Electric cycles have emerged as one of the most sustainable means of commuting. They are the most environmental-friendly answer to the pollution crisis faced by the world. Traditional pedal cycles have transformed into ultra-modern electric vehicles, making the riding experience thoroughly different. 

Being quite easy to use and offering excellent performance, electric cycles in India are becoming increasingly popular. Especially, since the humongous rise in petrol and diesel prices, more and more riders are going with these transcendent electric vehicles. E-bikes not only offer an exceptionally joyful ride but also provide a wide range of health benefits. So if you are thinking about getting an electric cycle for yourself, then this guide is all you need to get started! 

How Do You Choose an Electric Cycle?

It is quite natural to get overwhelmed by the vast variety of electric cycles out there. However, when you are buying an e-bike, two crucial aspects can help you narrow down your options. The two aspects are basically style and price. These two factors will assist you tremendously while searching for the right electric bike to meet your needs. Let’s start with the style of the electric bicycles.

Electric Mountain Bikes

The Electric Mountain Bikes are excellent for riding along trails and off-roads. However, it’s better to avoid riding them on the street. Although, these bikes are brilliant vehicles for commuting, they possess a major disadvantage: they lack rear suspension. Alternatively, they possess a front suspension fork. Now, their suspension may not be great for riding along trails, forest roads and bridle paths. However, they are surely good enough to move along a few potholes on your way to work.

In case you wish to jump your electric cycle in India and enjoy downhill mountain biking. Then, your ideal option is a downhill electric mountain bike. These e-bikes are state-of-the-art vehicles and have been perfectly designed to endure years of tough punishment! 

Motovolt is a world-class electric cycle company that proficiently manufactures these type of bikes. 

Electric Commuter/Road Bikes

Electric Commuter or road bikes is a wide classification that includes a vast number of e-bikes of varying types. These bikes range from racing to leisure to gravel e-bikes as well as hybrids. Majority of these bikes have common characteristics such as a forward leaning geometry, narrower tires and saddles, and having no suspension. In addition to that, they share a lightweight design.

If you wish to pursue cycling as a hobby, mostly on the street, then an electric road bike is the perfect choice. Such bikes have been designed for highly effective pedalling and are mostly lightweight. Moreover, you can easily ride them without the need of an e-assist at all! This is perfect riders who only require assistance near the hilly areas.

In case you are looking for an electric bike simply for commuting and not for pleasure riding, then hybrid is the right choice.  The hybrid comprises wider tires and its style is more focussed on solid all-terrain frames.

Electric Cruiser Bikes

The Electric Cruiser Bike, like the name suggests, are meant for cruising! Equipped with wide and deluxe seats followed by higher handlebars that are placed towards the rider, these bikes offer extreme comfort and style. Their pedals are have been mounted more forward, thus, allowing the rider to place both feet properly on the ground when stopping.

Cruiser Bikes are fun-filled! However, they tend to be larger and heavier compared to any other electric cycle in India. So, they can be slightly less steerable at lower speeds. Basically, if you wish to cruise along beach paths, then a cruiser bike is for you!

Electric Folding Bikes

The Electric folding bike is the most sought-after electric cycle in India due to its matchless portability. These type of e-bikes consist of a folding point right at the centre and along the handlebars. This transforms the bike into a package that can be carried around like a suitcase. Thus, making them your ideal choice when travelling in a bus or train or for placing in your car’s trunk. 

However, this type of e-bike is comparatively heavier than others. Furthermore, they often possess low quality components. Nonetheless, there are some mind-boggling Folding Bikes out there with a long-lasting battery and amazing hydraulic disc brakes to make your ride smooth and enjoyable.

Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Cargo Bikes tend to be the minivans in the world of electric bikes. They may not be very stylish or sporty, but they are incredibly handy. 

Electric Cargo Bikes are robustly built to tug as much load as possible. To accomplish successful hauling of goods, they utilise different methods. Some of the electric cargo bikes possess a frame that is extended across the rear for providing a foot or cargo platform on both sides of the rear wheel. Moreover, they offer various accessories like child carriers, large bags and huge racks. In fact, some cargo bikes offer a capacity of 400lb (181kg) and manage to keep the frame minimized to a reasonable size.

Electric Fat Bikes

Electric fat bikes are an outstanding choice for off-road conditions containing sand, soil, or even mild snow. Such e-bikes possess larger tires, generally 4-5 inches, allowing them to ride over any type of surface. Majority of these electric fat bikes do not have suspension, but some do possess suspension forks. Nonetheless, with larger tires, suspension isn’t really necessary as the fat tires easily absorb potholes and various bumps.

Earlier, fat bikes weren’t very popular amongst the majority. Today, however, numerous competent electric cycle companies in India like Motovolt offer a mouth-watering range of fat bikes to leave your mind boggled!

Other Specialised E-bikes

Although these range of electric bikes fall in the minority, they definitely serve their purpose flawlessly.

Electric Tandem Bicycles

Electric Tandem Bicycles possess two seats along with two sets of pedals. Thus, they can also be referred to as the ‘lovers’ bikes’ as they allow couples to place less effort on pedalling and more effort on talking in close contiguity. 

Electric Tricyles

These unique e-bikes are suitable for people with disabilities or those who lack leg strength or balance for supporting themselves at stops on a two-wheeled e-bike. 

Electric Recumbent Bikes

As the name suggests, an electric recumbent bike allows a rider to lie down in a chair instead of sitting on a standard bike seat. They comprise 2, 3 or even 4 wheels. They are extremely fun-filled and offer more of a go-kart type experience. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised that a safety flag be used while riding this joyful electric vehicle to avoid accidents. 

The Price Range of Electric Cycles in India

Once you have made a decision on the style of e-bike to meet your needs, the next point to consider is price. 

Similar to majority of the products out there, electric bikes come with varying price ranges. 

Ultra-Affordable E-bikes

Some of the ultra-affordable e-bikes is the ICE which is offered by Motovolt, an electric cycle company in India. The Ice starts as low as ₹28000-₹34000.

The ICE is a highly robust e-bike with a metallic frame and is extremely lightweight at 19.6kg. Furthermore, it can accelerate from 0-25kmph within a mere 9 seconds! The Ice is equipped with a trustworthy rechargeable Li-ion battery with an impressive capacity of 216wh! And that’s not all, you will be thrilled to know that it can travel anywhere between 20-35km when fully charged.

If you can a little more and desire some extra features, then I’d suggest you scroll down to the next category of E-bikes.

Affordable E-bikes

Now, we move on to the affordable range of e-bikes, where you have can expect an increase in travel range and weight of the bike. In this category, we have the extraordinary KIVO. Its price ranges between ₹30000-₹42000. The KIVO arrives onto the scene with a sturdy steel frame. Additionally, it possesses a spring operated suspension and a flip type adjustable seat to give you a joyfully comfortable ride. This amazing e-cycle has a whopping travel range of 20-70km!

A word of caution: DO NOT expect the KIVO to endure years of rough usage. However, if you be a gentleman and take care of it, while using it within its limits, the KIVO will be the only companion you will ever need!

Premium E-bikes

Finally, we reach the premium e-bikes with the glorious HUM waiting for you! The HUM dives onto the scene with a gigantic capacity that’s greater than 120kg.  Moreover, it possesses incredibly strong disc brakes to give you complete control of your ride, along with a stupendous battery capacity of 576wh! Motovolt offers the HUM between ₹32000-₹44000 so need to break your bank to enjoy the ride of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Visit motovolt.co and grab your first ever electric cycle before it gets taken away!

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