Night desert safari:

It’s a move that’s a must if you have any desire to hold something down to take root. If you want to visit Dubai, rate tumfuleri and enthusiastically by organizing an overnight desert safari. Starting at night, you need to rest at the main objective near the camel farm. Get a chance to face the sunset on a stretch of desert and enjoy camel riding and sand boarding. Evaluate the composition of the beautiful henna on all fours. Enjoy a festive atmosphere with a delicious barbecue and shisha. Watch a stomach artist playing Arabic tunes live in the camping area.

Short term desert safari:

Short Range Desert Safari is the night safari expansion specially designed for those people who need to go late at night to see the beautiful stars. After an exciting ride up the hill, you can relax in your camp or tent and spend the whole night in the desert while enjoying the amazing and beautiful desert view. In the first part of the day, you can also enjoy a wonderful sunrise with breakfast. And this package is prescribed for those who need it to partake of both night and dawn in the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari Discounts, Deals & Packages:

Many vacationers who travel to visit these sites need something exceptionally good. In this way, to achieve a fair environment,

There are affordable booking packages to suit each of them and enjoy the scene with Dubai  Desert Safari be sure to take. Take advantage of our offers, event dates & Book now so that, when it suits you,

You can exploit departments. Also, keep visiting these places to fulfill your desire to travel and live. Also, participate in all franchises & The splendor of our place can be seen.

High level bundle (150 AED):

Our development bundle we offer different administrations. Our accomplished driver gets you from your lodging. in SUV (Auto). Compose this is certainly large numbers of the safari bundles. Be that as it may, in this bundle we will pick yourself readily available in a 4 × 4 rough terrain vehicles.

Comprehensive VIP bundle (350 AED):

In this bundle we offer pick and amp; fall administrations. Long camel ride, return, sandboard also, give various kinds of beverages and better food. Tomorrow and amp; 4 Hour Desert Night Safari (700 AE

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