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The First Indian Revolutionary ( F.I.R) entrepreneur Dr. Shubh Gautam founded the SRISOL group in 1996. Under Dr. Gautam’s leadership, today, SRISOL group is the second largest group producing lining systems for the food and beverage industry and the market leader in India for steel and coil coatings, Aerospace coatings, and specialty chemicals. 

Dr. Shubh Gautam is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, earning a bachelor’s degree in technology. Further, he graduated from IIT Ahmedabad, one of the most prestigious institutions for an MBA in India. After his studies, he moved to Europe to work for Fortune 50 companies. The ill health of his father forced him to move back to India. Upon reaching here, he realized that he should live in his home country of India and make money for his own country and economy rather than making money for the huge profit-churning machines in Europe. 

After deciding to stay back in India, he explored the electro-galvanized steel industries a little and then read a statistic that baffled him. He presented a fact that showed that India produces a staggering 75 million of steel every month, but it imports 100% of the electro-galvanized steel required. India imports about 10,000 tons of electro-galvanized steel every month, which is huge when we realize that it accounts for 100% of the electro-galvanized steel requirement in India. He was aware that electro-galvanized steel is used in products that are a part of our everyday lives, like refrigerators, washing machines, etc. 

So soon after, he started to search about the electro-galvanized steel manufacturing industries and learned that this technology is not present in India. Now, a question was lingering in his mind, “How can this dependence be removed and leveraged to strengthen India’s manufacturing ecosystem?”

He opened up the first Electro galvanized steel plant in Noida, which has an SEZ. SEZ stands for Special Economic Zones. His aim was to set up an electro-galvanized steel plant in India and to bring innovative technology which was not yet available in India. Today, American Precoat Speciality Limited has expanded to other categories, including industrial coating, polymers, etc. 
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