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If you’re looking for an EHR software to replace your old one, you may be wondering whether DrChrono EHR is a good choice for your needs or ChartLogic. This cloud-based, iPad-based, integrated software is ranked among the top five EHR options by several users. Let’s take a look at its strengths and weaknesses.

DrChrono EHR is ranked as one of the top five EHR software options

As a cloud-based, all-in-one EHR software solution, DrChrono integrates billing, patient engagement, and other essential workflows. Its best-in-class clinical tools enable users to increase patient productivity without compromising patient care. The software is customizable for both large medical groups and smaller, single-provider practices. It also includes a mobile app and can handle patient intake, scheduling, and billing.

Another key element to a quality EHR is ease of use. The user interface should be intuitive and easy to navigate, so physicians can chart quickly and easily. Some EHRs even offer templates and drop-down menus that make it easier to enter patient data. Other features of great EHR software include secure patient communication and a patient portal that streamlines health maintenance, engages patients, and streamlines workflows.

Another factor to consider when choosing an EHR system is certification. The system should be certified by a federally authorized third-party organization. This certification is especially important if you work with Medicare patients. It can help you avoid cuts to Medicare payments and Medicaid incentives if your EHR technology does not meet federal standards. Certification also ensures the security and interoperability of EHR technology. However, not all EHR tools are certified, so it is important to look at these factors before settling on a particular vendor.

It is cloud-based

The ChartLogic EHR is a comprehensive medical practice management platform that combines electronic health records with patient management and billing. Its streamlined user interface allows doctors to quickly manage patient charts and schedule appointments. This cloud-based solution also helps doctors manage patient billing and claims.

It offers numerous customizable features and allows healthcare professionals to customize it to their practice’s needs. The cloud-based software also offers a free trial and demo. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and employs up to 200 people. Its mission is to make healthcare better, more efficient, and more convenient for everyone.

The DrChrono EHR is an excellent choice for chiropractic clinics. However, its features may be limited for other types of practices. Other practices may have to invest in specific equipment and have more experience using this type of software. This will result in a noticeable difference in service. If you are not sure whether DrChrono is right for your practice, consider a simpler EHR option like ChartLogic EMR.

It is iPad-based

DrChrono is an iPad-based EHR and practice management platform. The company is focused on mobile devices and has recently launched new Patient Education functionality. This functionality allows physicians to create and share educational materials with patients. Patients can use these materials to learn more about their medical conditions and to understand their treatment options.

DrChrono was one of the first EHR applications developed for the iPad. It is the most comprehensive cloud-based iPad EHR available on the App Store. It is mobile-friendly and integrates patient engagement, clinical workflow, and billing. It also includes features like customizable medical forms, patient self-check-in kiosk mode, and eRX with EPCS. It is also fully compatible with the iPhone 11. The mobile-friendly app allows physicians to access patient records from anywhere. It also lets them lock notes and bill insurance.

ChartLogic is also the only iPad-based EMR with speech-to-text. This feature is a key benefit for physicians because it makes it possible to be truly mobile. Inputing text is cumbersome on mobile devices, and this technology eliminates this problem. The feature works on every portion of the History and Physical exam, including the SOAP note. DrChrono has partnered with M*Modal, a speech-to-text provider for the medical industry.

It is integrated

The DrChrono EHR is an integrated EHR that enables doctors to create claims directly from patient treatment entries. This eliminates duplication and improves the accuracy and speed of the claims billing process. It offers direct access to patient records for claim creation and flagging of problematic claims. It is also user-friendly, especially on mobile devices. In fact, 83% of users rated it easy to use.

The ChartLogic EHR is an integrated solution for larger and smaller hospitals. It has a host of features, including configurable medical forms, e-prescribing, scheduling, and access to more than 40,000 labs. In addition, it allows physicians to create virtual doctor visits, send automated messages to patients, and have patients sign consent forms online in real time.

DrChrono also has an internal billing team that ensures accurate claims coding. The billing team can review clinical notes for correct codes, and verify compliance with regulations. This ensures that billing errors are minimized, and revenue is not lost. Moreover, if a claim is denied, it can be reworked within 48 hours. Users can keep track of claims using the RCM task manager, and communicate with the team of billers.

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