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Everyone is well aware that effective and healthy communication is very crucial in business at the beginning of time only. Businesses which commute effectively will always have an edge against their competitors. For any eCommerce business which is struggling to boost customer retention, SMS is the best way to personally engage with the customers.SMS marketing is a known direct strategy or technique for any business which leads to a profit of the business.

SMS notifications are simple text messages which businesses use to interact with customers for any event or action to be taken. SMS services are very clear, and simple and do not require any internet for the customers to view. Even a non-smartphone user also can view the messages and businesses benefit a lot from these types of customers eCommerce businesses send bulk SMS only which requires an SMS Gateway provider. This makes the work of the businesses quite simple and this also spreads the business worldwide.

Let it be an infinite number of communication channels, SMS is still the most used form of communication which is increasing at a rate of 4% every year. There are many eCommerce businesses such as Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, Quikr,  etc. All these businesses are the most evolving and growing nowadays. Such kinds of businesses to grow and expand SMS notifications play a very important role. For any order to be placed or to be delivered or regarding any rewards, offers, or discounts everything is made known to the customer through SMS notifications only. This will be quite easier for the customer to look after their orders without directly looking at the website. Let us quickly know the benefits of using SMS Notifications for eCommerce business.

To save time:

 With the help of messages, eCommerce businesses are saving a lot of time and are also promoting themselves. They can market themselves with SMS to save the effort and time of the business and also the cost. Many customers tend to know about their products, offers,  and exciting deals. Instead of opening the websites or apps every single time to check about these deals, an e-message can be sent which makes them check the website if anything important is waiting. People nowadays prefer a way which is much easier as technology is developing and people are becoming lazy. Also, the brands need not approach individual customers instead they can send bulk sms at a time using an SMS Gateway provider. With this factor both the business and the customer benefit.

Affordable to everyone: 

SMS service is affordable compared to other communication channels. Messages are just one click away which not only helps the customer but also advertises the business directly to the target audience without requiring any external source. This saves a lot of money. Because many businesses are using the latest technology as they think the old methods do not reach out to anyone. But the old method which is the SMS notifications are read by everyone and misunderstood by everyone. Through this method, advertising is also done instead of advertising separately with celebrities or influencers. People get to know more about the business which is knowing personally about the company and customers.


There are almost 9 billion smartphone users because the population in 2021 is expected to be more than 7 billion.  This is the only reason SMS has a high potential to reach each and every one globally. Not only smartphone users but even non-smartphone users can also be reached about the business. SMS notifications don’t require the internet to view the messages. This will be more helpful for businesses to reach out to customers.

Future marketing opportunities

 SMS notifications help businesses in having more marketing opportunities in the coming future. For example, if people score points on their orders it gives benefits for the customer as scoring points will lead to discounts on their next order. This gives more marketing opportunities to nesses as customer satisfaction leads to the growth of the business.

Bridges the changing behaviours

 SMS is the most efficient method to promote or grow their business. For example, if a customer orders and the customer receives notifications on their order status and at the same time, the business can promote themselves or other brands by sending a link to have a look into it. 

Example: Thank you for your order. Please go through the above link to know more about your order.

Not Internet dependent

 SMS notifications don’t require the internet as even non-smartphone users can read and send SMS.

Builds loyal customers 

SMS service is the best way to build loyal customers. Everyone is leading a busy life and doesn’t have time to check on other things. Notifications are the only way to reach out to customers about their delivery status, offers, etc. In this, the customer gets a positive review and their loyalty increases.

Higher open rates

 SMS notifications have risen the rates of marketing. Every customer looks into the mobile an infinite number of times which makes the business grow as receiving notifications frequently makes the customer check them.


 SMS notifications are reliable as they are not like emails which lead to spam or facing any internet issues. Every customer can receive them without any delay or problems which makes them reliable. There are no interruptions or barriers while receiving the notifications.

Customer service

 SMS notifications make the life of customers easy during shopping. If they face any issues regarding any orders or delivery updates, businesses are always one call away which makes it more comfortable for the customers.

        SMS notifications lead to the growth of business and also improves marketing, boosts up customer retention.eCommerce business should always look into customer satisfaction as this only leads to greater profits.

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