Fashion And Culture

Since you have picked the point, we should examine how to compose a design paper. The tips will particularly come from the group of specialists of fashion and culture com. We trust the accompanying tips from the experts assist with building a decent fashion dissertation.

Promoting fashion

The marketing, promotion, and communication of fashion is entering an extremely dynamic, fast moving, and challenging phase. This book will put the consumer at the heart of the process, looking at how to develop a brand with which they can form an immediate connection and how to select, use, and combine the tools available to communicate the brand message. Advertising campaigns, both traditional offline and online, are discussed together with the existing and new methods of PR and promotion. Individual chapters then look at social media, e-commerce and online fashion retail, personal selling and offline fashion retail, direct marketing, fashion shows, and sales promotions.

The Fashion Stylist Blueprint

Whether you have a fairly precise idea of what you want or, on the contrary, not at all, the fashion stylist can guide you. Indeed, he she digs in the direction of your original idea or if you don’t have one, he she gives impetus to your Fashion collection. We are going to see the different tasks that the profession of fashion designer involves in order to give direction to your collection.

Fashion Photography

Combining product, portrait and fine art photography, fashion photography is at the crossroads of art and commerce. “Fashion photography reveals the way a photographer uses his gaze and his approach to highlight, select or express himself on such and such a thing related to fashion, summarizes photographer Flo Ngala. Fashion photography is so diverse! She works alternately in e-commerce style with studio lighting or in outdoor photo shoots, in desert regions as well as in the streets of New York.

Fashion and Lifestyle

We observe for you the lifestyle evolutions, that is to say, uses, trends, cultural phenomena and messages to follow. Our team is passionate about these subjects which concern us all and which are all good ways to give value to a brand.

These celebrities clothing

True style icons, celebrities inspire the most fashion-savvy. Their stylish outfits, smothered in glossy magazines around the world, are the focus of attention from style analysts and shopaholics alike. A banal fashion item can thus become the it-piece of the moment when a star puts it on, and go from “from nada to Prada” status in a snap!

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