Desert Safari Dubai

If you’re contemplating a trip to Dubai and are looking for a great deal, you’re going to be in for a treat! A trip to Dubai can provide you with stunning beaches, a pleasant climate, and a wide range of options for excursions like the desert safari.

The most well-known excursions for tourists visiting Dubai is a safari in the desert. Visitors visit from all over world to view the desert dunes and catch an insight into Bedouin life prior to the time that Dubai was a popular tourist destination. Dubai Safari tours in the desert are an exhilarating thrilling, fascinating, and amazing way to get immersed in the local culture, while experiencing the unique opportunity to witness the desert for yourself.

If you’re thinking of booking an adventure in the desert Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to book a safari and what to anticipate on your trip!

How To Book?

The desert adventure is straightforward to reserve nearly each hotel within Dubai has a contract with a safari business and a simple Google search will give you an infinite number of choices. While Dubai’s quality rules are extremely strict, you should make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable business like Desert Evening Safari.

Selecting a company that isn’t the best puts your once in a lifetime trip at risk. Tourism companies collect visitors from their hotels to go on desert safaris. They could opt for the less costly option of sharing a car or a personal vehicle to take them on their journey. After a few minutes the safari vehicles from across town are able to arrive at the edge of the desert.

There’s an occasional break that causes drivers to take their tires off (lowering the pressure allows the vehicle to “float” more easily and increases the footprint of the tire. This improves tire traction , and reduces the strain that is placed on the vehicle making it easier to absorb the effects of bumps in the trail). In the end, the trip starts.

Commencement of Trip

Being able to fly over dunes with the 4×4 vehicle is an exciting and thrilling experience. It is not a problem as all drivers are skilled for their task. This goes on for a long time and all vehicles are driving along a single line to the desert camp, which is where the authentic Bedouin experience commences. The guests are invited to lounge on couches at the camp and take part in a variety of Emirati activities. It can be anything from short camel rides to smoking hookah tattoos using henna and even wearing the dress worn by the UAE’s national.

A mouth-watering feast and Loads of Fun Awaits You!

The food is the best part! Customers can self-serve and indulge in the traditional Middle Eastern barbecue. A variety of entertainers perform for guests as they consume their food. Traditional dances, like the world famous belly dance are part of the program. Anyone who wants to drink are not required to worry. A lot of desert safari operators permit guests to purchase alcohol. However this is an additional expense, whereas the majority of other activities and meals include in price of the safari.

What to Choose Evening or Morning?

The majority of desert safaris start at mid afternoon, and conclude at around 5:00 pm. When all performances are over guests are asked to go back to their vehicles. However, we strongly recommend that you take the evening desert safari to Dubai.

There are many reasons behind this. The primary reason is the weather during the evening is better than during the afternoon. Furthermore, you’ll get to witness the sunset over the desert, which is stunning beautiful, stunning and lastly, an evening bonfire and sky that you’ll remember for the remainder all your days.

Anyone who wants to save the memories and moments forever can buy photos (printed portraits) by professional photographers through the safari website. It’s certainly worth it as this is an experience that anyone will remember for a long time to be.

Note: Choose A Good Company!

There are a variety of tour operators offering desert safaris as well as Dune bashing. But they all do not provide the same level of services. Therefore, you should be sure to find an experienced one, like Desert Safari Dubai.

Beware of tour companies with prices that seem too expensive to be true, or appear to be higher than other alternatives.

Final Verdict

While not as glamorous, there’s a reason for that Desert Safari Dubai is among the most popular things to do for tourists who visit Dubai and would like to do it. A trip in the desert an opportunity to unwind and, for the most part visitors, to witness an ecosystem which isn’t found in their own country. It isn’t often that people are aware of what they can expect when they plan their trip but they can be certain of having lots of fun and exciting experiences.

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